The Journey in a Nutshell

Good evening to you all 🙂

I want to apologise.  I’m a couple of days late in posting about ‘The Journey’.  I’ve added a page about myself though – interests, inspirations.  ‘About Willow’ provides clues about ‘The Journey’ in subtle ways.

A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life: Lessons From The World Beyond‘ details the ongoing dream communications between my late Grandfather, late Sister and me, since their passings nearly two decades ago now.

The nature of the messages could well be perceived as ‘prophetic’ and yes, I can already hear the grudging groans of ‘oh, not another Doomsday 2012 Nibiru Earthquake book‘…

… ‘A Journey‘ is no conventional catalogue of messages from the Dead however.  Time Travel, the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, the upcoming Geomagnetic Reversal (and those of the past), Life After Death, Reincarnation are amongst the myriad of subjects discussed over the years.   The revelations have been jaw-dropping on many occasions.

Certain events are imminent in our linear timescale, which I’ll post about in the coming days.  The US Elections in November is of immediate interest in particular.

I’m hoping to post up a few new photos in the coming weeks too.  And, of course, I’ll keep you all posted about the Book’s progress.

In the meantime, you all have a great evening 🙂


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