Will It or Won’t It Happen…?

“President Obama will be the last President of the United States.   An oncoming global event occurs, meaning that presidential elections will need to be ‘suspended'”

This quotation forms part of a March 2011 message imparted to me by my late Sister; it was in relation to the fate and/or plight of the United States of America.

Time is drawing closer to the 2012 Presidential Elections… on Tuesday 6 November, our friends across the Pond will meander to their ballot stations and cast their votes.  They have a choice of either retaining the incumbent President, the Democrat Barack Obama – or voting in a completely new guy in the form of the Republican nominee –  the Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.

My late Sister studied US Politics during her Sixth Form years (12th Grade High School being the American equivalent of the same).  She stated that she found their political system ‘corrupt’ and ‘amusing’ during her living years.   One could apply those same tags to any political system and their machinations, let alone those of the United States.   On a darker note though, she expressed concerns about the direction in which the political winds of change were blowing even then…

… the overriding impression I have gained during our dreamtime conversations is that she no longer views the US political situation as a high-value comedic farce.  In fact, it is rapidly mutating into a dark comedy of the most macabre kind.  I certainly concur with that point of view.

As expanded upon in my book, it is painfully evident that the United States of America is embroiled in some of the greatest challenges of its recent history.  Financial discrepancies and banking botch-ups of major proportions are becoming evident with almost each passing day.  Environmental difficulties are potentially afflicting her on an almost as frequent basis, such as the Louisiana Salt Dome crisis in Bayou Corne.

Whoever is elected has a lot of cleaning up to do in more ways than one.  But will the Election (or subsequent clean-ups) happen at all?

A global event could potentially jam a massive bung in the procedural cogs, jarring the electoral process to a grinding halt.  But what could possibly force the suspension of an election of such towering magnitude?

I have read many theories on a rich variety of sites tackling this very potentiality:-

1.   A war with (insert Middle Eastern country here) has been mooted as a likely candidate; could an election take place during an eventuality of a declaration of war?  I’m not entirely sure that this very act would bring about cessations of political activity but, given the amount of Executive Orders signed by the current President during the past 12 months, maybe it could.

2.   An extraterrestrial event of some kind; asteroidal impact is frequently mentioned, as is the possibility of a major X-Class Flare occurring during the Sun’s mounting Maximum (due to reach its zenith during 2013).   Put it this way, the ejecta from a major X-Class Flare today would make the Carrington Event of 1859 seem like a raindrop in a teacup (with potential side effects including meltdowns of nationwide electrical grids).

The likelihood of an asteroidal impact occurring within the next 2 weeks may be pretty slight – the Planet is blessed with many watchful eyes – amateur and professional astronomers observe the skies and alert the global community in some way (for which I know I am grateful); however, with our Star belching out an X1.9 Flare only a few hours ago, perhaps it is too premature to rule a CME out of the running just yet…

3.  A ‘false-flag’ event on American soil.   ‘False-Flag’, as you all know, is a home-manufactured crisis – and manufactured for varying reasons, such as a distraction from real shenanigans.  Alternatively, a ‘false-flag’ can be manipulated into being to serve the agenda of certain parties/individuals.  I won’t delve too deeply into grittier examples of such here but I will say that, either way – take your pick of agenda/type of event.  They happen.

4.   The appearance of a Heavy Mass Object in our skies, such as Nibiru, Sedna, Planet X.

5.   A natural event of such enormous magnitude that the only option on the table would be to suspend the election.  The sad plight of the beautiful Bayou Corne region of Louisiana (which I shall cover in the coming days) comes to immediate mind here – and I will say my heart lies with everyone in Louisiana.   Whilst it is arguable that the Bayou Corne situation is an entirely natural problem (a little research strongly indicates that it isn’t), America does have other potential challenges to face.  She is a beautiful country with staggering landscapes and scenery.  And the reason for her beauty?  Well, America is a major hotbed of tectonic and volcanic activity.  She is home to Yellowstone National Park, which conceals a massive supervolcanic caldera beneath her pretty exterior.  The San Andreas and New Madrid Fault Zones, which have shocked with major earthquakes in the recent past, are also to be watched with cautious eyes.

I could stay on here all day listing various possibilities.   I will voice that I am leaning towards the elections going ahead, albeit with a few difficulties (e.g., voting irregularities such as those which blighted the 2000 Elections).

However, given how rapidly the global landscape, geologically and geopolitically, is changing these days, no eventuality can be ruled out…

Let us wait and see…

(Image Credit: Petr Kratochvil; http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=19031&picture=us-election-2012)


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