Progress Report – 24 October 2012

Hi Everyone 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great day.

I thought I’d update on the progress of the book, which is currently 545 pages in length.

I have decided to divide the book into a Series of smaller books under the same heading.   545 pages is a fair wallop of reading for any person in these busy days so it’s important, I feel, to break it down into manageable chunks.

Dividing the book into a series also affords me the opportunity to expand upon many of the questions raised in the larger book.   I mentioned the other day that global events are changing at such a rapid rate, I’m coming close to needing to produce a Second Edition before I’ve even had the chance to publish the First!

I’m also aware I need to keep up with the times (yep, I’m that someone who sat agog when her Father first plugged ‘Pong’ into the old black and white TV back in the 1970s).   Dividing the book into a series will enable me to produce good quality, low-cost E-books too.

These are exciting times we’re living in – and I can prioritise the immediately topical messages for publication this way.

Will keep you all posted and have a lovely evening 🙂

Willow x


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