After the Event… The US Elections 2012

Back for his Second Term… the 2012 US Election Victor, Barack Obama
(Image Credit: David Wagner,

Turned out to be an interesting evening, didn’t it…?

The Elections weren’t suspended, although with Hurricane Sandy blasting her path through New Jersey and neighbouring New York to devastating effect only a few days prior to the Elections, questions were raised on various sites as to whether the Elections would proceed in those locations – at the least – at all.

Firstly, I just want to say that the assumption that the Election would be suspended was mine alone.  Assigning exact datelines has always been avoided by both my Grandfather and My Sister.  Yes, I have tried pushing for dates in the past.  There have only been a couple of occasions when exact years for events have been provided… and one of those years happens to be looming around the corner in a few weeks time.

I need to review that segment of a longer conversation within its original context once more.  Perhaps the 2016 Election is the one to watch out for.  It was, however, resolutely clear that President Obama would be the last President of the United States of America.

The actual Election was not without its dramas.  As was suspected by many on various Internet communities, voting irregularities were reported on the day.   Videos of voting machine debacles were posted on You Tube, such as this one:-

Posted by You Tube user, centralpavote, on 6 November 2012, the vote for Obama appears to be switching to Mitt Romney.   It is highly possible that the problem was merely a technical one, calibrations out of alignment maybe.   Another video posted on You Tube, however, demonstrated that the problem was merely restricted to the Obama/Romney vote and did not affect the Third Party votes of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

A week after the Election, despair over voting procedures – from overly long queuing times at voting stations to the aforementioned technical problems,  rumble on.   An article posted today on South Carolina’s ‘The State’ website describes the ongoing fallout of the voting difficulties blighting the State on 6 November 2012.   Long queues, lack of voting machines and violations of electoral state laws are detailed in the author’s report, which is linked here for further reading:

The problems aren’t just isolated to South Carolina.  A cursory glance care of a famous search engine indicates that Pennsylvania and Tampa, Florida shared the frustrations experienced by South Carolina voters.  And I’m pretty certain they weren’t the only states either.

Several online publications reported that the United Nations was also sending forty-four representatives to monitor the Elections.  I haven’t seen any online feedback from the UN addresssing the anomalies above as of yet.

I won’t get into any political wranglings here.  Red vs. Blue, Democrat vs. Republican.  They’re all cut from the same cloth, as far as I’m concerned.  Read the ‘About Willow’ section and you’ll see that I used to work in the Public Sector (Local Government, to be precise).  I know what I’m talking about.

The UK’s Electoral Procedures and Processes are watertight, transparent and fair.  Again, I speak from experience, having worked as a Poll Clerk and Presiding Officer in local Polling Stations during the late 1980s, the 1990s and early 2000s.   The Electoral Laws are strictly adhered to, followed meticulously.  Our voting system here in the UK is very likely the best in the world.

So, what do I mean ‘they’re all cut from the same cloth’?  OK.  Wonder why politicians of any political denomination seem so similar nowadays?  Well, you’ve got to look at the ‘behind the scenes’ movements.  Just because a Local Authority or a State (I’m pretty sure it’s a similar mechanism in the States) has a tip in the balance of power from, let’s say, Conservative to Liberal Democrat, the policy makers remain the same.  The same unseen talking heads make the big decisions, offer counsel to the new party-in-charge as they had to the previous one. All dictated by Central Government policy which is normally beginning its transition prior to the actual change at the top.   It’s a convoluted set-up but I’ll leave that for another day.

My Sister (and our Grandfather) spoke of the United States situation at length many months ago.  As said earlier, perhaps isolating the comment made out of the larger conversation removed it from its original context.   I’ll certainly be elaborating upon the United States of America and her future in the next book.


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