Have You Noticed…

Sun and Clouds, Teodoro S. Gruhl (Public Domain Pictures.net)

… just how white the sunlight is nowadays?

I just thought I should ask that question, while I’m taking a break from pulling together the material for Book Two’s Journey onto the precarious quicksands of the world of geopolitics.

As a child, I remember grabbing hold of a yellow crayon if I wished to draw a picture of the sun shining down onto a grassy field.  Nowadays, I can barely cast a glance up at the sun, such is the brightness of its whites, so to speak.

Changes are occurring within our Majestic Star.  And I feel that it is abundantly evident that our own Beautiful Planet is undergoing a regeneration of her own.

My Grandfather and My Sister discussed planetary changes – the timeframe certainly falling under the heading of ‘imminent’.    Meaning I have a difficult decision to make.

Should I continue to tear myself apart whilst negotiating my way through the thorny quicksands of geopolitical shenanigans or do I stagger back to the periphery and set the controls for the heart of the sun..?*

I’ll likely continue negotiating the current pathway but I will be addressing some of the issues addressed by Grandfather and My Sister about the coming Earth Changes over the coming days.

(*inspired by Pink Floyd’s track ‘Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’, from their 1968 album ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’)


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