A New Direction

Writing by Elisa Xyz, publicdomainpictures.net

As you may remember from my last post, I was facing somewhat of a dilemma… which direction I should be taking for the next stage of my Journey.

After much contemplation and guidance, I have decided that the next stage of the Journey should cover the coming geophysical changes facing us.     I just want to make it clear now that I will not be pursuing a doom-laden, fear-filled agenda.  What I have been advised will be occurring is a perfectly natural Universal cycle.   We need to remember that our Planet is alive.  As we undergo our own cellular regenerations every seven years or so, Mother Earth does the same… … and our Planet is not alone in her regeneration. The next book will convey information provided by my Grandfather and My Sister.  I will attempt to describe the transitions in spiritual and scientific contexts (as far as I am able). Once more, I will keep you all posted.


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