A New Year Begins…

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Wishing Everyone a Belated Happy New Year…

… and yes, we really are 10 days into a year that is certainly gearing up to be an interesting year.



Life is returning to normal after the Christmas and New Year breaks (and I hope you’ve all had a great time).  Work has recommenced on the second book which, as mentioned in a previous posting, is concentrating on the Solar Systems changes – a subject mentioned frequently by my Sister.  Prior to Christmas, the unquestionable changes to our Planet’s meteorological systems were the focus of my attention.  With the first section of research now complete, I am turning my focus to the possible correlating changes to our sister/brother planets.   The path of research always leads one down interesting avenues.  One such example came in the form of NASA’s November 2012 announcement of the presence of water ice in the polar regions of Mercury – intriguing, given its close proximity to the Sun.    

Observations of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (specifically the Planet’s Moons)  and Uranus have also yielded surprising discoveries in recent years.  An October 2012 article on the UK’s Mail Online (the site of the UK’s Daily Mail Newspaper) reports on a ‘surprisingly cold region’ detected by the European Space Agency’s ‘Venus Express’ satellite; the area, high in Venus’ atmosphere, offers the tantalising possibility that snow could fall on the planet, albeit in the form of CO2 flurries.  The same article also reports observations of ‘flurries’ in the Martian Northern Polar Region. Articles over the years have spoken of alterations or outright disappearances to Jupiter’s Red Spots or cloud belts.   An August 2011 article on PhysOrg.com talks about an ‘enormous white arrow-shaped cloud’ on Titan (bigger than Texas in size comparison).  Short-lived auroras have been observed on Uranus in recent times.   

My Sister has certainly mentioned the changes to the Solar System Planets and that there is a common cause (not believed to be the handiwork of any approaching unseen brown dwarf, Planet X, etc.).  Our Sun appears to be the immediate cause… but then the question is that something – an unknown cause – appears to be agitating her too…


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