The Midlands Tremor and What’s Affecting our Sun…?

Image by Willow Andreasson, 18 January 2013

Image by Willow Andreasson, 18 January 2013

Hoping everyone is well as I realise that a week has already zoomed by since my last blog on the 10th…

As I type, the snow continues to fall upon a chilly South East of England. Our friends in the Midlands likely experienced an unusual alarm call this morning in the form a M3.0 tremor – epicentre located a few miles south of Nottingham and Lincoln…


Detailed on the website of the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre's website today.

Detailed on the website of the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre’s website today.

The location of the Earthquake is an intriguing one to me.  They’re not uncommon in this region of the UK.  If memory serves me correctly, Birmingham, Coventry and other neighbours were rattled by a not insignificant M4.0+ ‘quake a few years ago.  And Market Rasen in Lincolnshire – not a million miles away from today’s ‘quake – was shaken by a M5.1 a few years ago too.  However.. this ties in to another sisterly message almost too comfortably for my liking…


Image by Teodoro S. Gruhl,

Image by Teodoro S. Gruhl,


As you will recall, I was musing over the matter of solar anomalies, concluding the entry with the question of ‘what’s agitating our Sun…?’

Yesterday, I finally allowed myself the time to sit down and get stuck in to some good old-fashioned brainstorming about our beautiful Star, the subject focus of the 3rd chapter of my second book.

Five questions which I shall be focussing on, have come to mind:-

Is the Sun being affected by an electromagnetic event?

Our Beautiful Planet and Star aren’t the only bodies being affected by an unknown event at this time – what, however, is the common causality of this event?

Is the Milky Way Galaxy colliding with another Galaxy?

Theories regarding the Milky Way’s imminent ‘collision’ with the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy have been drifting around in cyberspace for a few years now. I won’t be focussing on the argument of our Solar System’s location, rather concentrating on potential gravitational and/or electromagnetic effects experienced during the genesis of early collision.

Is ‘Planet X’ the likely culprit?

Whilst I am not an astrophysical expert in any way, shape or form (I’ll put that disclaimer in right now), let’s just say that I’m one of these intensely irritating people who opines about gross inaccuracies depicted onscreen during various SciFi fare, e.g., the sudden appearance of Gallifrey within Earth’s geosynchronous bubble, for want of a better expression, during the Doctor Who episode ‘The End of Time Part 2‘. Watch this episode and one would immediately understand why the effects of an approaching Planet X would have been more than keenly felt by now (and yes, I’m a devotee of ‘Doctor Who‘ – showrunner since ‘The Eleventh Hour‘, Steven Moffat, has certainly got the thumbs-up from my Grandfather and Sister in relation to his explanations of the effects of time travel and the machinations of time itself, but I’ll leave that for another blog entry).

I will not arrogantly rule out the existence of a ‘Planet X’… there are potentially millions of ‘Planet Xs’ in our stunningly vast universe. What I will look at, however, are the potential effects of such an approach on our Planets and Star.

The Existence and ‘Ignition’ of our Binary Star?

What got me thinking about this possibility were the conversations on this Forum thread on the wonderful website…

… I would recommend reading the comments relating to FG Sagittae. I’ve been scribbling a lot about my thoughts relating to this example – that’s all I’ll say at this stage.

The Next Stage of the Sun’s Natural Lifecycle?

Is it possible.. just possible… that the Sun has reached the next stage of its natural life cycle?

There’s a lot for me to think about and, immediately after I’ve published this blog entry, I’m going to transfer my scrawled notes into something irrefutably legible care of my keyboard…

Hope to add further entries very soon.

Take care wherever you are.

Willow x

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  1. Thanks MissWillow! Truly appreciate your attention! 🙂 Linda Sky

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