Thank you to the Extinction Protocol site and also to Suspicious 0bservers for covering this in his 3 Minute News Video today.

My Sister made reference to activity occurring around this area during this approximate timescale back in, I seem to remember, 2009.   So, as you can imagine, the emergence of this report has caught my attention somewhat.

I feel there is no need to throw one’s arms up in the air and panic unduly at this stage.  I will, however, keep a close eye on this one…. VERY close indeed.

One would imagine it might be prudent to keep an eye on Mt. Vesuvius also, given that he is within prominent sight of the Campi Fleigrei…


The Extinction Protocol

January 31, 2013ITALYIt looks like we may be in for an earth-shattering explosion. A dormant super volcano appears to be stirring under the Phlegraen Fields of Naples in Italy. Rising soil temperatures and surface deformation in the area have alarmed seismologists. In the distant past, volcanic super eruptions caused global climate change responsible for mass extinctions of plant and animal species. So far, scientists are unable to model the potential consequences of an awakening supervolcano. Latest studies show that the Phlegraen Fields have actually been swelling above sea level at a rate of 3 cm per month. Micro quakes and large amounts of gases accumulated in soil indicate that the volcano may be preparing to erupt, says Vladimir Kiryanov, Assistant Professor of Geology at the St. Petersburg University. “The Phlegraen Fields is a supervolcano. Yellowstone in the United States and Toba in Indonesia are also supervolcanoes…

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