Pope Resigns: Vatican Says Pope Benedict XVI To Resign February 28

Pope Resigns: Vatican Says Pope Benedict XVI To Resign February 28.

… this is an interesting development… a very interesting development indeed, meaning I will need to defer completion of Part 3 of ‘The Switch Has Been Well and Truly Flipped’ for another few days.

During the genesis of my Blog, I had mentioned that I had needed to break down the original ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life’ opus (originally 545 pages in length) into separate categories/books – the main factor being the immense speed of unfolding events – events discussed by my Sister and Grandfather many months, sometimes years before.

Pages 125 and 126 of ‘A Journey: Book One‘ reveals that a later book under the ‘Journey‘ umbrella would be covering religious matters; in fact, St. Malachy’s ‘Prophecy of the Last Pope‘ and my Sister’s expressed views was covered under this heading.

Given current events, I have decided to post what would have formed the corresponding Chapter of the original book and what would have been a significant part of the proposed later book.

I will be posting Part One later this evening and aim to post the remainder in successive parts over the next couple of days.



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