Russia Meteor Not Linked to Asteroid Flyby

LINK TO NASA ARTICLE – ‘Russia Meteor Not Linked to Asteroid’, 15 February 2013: Russia Meteor Not Linked to Asteroid Flyby.

Good evening from a dark and chilly Surrey…

Russian Meteor, Ekaterinburg 2013

Russian Meteor, Ekaterinburg 2013

The Russian Meteor Impact of 2013 was certainly a surprise event.   The NASA article detailed above provides thoughtful reading, particularly the Comments Section.

There are, of course, some fanciful theories abound in cyberspace… a couple of examples being a)that the meteor was the true 2012 DA14 and b) was a UFO shot down by the ever vigilant Russian Military.

Whilst one cannot rule out the former with certainty, the latter?  Well, I’m not one for unrealistic conspiracy theories really.  Our Global Space Agencies did the best they could in the circumstances.  The meteor’s mass would have quite obviously been greater prior to its entry through our atmosphere.  The atmosphere performed one of its many jobs admirably, effectively melting the rock during its entry.  Fragments broke apart from the main body, the light show was incredible and the accompanying sonic boom was something not frequently heard since Concorde graced our skies. 1200 people were injured, mainly by glass fragments, and there was damage to buildings – and my heart goes out to our Russian friends. We must, however, remember that the event was a relatively benign show of galactic splendour – and yes, we are EXTREMELY fortunate that this was the case.

There has been an increase in the reports of ‘fireballs’ speeding their way across our skies in recent times, suggesting to me that the Earth – or the Solar System at large – is likely traversing its way through a congested area of the Universe at this time.

Interestingly, my Sister had mentioned 2012 DA14 last November (2012).  Her exact words were “no threat from this asteroid – enjoy the show.”  I thought her choice of words was intriguing at the time but I’m not attaching any deeper meaning to her words.  She was always beautifully adept at cutting through unnecessary verbosity in life and this trait of hers has gracefully endured since her transition.

Bearing this in mind, she has mentioned the Comet of the Century, Comet ISON…  when asked about whether the Comet poses any substantial threat to Earth?  Well.. I shall conclude this blog posting with her exact words… “… there are too many variables and I don’t want to say if it is at this stage…





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