Update: ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life (Book One): The End of the Beginning’

Good afternoon from a blustery but beautiful Surrey.

I’m very pleased to announce that the first instalment under the  ‘Journey Into The Mysteries of Life (Lessons from the World Beyond)’ umbrella  is now available on various easy-to-read Ebook formats!

The End of the Beginning‘ covers my childhood paranormal experiences, expanding into the communicative events that occurred following my Grandparents’ and Sister’s passings into the Afterlife.  I share my Sister’s thoughts on Life After Death and Reincarnation – and her views prior to the US Elections of 2012.

Readers of ‘The End of the Beginning‘ have described the book as intelligently and thoughtfully written.  A friend of mine enthused that she found the book so absorbing, she couldn’t put it down!

The Ebook is available from Lulu.com and can also be found on the iBookstore by clicking on the links below:-


The End of the Beginning Now Available on Ebook


Buy Now Lulu

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