The Center of the Earth Is as Hot as the Sun | Smart News

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Good evening from the beautiful county of Surrey.

This intriguing article from is one of many articles available on the Internet today:

The Center of the Earth Is as Hot as the Sun | Smart News.

Whilst I am comfortable with broaching certain scientific subjects, I will admit that I am a neonate Heliophysics student, currently attempting to wrap my head around conventional and Electric Universe Theory Heliophysics. I’m not doing too badly, which is a great relief!

As you know, I am currently researching, compiling and writing the second book in ‘The Journey‘ series and this article is topical in relation to the subjects of Book 2. My late Sister has discussed the Solar System and Earth changes with astonishing candour… and interestingly, the subject of the Earth’s core has been the focal point of one of the most amazing discussions.

Namely the assertion that we should perhaps ‘…consider that the Earth’s core may, in fact, be a mini Sun or star…


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