11 Benefits of Daily Meditation

Meditation is something I have been keen to start practising on a regular basis. This great article, posted by the amazing Jeff Moore on his ‘My Everyday Power Blog’, details everything you need to know – how to start and the benefits of regular meditation. Thank you Jeff 🙂

Everyday Power Blog

Whether it’s done formally in a separate room or laying in your bed for the first 10 minutes upon waking up, or sitting in your chair right after a shower – daily meditation has innumerable documented benefits.

Do your own 30 day challenge where you keep track by marking off a calendar. Find the best time that works for you, this will usually be early in the morning when there are the least amount of disruptions and distractions. Next, get comfortable and just simply focus on your breathing. If you’re having a difficult time getting started, or maintaining a quiet mind – then just start at 5 minutes for the first day and add a minute a day. Whatever you do, don’t criticize or try to judge how successful you are being in the process. Just do it. Visualize your breath entering and leaving your lungs, over and over and…

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