Space Weather News: Magnetars, Gamma Ray bursts, Black Holes, Cosmic Rays and Space Weather Storms

Thank you to AscendingStarseed for posting these fascinating excerpts from the blog of the incredible Susan Joy Rennison. I have recently begun to acquaint myself with Susan-Joy’s dedicated and passionate research… and to say that her findings are excitingly intriguing is an enormous understatement…

2012 The Awakening

From Susan Rennisons blog:

Spin-down Measurement of PSR J1745-2900: a New Magnetar
Astronomer’s Telegraph, 4th May 2013
Following the detection with the NuSTAR X-ray Observatory of a pulsed signal from a likely magnetar (ATel #5020) located 3″ from Sgr A* (ATel #5032), we requested a Swift ToO observation to monitor its temporal and spectral evolution. […]

Based on the X-ray timing properties, the pulsed radio emission (ATel #5035,#5040,#5043), the X-ray spectral measurements (ATel #5006,#5011,#5020), and the likely association with Swift flaring behavior (ATel #5006,#5009), we conclude that PSR/SGR J1745-2900 is a magnetar that has emerged from a quiescent state. This is similar to the behavior of the Transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsars, and further blurs any distinction among the different classes of magnetars.

From a previous Astronomer’s Telegram we read:

The bursting, timing, and…

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