Practice The Act Of Gratitude And Say Goodbye To Stress

What a beautiful blog to receive in the Reader on a Monday morning 🙂 Thank you to the amazing ISAFA Blog for sharing this with us today – you are truly appreciated 🙂


Gratitude – a word often used but seldom adhered to. How many times have we actually taken the time to feel grateful about something? We often say that good things happen to other people, but why don’t we realize that at time we are the ‘other’ person for a lot of people out there.

When you feel grateful, you feel content, which in turn makes you feel happier. And it is this consistent feeling of happiness that helps to cut and in due time, thoroughly remove the proneness to stress and anxiety.
Stress is a growing concern in today’s fast-paced life, and it is no more a demography-based problem. From high school students to retired professionals, everyone has something or the other to worry about.

It only takes a minute for you to stress out; any external or thought-related stimuli can send your mind in turmoil and you start to…

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