Picture of the Day: The Tsunami Cloud

This is an absolutely astonishing photograph. Residing within the beautiful art gallery that is the Twisted Sifter website is this remarkable demonstration of the pure energy and power of Mother Nature – captured brilliantly by photographer Gary Brink in May 2011. Much gratitude to Gary and Twisted Sifter for sharing this wondrous image 🙂





Amazing Cloud Formation (Explored)


This incredible photograph was taken by Gary Brink (1/800, ƒ/9, ISO 200, 135 mm) on May 29, 2011, at the Holland State Park in Michigan, USA. The incredible cloud formation formed on Lake Michigan just off the beach.

In his Flickr description, Gary remarks:

“Was out at the State Park on Sunday evening and witnessed this beautiful cloud formation on the horizon. Wasn’t long after this a big dark cloud blanket moved in very quickly and covered this cloud. The dark cloud brought an instant 5 degree plus drop in temps and a brisk wind as well. It didn’t rain but what an amazing sight to see… just never know what you’re going to get when you go out to the lake and sometimes it’s gone in the blink of an eye as well so always…

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