We Are All Here Together For A Reason


Good afternoon from the slightly overcast, yet divinely beautiful county of Surrey.

Prior to writing this blog posting, I will state that I will be following a definitive stream of consciousness… flowing down an intellectual waterway one has explored many times during my fortysomething life, yet always intrigued to discover something I had not noticed before.

Synchronicity is an immensely strange, yet beautiful self-perpetuating action in many ways. With immense thanks to the informative and inspiring Transients.info blog, I came across the extraordinary WordPress website of an amazing group of people, who post the glorious artworks and thoughts of a remarkable individual known as Valiant.

There are many friendly faces to see, reassuring voices to be heard at the gathering place known as the ‘No More Sleeping‘ blog. Valiant’s warnings of an event which – it could be suggested we are already in the midst of – are reminiscent of similar warnings given to me by my Sister and Grandfather over the years.

I have commented on a few of the threads and would love to say thank you to jopipe and mike0v for their responses. I’d like to share my responses with everyone here, with a view to expanding upon those comments further. I’ll admit that this is not going to be an easy blog to write yet I also know that I will have been glad to share my feelings with everyone.

Furthermore, the ultimate message is a positive one. It’s not the first time humanity has found itself in this particular position over the duration of its (much longer than publicly acknowledged) history… as I have always said, change must not be feared. And for that very reason, I’m going to tackle what my Sister calls ‘the heavy stuff’ first.


Quoted from response to fellow WordPress blogger from the thread ‘The Clock Strikes Three‘ 15 May 2014

… my heart aches and breaks with you, with all the wonderful people here with us. I have been told similar by my late Sister. I’m crying while I’m typing this response to you. Crying because I have tried to warn people as best I can but also crying because I accept that this has to happen. I am ready for this to happen, more than ready… and will help as much as I can.

As for those fleeing to their underground hideaways… well, as Sis says.. ‘last place anyone would want to be when the time comes’. Far safer above ground… far, far safer.

She has assured me that there is hope and has implored that we should never give up hope. The birth of something beautiful, something new is always preceded by pain. We must not fear this change.

And we must never give up on love.

We are undergoing many changes here on our beautiful Planet… a secret battle for the hearts and minds of humans, if you will. A battle for ultimate control, even. Individuals who have the chance to change everything for the better eschewing common sense and compassion for corporate empire-building, grabbing everything they can with hungry hands.

For those of us witnessing these shenanigans, life can be quite unpleasant at times. These so-called ‘paragons of virtue’ stripping good people of their livelihoods and dignity – just because they can – truly have no compassion. Playing games of ‘divide and conquer’, pushing their agenda of ‘master and servant’ further down the throats of people who just want to get on with their lives.

Before I reach the point that I’m going to reach, I’d like to identify whom I define as ‘the powers that think-they-are’. Political families and alleged bipartisan organisations, CEOs and heads of the mega-Banking conglomerates, the big corporations, the establishments behind the thrones, the Curia of the Vatican and their ilk in all organised religions, secret organisations. And also before I reach my point, I would also like to remind everyone that there are good people within any organisation. I would advise proceeding with extreme caution before tarring everyone with the same brush.

Something else these corrupt organisations have done is to corrupt verbal and written communication. For example, the meaning of the word ‘Armageddon’. Excuse me for butting in but… I have a strong recollection that ‘Armageddon’ means the ‘Great Awakening’. Many good people around our beautiful Planet have learned that the truth isn’t that which has been dictated almost verbatim in various educational establishments around the World, gleaned from history books edited and written by the victors of bloody wars. As my Sister commented many years ago, ‘everything you have been taught at School is wrong‘. The only thing I have to say to those who believe they wield total control over all – self-delusion is a terrible thing. Are you so totally blinded by power and control that you cannot see that, perhaps, the biggest delusion is that you have control at all? Have you not ever considered once in the past couple of thousand years or longer that you never have had control in the first place?

Spiritual Networks - Soul Groups Reincarnate Together

Quoted from response to fellow WordPress blogger from ‘Epilogue from ‘Higher Forces‘, 25 May 2014

We are all here at the right time, where we are supposed to be for what is about to occur which, although initially appears daunting to even the strongest of souls, will eventually settle into something so, so beautiful. We agreed to be here, our souls open to experiencing the rollercoaster ride that is this time on our beautiful Planet. And Gaia is beautiful, perfect in every single way… she just happens to have a few guests who are what could be perceived as unruly and ungracious in many ways.

I tend to look at mistakes in a different way – yes, we do learn from what we perceive as mistakes (and, let’s face it, how many of us here have been warned in advance to avoid taking certain routes, only to ignore those warnings and finding ourselves facepalming at the outcome). We learn from experiences that were always going to challenge us in one form or another. This was all planned many years ago.. so much further back than the human mind can comprehend although only moments ago from the perspective of the Higher Beings (the Collective?).

More importantly, we have all found each other at the right time. I’ve lost count of the amount of synchronicities in my life recently, meeting people I have known in previous lives in different bodies, finding the comforting arms of kindred spirits that reach out to surround us with their love from wherever they are around Gaia’s beautiful lands.

I hope I make sense in some way because trying to describe what one sees, understand what one has been told… can be challenging at times.

A sentiment I have observed is the expressing of regrets over mistakes made during one’s life on Gaia. I’m pretty certain that there is no person walking upon this Planet who doesn’t harbour any regrets over mistakes. Mistakes are a challenging part of life as a human. It is also a potentially thorny subject – one which has been the subject of discussion with my Sister. She assures me that there are no such things as mistakes as we perceive them – they are merely challenges which must be overcome, challenges we agreed to face for our own personal soul development before we were even blinks in our parents’ eyes. Doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel remorse or regret over the mistake, for we wouldn’t learn from them otherwise – we just shouldn’t beat ourselves up about them so much. Learn from the mistake, overcome it and move on to pastures new.

One of the expressions I have been blessed to hear with a delicious level of frequency nowadays is… ‘we have all come together at this time for a reason’. I should know.. I’ve said it myself to many good friends on the American side of the Atlantic seaboard. As my Sister herself has said, ‘you don’t realise how lucky you are to be alive at this time‘. The reassuring sentiment that arises during such conversations is the understanding that, although the ride is likely to become tumultuous to the point of being outright terrifying at times, it’s an exciting one to be on nonetheless.

It is absolutely no coincidence that soul groups and kindred spirits have come together at this time. All these groupings, the kindred spirits, have lived through almost identical circumstances to those we face today – and have learned from the mistakes made during those civilisations in preparation for the Now. The Higher Beings have been mentioned by many; I am interpreting these beings to be the very same ‘Collective’ my Sister has referenced during our conversations. As mentioned above, ‘Armageddon’ is an awakening.. and is likely to bring about potentially arduous experiences when the truly asleep (i.e., those who have deluded themselves into believing they control all) awaken. We must stand strong in the face of this particular aftermath.

A note of reassurance, however. To borrow a quote from the sublime ‘Doctor Who‘; ‘The moment’, as the Fourth Doctor says prior to regenerating into his Fifth form, ‘has been prepared for.’

Everything is in perfect order.

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