Lightning Strikes Library of Congress in D.C.

Interesting post here from my dear friend Annette. Is this some sort of sign? Seems a bit too much of a coincidence, doesn’t it….?

2012 The Awakening

     Don’t you think this is some sorta sign?

After all, look what happened after St Peters Basilica near  

           the Vatican was struck by lightning last year..

Hmmm…not doing so good right now are they?

Vatican bank profits are down a whooping 97% and two child raping,

child sacrificing popes are forced to resign due to arrest warrants for crimes against humanity.

Lightning striking the Library of Congress is a an omen from the Gods, its no coincidence…

Kind of like when the sheriff shows up with an eviction notice, you know your days are numbered. hehe…

Caption contest. Go…

(A lightning bolt strikes the Library of Congress dome, behind the US Capitol – via ABC News Politics, DC Bureau)

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