Suspicious 0bservers: Rapid Geomagnetic Reversal Possibility: Confirmed

Good evening from an unseasonably mild Surrey.

Following on from last week’s reblog of The Extinction Protocol’s post, which discussed the findings of the ESA SWARM Mission. It is, I feel, timely to share Ben Davidson’s 15 October video in relation to this particular subject. The video is self-explanatory. The citations for the information provided are detailed below the video for your information.

Weakening Magnetosphere
2003 BBC Magnetism Article:
2004 NatGeo Magnetism Article:
2006 NatGeo Magnetism Article:
2008 NASA Magnetic Breach:
2011 ESA Magnetism Article:
Magnetic Field Animation:
Pole Shift
2003 NASA Pole Shift Article:
2008 Kyoto Pole Shift Animation:
2010 Kyoto Pole Shift Visual:
2011 Discovery Pole Shift Article:
Magnetic Field Links: Video: Magnetic Field update:
Geophysical Journal International: Rapid Directional Change During Matuyama-Bruhnes:
UC Berkeley News Center: Earth’s Magnetic Field Could Flip Within A Human Lifetime:
Scientific American: Earth’s Impending Magnetic Flip:
ScienceDaily: Earth’s Magnetic Field Could Flip Within a Human Lifetime:


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