Gulf Coast Bookstore: The First Bookstore For Indie Authors

Good afternoon from the sunny county of Surrey.

As everyone knows, I am a self-published author (currently working on Books 2 and 3 of ‘A Journey’ series).  As such, the efforts made by self-published/ Independent Authors to bring their works to public attention is held very close to my heart. So when this amazing article, shared by Rami Ungar of ‘The Self Published Authors Helping Other Authors’ blog, appeared on my WordPress Reader a week ago… I just knew that I wanted to share this with you.
A beautiful and simple business model, The Gulf Coast Bookstore – the brainchild actualised by Patti Brassard Jefferson and Timothy Jacobs – offers Independent Authors a chance to promote their works in the most wonderful way.   A marvellous idea – one that I hope reaches out from beyond Fort Myers across the World 🙂

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Interior of Gulf Coast Bookstore

I meant to write this post last month, but my life has been petty insane these days, so this is the first opportunity for me to write something. Well, better late than never.

Gulf Coast Bookstore opened early last month as an independent bookstore dedicated entirely to self-published authors. Based out of Fort Myers, Florida, the store is owned by independent children’s author and illustrator Patti Brassard Jefferson and history author Timothy Jacobs. Their reasoning for opening this store is to give more indie authors a chance. Says Jacobs, “It’s just hard to compete with Stephen King or Dan Brown in a mega-bookstore that has tens of thousands of books for sale”. Hence they opened Gulf Coast when they had the chance.

Gulf Coast has a very interesting business model as well as being currently the only bookstore of its kind at the moment: authors pay a…

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