Thought-Provoking Viewing: Robert Newman – A History of Oil

Good evening from the beautifully verdant county of Surrey.

Over the next few days, I shall be posting up the third instalment of the ‘Messages From My Sister‘ blogs.

In the meantime, I have felt the compulsion to revisit and explore the works of one individual who has inspired me during the past 20 or so years – comedian, presenter, author, researcher and political activist, Robert Newman.

Coming to public prominence as part of the comedic assemblage, ‘The Mary Whitehouse Experience‘ during the late 1980s/early 1990s, Robert Newman captured the attention (and hearts) of many in the United Kingdom. I will freely admit that, as an early twentysomething, I certainly harboured a superficial appreciation of the young comedian’s swarthy, rock-star good looks. I also had the good fortune to see Newman perform live in London, Aldershot and Guildford at various stages during the 1990s.

However, it soon became apparent to me that there was a compassionate and concerned heart beating within Newman. My Sister had recognised this aspect of his character/personality also and appreciated his post-Mary Whitehouse Experience work, investing in his debut novel ‘Dependence Day‘ (which I have yet to read) – a book released only 2 years before her passing.

Today, as a woman fast racing through her forties, I appreciate Newman’s intellectualism, candour and compassion and enjoy watching his work when time avails itself to me. I have spoken of his works on ‘Willow’s World‘ before and always recommend them to those unfamiliar with him.

One in particular always captures my attention – and that is ‘A History of Oil‘ – a comedic, yet seminal televisual presentation that details historical facts linked to various wars of the past century – facts which are mysteriously omitted from most of the British schooling’s curriculum and conveniently ignored by British mainstream media.

Whilst not the complete version, this is a condensed version of ‘A History of Oil‘ which should be viewed with an open mind, an open heart… and will hopefully ignite a desire to look over these historical ‘wars’ with fully opened eyes…

(Shared for educational purposes only)

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