Messages From My Sister (Part Seven): The Alien Abduction Phenomenon (Section 3)


Good evening from the Storm Angus-battered United Kingdom.

The following is the continuation of yesterday’s Section 2, i.e., the variation of Chapter 29 from the original complete (unpublished) book of ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life’. It was written circa August/September 2012. The messages, predominantly from my Sister, that aided the construct of the paragraphs occurred at varying points between December 2010 and February 2012. I have made certain amendments, i.e., grammatical corrections or, if applicable, additions in relation to recent conversations or updates on topical matters since September 2012. Today’s posting will explore the seedier aspects of the Phenomenon… and why we should be challenging Governments to reveal what is really going on…

Chapter Twenty Nine
The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Continued
Conversations with My Grandfather and Sister
December 2010; January-March 2011; November 2011; January-February 2012

The Darkest Black Project of All…?

Reading the accounts provided by desperate, confused abductees, with their descriptions of horrific medical examinations, forced pregnancies, strange hovering craft and small grey beings… one cannot help but question whether all abductions are the results of extreme episodes of sleep paralysis or mere hallucination or whether something far more disturbing is afoot. Nocturnal abduction accounts being identified as such a postdormital paralysis episode is understandable – and I do concur with my Sister on that point, whilst once again stressing that I am also not detracting or denouncing the victim’s experience as unreal in any way, shape or form. The human mind, after all, is a powerful machine, capable of much that we cannot yet understand. There are, however, the cases that defy the attachment of that particular label. What about the abductions that take place during daylight hours, when the abductee is alert and awake? What about the appearance of the strange, silent craft in the oddest of places at the strangest of times? Surely not everything is the product of imagination?

David Icke, author and public speaker, is generally unkindly labelled a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ – a moniker which I feel is undeserved in every single way. Icke has written about many controversial subjects, many of which were once ridiculed as mere conjecture. Events horrifically unfolding over the years have proven Icke painfully right. For example, during the 1990s, he cautioned against the dangers of the burgeoning Police States in both the United States and the United Kingdom:– whilst he was roundly criticised at the time of his writings, all we need to do is look at the sorry state of the world today, especially since the ratification of the NDAA (National Defence Authorisation Act) in the United States on New Year’s Eve 2011.

Whilst Icke’s assertion that there are certain elitist families on this planet who are Reptilian shapeshifters in origin is met with general scorn from the mainstream community (and I will admit to struggling with the idea myself), he does proffer two very reasonable suggestions as to the motives behind the Alien Abduction Phenomenon. Icke suggests that there is a joint ET/Terrestrial Military operation in place – for the sole purpose of genetic experimentation and hybridisation of species which, you will note, was also suggested by Christa Tilton as a motive for covert Governments. Icke also feels that the phenomenon forms only a small part of a far wider problem or conspiracy. Bearing that in mind, is it possible that the 1947 Events at Roswell, global cattle mutilations, crop circles, black helicopters, Area 51 and secret groups such as Majestic-12, may all be part of this wider problem he speaks of?

On the subject of Reptilian humanoids, my Sister had the following to say:

Even though there is no such thing as a genuine reptilian humanoid (yes, we are aware of this), Governments have been successful in hybridisation.

The late Professor Carl Sagan had his own thoughts on this particular subject. In his final interview with ‘Nova‘ prior to his death in 1996, the esteemed scientist, astronomer, astrophysicist and supporter of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence group, located in America), expressed his belief that extraterrestrial races existed – just that we had not found them yet. As to whether extraterrestrial beings were actually responsible for carrying out genetic experimentation on human beings, Sagan responded with a solid, valid question. Assuming that any extraterrestrial being would have reached a higher state of evolution and technological advancement than mankind, it did not make sense to him as to why advanced species would elect to traverse their craft across the Universe for the sole purpose of abducting humans for, what is essentially, a painfully slow ‘breeding purpose’. Professor Sagan’s overall viewpoint was that the abduction experience, although seeming very real to the experiencer, was not necessarily physically real – and may be influenced by the over-saturation of the alien phenomena on all the different media available over the past few decades.

I did find a very interesting article, written by Bill Chalker, on the CUFOS Website. Whilst I will not reproduce or paraphrase the article, it details the experiences of Dr. Kary Mullis. In 1985, Dr. Mullis, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, experienced six hours of missing time after meeting a ‘glowing raccoon’ under a fir tree near his remote US property. He was unable to recollect any memory of what had occurred during those lost hours. His daughter also experienced missing time at the cabin, in the exact same location as her father. Some months after the event, both were inextricably drawn to Whitley Strieber‘s ‘Communion‘. Dr. Mullis concluded that he could not (a) scientifically prove that his own disappearance occurred and (b) replicate the experience for the purpose of scientific scrutinisation either. He just knew that it had happened. He muses over the possibility that the nature of his experience involved multi-dimensional physics. Unconvinced by the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, Dr. Mullis asks the same question as the late Professor Sagan – why would vastly evolved and advanced beings need to experiment with human DNA?

Both Professor Sagan and Dr. Mullis have made a pertinent point. Why would an advanced race of extraterrestrial beings decide to use what some in scientific circles consider to be inferior beings for the purposes of breeding?

My Sister had discussed the potential ulterior motives behind such ‘breeding’ programmes prior to my becoming acquainted with the comments of Professor Sagan and Dr. Mullis:-

… Governments have been successful in hybridisation. They want a new race of humans to share certain characteristics of certain animals, e.g., the ability to regrow limbs, like an octopus can.

Eugenics programmes are taking place. Don’t think the creators of Doctor Who are joking with the character of River Song… certain elements are trying to create human timelords by exposing foetuses to tachyons.

On the subject of hybridisation, I can only follow a trail to a certain point. That said, in recent years, scientists have begun to come clean about the covert hybridisation programmes taking place in the 21st Century. The National Geographic website details an article written by Maryann Mott. Mott discusses the controversy surrounding contemporary attempts to fuse human and animal DNA. For example, she covers the successful creation of a human-rabbit chimera embryo in a Chinese Medical University. The embryo was destroyed after only a few days gestation and after the removal of stem cells from said embryo. In 2004, scientists in the American Mayo Clinic created pigs whose veins and arteries flowed with human blood. Those scientists felt such creations would serve as ‘good research models’ – such creations could be used for drug-testing purposes, the growth of spare body parts, etc.

In a July 2011 article published in the Daily Mail, journalists Daniel Martin and Simon Caldwell exposed that such experiments were being covertly undertaken in various medical laboratories across the United Kingdom – and that the scientists had been undertaking this work for a number of years. Scientists at King’s College (London), Newcastle University and Warwick University were creating ‘cybrids‘ (i.e., implantation of a human nucleus into animal cells) and ‘chimera’ (vice versa) – and were noted as citing that these creations would serve as ‘good research models’. Just under 300 readers commented on the article, with the majority seeming to support the ideas behind such experimentations.

During my teenage years, I read various accounts of scientists in Nazi Germany forcing living humans to endure barbaric experiments. Survivors from those times have, I understand, rightfully exposed the heinous activities that were going on within the horrifying confines of the Nazi Concentration camps. In an article on Brian Dunning’s, Dunning discusses the mythologies surrounding Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin’s quest to create a subservient superhuman breed of super-soldier – half-human/half-ape no less. Russian Scientist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov was actually working on creating hybrid animals as early as 1910. Thankfully, his plans to create Stalin’s much-wanted super-soldier never came to fruition.

I feel unqualified in discussing my Sister’s revelation that scientists are attempting to create a human-timelord because, quite frankly, I wouldn’t know where to start looking for such information! However, given what I have already uncovered during my researches for the book, I would not be surprised if such research was ongoing at the current time.

The Doctor-Donna, the first of the Human Timelords from BBC's 'Doctor Who'.   Her creation came about as a result of a two-way biological metacrisis, with Donna becoming part-Gallifreyan during the process.

The Doctor-Donna, the first of the Human Timelords from BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’. Her creation came about as a result of a two-way biological metacrisis, with Donna becoming part-Gallifreyan during the process.

To help me to understand, my Sister referenced the creation of such in science fiction shows. There are examples of ‘hybridisations’ and creations of Human or Human/Gallifreyan timelords on the long-time televisual Sci-Fi staple, ‘Doctor Who‘. The Tenth Incarnation’s companion, Donna Noble, became a Human-Gallifreyan timelord hybrid after the occurrence of an event known as ‘a two-way biological metacrisis’. This was partly triggered by her interaction with the Tenth Incarnation’s severed hand, which had been stored in suspension within a special specimen jar in the TARDIS. Donna’s transformation was completed after the ‘synapses’ were ignited by a direct electrical shot, fired by Davros in an attempt to stop Donna helping the Doctor. A cloned version of the Tenth Incarnation was also created from the hand – human in physiological make-up with the memories of the parent Gallifreyan body. Donna Noble’s end, although not tragic in the conventional sense, was heartbreaking. Her human brain unable to cope with the enormous timelord consciousness, the Doctor was forced to lock away all memories from Donna’s mind of her time with him. Donna unknowingly remains a Human-Gallifreyan timelord hybrid. Donna’s story does not appear to end there, however. Visual clues were evident in the latter moments of the Russell T. Davies penned episode ‘Journey’s End‘ that Donna had likely been gifted the regenerative function of a Gallifreyan timelord as a result of the Metacrisis.

Melody Pond (a.k.a. River Song) during her first regeneration in BBC's 'Doctor Who'.  Melody was conceived in the TARDIS but stolen from her mother to be fashioned into a super-soldier.

Melody Pond (a.k.a. River Song) during her first regeneration in BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’. Melody was conceived in the TARDIS but stolen from her mother to be fashioned into a super-soldier.

However, the character to whom my Sister refers is the daughter of the Eleventh Doctor’s companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Melody Pond (a.k.a. River Song), was conceived aboard the TARDIS during its time vortex traverses. Exposed to enormous amounts of radiation from the Time Vortex in utero, Melody’s DNA mutates rapidly. Her DNA contains an extra strand –timelord (for want of a better description) – a process that took Gallifreyans millions of years to achieve. Melody is, in effect, the first true human timelord. For this reason, she is abducted from her mother and fashioned/brainwashed into becoming a super-soldier, whose main raison d’être is to destroy the Doctor.

To conclude the breeding hypothesis, I feel I ought to explain what a tachyon is. Believed to have first been hypothesised by German physicist Arnold Sommerfeld during the 1930s/1940s, a tachyon is allegedly a ‘subatomic particle’ capable of travelling at speeds faster than light. If such a particle exists, it would certainly, as Wikipedia states, cause ‘violations of causality’ in Einstein’s Special Field of Relativity concerning the behaviour of particles at the speed of light. Interestingly, during the year 2011, scientists at CERN’s SPS Accelerator observed the behaviour of a particle seemingly behaving in such a manner. If I recall correctly, investigations and research tended to lean toward ‘technical error’ as being the cause of this particular phenomenon. I am yet to be convinced that ‘technical error’ is the case.

Secret Craft and Black Ops

I return to muse over the ‘‘ interview given by Dr. Jacques Vallée on the website. He reminds us that the Phenomenon certainly exists – and it is historic and organic in nature. There appears to be a multi-dimensional/consciousness manipulation at work – and humanity just does not comprehend its workings at this stage in our development. Dr. Vallée disputes the sceptics’ claims of lack of evidence, stating that evidence of the phenomenon is plentiful and awaiting scientific analysis. He is questioning of the ‘crashed saucer’ theories, stating that mankind is sufficiently technologically gifted enough to formulate new ideas on its own.

Dr. Vallée is cautious in formalising theories, preferring to ask open-ended and open-minded questions about the phenomena. This involves listening to accounts and piecing together confusing strands of an enigmatic puzzle. High-standing business people, formerly high-ranking military personnel, feel able to confide in Dr. Vallée, knowing that their anonymity will be protected. Indeed, the interview is a marvellous phenomenon in itself insofar as Dr. Vallée broaches the controversial subject of militaristic and governmental cover-ups, using the UFO Phenomenon as an ideal decoy, diverting public attention away from the sinister nature of what is really going on. Reasons for possible subterfuge and public manipulation given by Dr. Vallée include:

1. Psychological warfare;
2. Sociological experimentation, especially focussing on the more ‘cultish’ elements of UFOlogical society;
3. The covering-up of testing of new and covert Stealth technology.

This leads me nicely to the next couple of Sisterly revelations:

As I said to you before, the world of secret government is very murky indeed. (They are) absolutely right when… says governments have developed Anti-Gravity craft. They have had them for millennia. And no, they are not used for benevolent purposes.

Anti-Gravity craft are mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. They are called vimanas. It is not for the sake of mankind.

Once more, whilst I admit to being completely clueless about military hardware and stealth technology, I am aware that my Sister is correct in her assertion that the development of anti-gravitational craft and technologies is well underway – and has been for a number of decades. Over the years, I have fast reached the conclusion independently of any research or sisterly confirmation that powerful military forces around the world are developing a wide variety of craft for predominantly militaristic purposes. Prior to revealing what various internet searches have uncovered in my hunt for information about technologically advanced terrestrial craft, I wish to state at this point that I am not isolating the United States of America as the sole developer of such craft in any way, shape or form. Grounded common sense alone advises me that the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Germany and, very likely, India (e.g., the major global economic power-houses even in these fiscally precarious times) are likely jealously guarding their equivalent technologies.

Digging in the internet dirt uncovers the interesting snippet that Germany had been developing such technologies before any other power nation – about 10-20 years before the United States of America or the former USSR, to be precise. Nazi Germany, focused as it was on relentless propaganda, was considerably more overt about its advanced technological capabilities back in the dark days of the 1930s and 1940s. Even then, it is justifiably arguable that Nazi Germany was the first entity to lay claim to the ‘invention’ of anti-gravity technologies in the first place, with the name Nikola Tesla springing immediately to mind. Returning my focus to the United States, it seemed that the availability of reference sources for secret American technologies were fairly abundant on the Web.

The F117-A Nighthawk 'Stealth Bomber'.

The F117-A Nighthawk ‘Stealth Bomber’.

I muse over how many times the imposing Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk aircraft – also known by its more famous moniker of the ‘Stealth Bomber’ or its lesser-known nickname of the ‘Wobblin’ Goblin’ – was mistaken for an extraterrestrial craft during its nocturnal test flights. Covertly developed and tested by the US Air Force from 1975, the test craft was codenamed ‘Have Blue’. The US Military did not admit to the craft’s existence until it commenced active service from 1988. Although powered by conventional jet engines, the F-117A Nighthawk (so named because the craft was used for night missions) was one of the first military aircraft to employ the use of radar-absorbant material (RAM). Coupled with the aircraft’s unusual shape, the RAM deflects/scatters radar waves, meaning the craft is not picked up by conventional radar.

Knowing this brings to mind accounts from UFO witnesses, complaining about the laissez-faire attitude expressed by military staff upon the public reports of the strange triangular craft in the skies. Many witnesses report that the official military position was that the unusual light had not been detected on radar. Given that the F-117A Nighthawk deflected radar, the Military was, in its strange way, actually telling the truth!

An article written by Richard Boylan Ph.D., a man who has long worked with witnesses of UFO encounters, has proven a most enlightening read. As Dr. Boylan published the results of his findings, he attracted the attentions of those who worked within the highly secretive classified sections of Intelligence, Governmental or Military agencies. The article describes that certain sources trusted Dr. Boylan to act as a reliable ‘conduit’ for information they had long wished to reveal. And it would appear, exactly as my Sister has stated, that the development of anti-gravitationally powered military or reconnaissance aircraft, has reached a relatively advanced stage.

According to the article, there are three levels of sophistication (i.e., the methods used to generate anti-gravitational fields). Electrogravitic – possibly the earliest form of anti-gravitational power source – essentially employs the use of high-voltage disturbances to the ‘ambient gravitational field’. Magnetogravitic – the next level of the process – ‘uses a high electrical charge to counteract Earth’s gravity’. The magnetic pulsing form of propulsion falls under this category. The third, and most advanced level, does not appear to have a specific moniker. The craft propulsion is fuelled by the ‘direct generation and harnessing of gravitational strong force’, using the theoretical superheavy Element-115. Element-115 is believed to be a synthetic version of its organic constituent, to be extraterrestrial in origin and stored away within the hyper-secure confines of the epicentre of contemporary Ufology – Area 51. Appropriate reactions, coupled with the employment of ‘anti-matter reactor high energy’, could give the craft directional propulsion.

The Aurora SR-X, believed to be in development by the US Military.

The Aurora SR-X, believed to be in development by the US Military.

The list of military and spacecraft employing the use of anti-gravitational technology in some capacity is simply jaw-dropping. The most impressive of all, without question, is the enigmatic and exotically named Black Project high-altitude craft, the Aurora SR-X. Believed to be one of the US Air Force’s ‘reverse-technology’ craft, the Aurora’s existence has not even been verified or confirmed. The Aurora is believed to have a dual-propulsion capacity, relying on conventional jet engines for subsonic operations. There are four propulsion possibilities for its supersonic capacity, however – the most intriguing being the use of a ‘pulse detonation wave engine’. Dr. Boylan’s sources have revealed that The Aurora has space-faring capabilities. Once more, I have provided the link to the full article on Dr. Boylan’s website for the reader to digest at their own leisure.

My Sister also reminds me that craft powered by anti-gravitational propulsion systems have existed on this planet before – and were likely more sophisticated than the relatively neonate craft we (theoretically) have in existence today. As mentioned in Chapter 27, reference was made on the Hindu Wisdom site (reference, Eklel Kueshana, author of ‘The Ultimate Frontier‘), about ferocious battles taking place between Atlantean craft (named Vailixi) and Rama Craft (the Vimana) at least 11,000 years ago. These craft were capable of traversing great distances across the Solar System. Whilst the Rama peoples were believed to possess flying vehicles of their own for personal use, it would appear that the vimana’s use was primarily for militaristic purposes.

Thoughts and Conclusions

Researching for this particular chapter, whilst challenging for someone who is relatively neonate in studies of the mechanics of physics and engineering in general, has proven, once more, to be a totally rewarding and educational endeavour. It has also been deeply disturbing.

I commence my conclusions by stating that I resolutely feel it is accurate to state that there is much going on behind the very private curtains of ALL global military-industrial complexes. Whilst I have barely scratched the surface, the research I have undertaken thus far seems to indicate that these operations are likely terrestrially and militarily-instigated. Another possibility that springs to mind is that an ‘agent’ of sorts is capable of ‘intra-dimensional warping’, to accommodate/enable such events. My Sister’s additional comment, made on 6 February 2012, was: “90% of the abductions are psychologically induced, irrespective of whether the person experiencing the living nightmare believes otherwise. It’s the remaining 10% you need to look at. These ARE real.

The Phenomenon, it would seem, is not novel to the 20th and 21st Centuries. Earlier in the book, I expressed the view that ‘The Bible‘ contains multiple accounts of humanity’s interactions with intra-dimensional beings. The Book of Ezekiel, I feel, is likely one of the earliest detailed accounts of a Close Encounter with such beings. As already mentioned earlier in this book, Ezekiel experienced an event akin to the modern-day abduction phenomenon. The materialisation and dematerialisation of beings from seemingly nowhere are abundant in many of the ancient written texts.

My Sister has remarked that the hybridisation of humans with animals to create chimera is also not a novel scientific whim. She raises a valid point. Once more, I suggest that the reader familiarises themselves with the writings of the Ancient Chinese and Japanese, with the words of its younger counterparts in the Greek Civilisation. The presence of chimeric beings can be found in at least one chapter of any book on their mythologies.

My Grandfather has spoken about how closely the intra-dimensional world interweaves with the Spiritual World. My Sister has provided further revelations about hybridisation and possible points of origin of the ‘Greys’. Although closely related to this and the previous chapters, their astonishing words cannot really be categorised within the Abduction context. Their revelations will form the foundation of a later chapter.

Additional comments made by my Sister after completion of the original manuscript have led me to asking several questions. She made the following comment:

Extraterrestrials have not yet visited this Planet yet it suits the agendae of a few to let people believe that such visitations have and continue to occur. Many make good money from this fact and many can hide activities under this particular cloak.

If, as my Sister states, we haven’t been visited by extra-terrestrial beings as yet, who exactly would stand to benefit from a global belief in extra-terrestrial visitations? I can certainly see how the Military Industrial Complex could stand to benefit from a global belief that their secret craft are not of human origin; any attention would be neatly deflected away from their activities. The most disturbing aspect of the Abduction Phenomenon is this: if the Military Industrial Complex IS responsible for the abduction of innocent human beings and forcing them through barbaric experimentation and sexual assault, what, exactly, are they hoping to achieve? What exactly IS the agenda of this particular echelon of human society? Does this agenda’s origin extend its reach way back into the past? I am also reminded of the theories proferred by Dr. Vallée (and mentioned earlier in this chapter) which I shall include here once more:

1. Psychological warfare;
2. Sociological experimentation, especially focussing on the more ‘cultish’ elements of UFOlogical society;
3. The covering-up of testing of new and covert Stealth technology.

I will add my own addition to these theories. Spiritual Warfare. What do I mean by this? I shall expand upon my theories in a later chapter. And yes, it is my thought that it is high time for people to start asking so-called officials some very awkward questions.

If, as my Sister states, we haven’t been visited by extra-terrestrial beings and that, in fact, the beings are intra-dimensional in form, from whence do these beings spring? Do they originate in the depths of humanity’s collective subconscious? Could they, effectively, be creations of our own making?

Finally, if we have not been visited by extra-terrestrial beings, where does that leave the world of Ufology? Would Ufologists accept such findings or would such news be met with palpable disappointment? There are words of comfort offered by my Sister for individuals who would feel such a sense of loss. Encouraging words. She concluded our discussion on this topic with an enigmatic statement. And it is with that statement that I shall close this chapter…

… “Extraterrestrial spirits haven’t visited Earth but that is not to say they don’t exist. There are more sophisticated lifeforms than mankind. You know Sagittarians? They exist…

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