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Messages From My Sister (Part Six): The Alien Abduction Phenomenon (Section 2)


Good evening from a slightly chilly United Kingdom.

The following is a variation of Chapter 29, from the original complete (unpublished) book of ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life’ and was written circa August/September 2012. The messages, predominantly from my Sister, that aided the construct of the paragraphs occurred at varying points between December 2010 and February 2012. I have made certain amendments, i.e., grammatical corrections or, if applicable, additions in relation to recent conversations or updates on topical matters since September 2012. This will expand upon the murkier aspects hinted at in Thursday’s posting.

Chapter Twenty Nine
The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Continued
Conversations with My Grandfather and Sister
December 2010; January-March 2011; November 2011; January-February 2012

This is another section of the book that, I feel, will potentially raise voices of dissent amongst even the open-minded. I am aware that the following revelations are likely to be decried as conspiracy theories of the highest order. I am also aware that certain sectors of the Ufology Field may be disappointed at what I have to say. I accept that the revelations may read like excerpts from lost scripts of ‘The X-Files‘. My Sister has even apologised to me in advance for the criticism that is likely to be levelled at me as a result of my imparting of her messages. Well… I will say that my Sister was utterly fearless in her lifetime – her only fear being the cancer that eventually took her life. When it came to voicing her opinion, the rooting out of injustice, speaking out on otherwise unspeakable subjects and defending the utterly defenceless, she was the first to jump to the front of the queue. What my Sister has revealed to me about the depravity and sheer, bare-faced hypocrisy of certain elements of humanity (if these people can even be gifted with the label ‘human’ in any way) has left me under no doubt that these revelations need to be voiced aloud. And yes – I’m prepared to face the criticism.

My Sister has discussed the nature of these ‘abductions’. Extraterrestrials, from her claims, have absolutely nothing to do with the confirmed physical experiences. As I am typing, I can hear my Sister saying “the cases you need to look at are those which have the highest military or MIB interest. Get them sniffing around and you know the abduction was instigated by humans.

As I have mentioned before, I have studied numerous cases of alien abduction in various books over the years. Whilst I may not have mentioned it during the previous chapter, I have a copy of Whitley Strieber’s ‘Communion‘ on one of my book shelves, last read during my early twenties (shortly after witnessing the strange light for the fourth time, as it happens). I have a few UFO Casebooks to boot. In my youthful zeal, I certainly hadn’t stopped to think that the source of the abductions may have a terrestrial basis. Indeed, I was a proponent of Dr. Vallée’s original ETH (the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis). A bit of research, coupled with maturing into middle age and its accompanying discerning thought-processes, has encouraged me to revise my views (as has Dr. Vallée’s own viewpoint altered over the years). And the discerning mind has to absorb the murkier elements of society also, irrespective of how unnerving those elements seem to be. I hand over to my Sister at this point:-

Women are abducted, experimented on, have eggs fertilised, removed once they reach a certain level. As said, some are left behind – purely because they have seemingly been forgotten about… some are hybrids and… can shapeshift.

As my Sister divulged the depths to which, it would seem, our Governments, Secret Services and Military Agencies are sinking in order to establish whatever it is they seem intent on achieving, I will admit to feeling that her comments were to say, well, incredulous. Whilst I certainly share my Sister’s views that many of the Abduction experiences are likely to be severe cases of sleep paralysis, I did also wonder about those cases which had left abductees with physical evidence, scars of an experience which invariably affect those experiencers to the current day; for those who have been dogged with long-term ill-health problems since that fateful day or night.

I have experienced sleep paralysis and false awakenings (awakening within a dream) myself. Generally, one is able to discern one’s position very quickly. I will also say that I have not awoken to see unexplained triangular markings on my skin (well, not from alien abductions at any rate). I have not wandered outside to find scorch marks on the garden lawn. I have not looked out of my window and seen mysterious black-suited individuals parked in equally darkened SUVs, hiding behind tinted sunglasses watching the house, after my episodes of sleep paralysis or false awakening. As my Sister rightfully pointed out – there is a bit of a difference between sleep paralysis and the abductions experience.

During the course of my studies into this matter, I came across an absorbing website, The webmaster has included a richly detailed section covering various Alien Abduction cases – and, whilst I will not reproduce everything word for word here (there is no need to, the site does a wonderful job and it is highly recommended reading) – the Abduction cases seem to contain disturbing, yet interesting parallels with each other.

For example, there is the family from a location within the United States, five members of whom have experienced abductions over four generations. The family all had rare, Rhesus Negative blood groupings. One of the family members recollected being scanned by an MRI-type machine in 1969, notable mainly because the MRI Scanners in use today certainly did not exist en masse back then. They were taken onboard a strange craft they had observed and entered many times before. Over the course of these experiences, two members of the family have developed remote viewing skills. These same two family members have been observed by strangers in black coats in unknown SUVs. The experiences of this family are certainly not isolated, for other families have experienced the same phenomena over many generations.

Then there is the case of the abducted Patrolman from Nebraska who, after undergoing a medical examination, fell ill after his experience. Hypno-regression revealed that the beings had been ‘friendly’ to him, that they had telepathically communicated to him that they lived on a base on the planet Venus. His life irrevocably changed to the point that he was unable to hold down the job that he loved, so preoccupied he was by his experience. Again, the Patrolman’s case is not an isolated one – so many individuals have endured the same experience, only to find their lives are never the same afterwards.

Another case of a young US woman describes her horrific daytime abduction experience. The event left her with severe long-term health problems, the symptoms of which are reminiscent of the side effects of radiation poisoning. Her pet dog, present with her during her experience, died from a cancer, which one would suggest was induced by radiation poisoning. Landing marks of the strange craft were found in the woman’s garden:– vegetation had been affected and tomatoes growing on a nearby vine, although the size of grapefruit, were too acidic to eat. However, irrespective of her ordeal, the woman considers the experience to be beneficial overall. She realised she had an innate strength that would not have become apparent had she not undergone the experience.

The residents of the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York – the most notable of whom was Whitley Strieber – were the focus of a spate of gruesome abduction experiences during a period of the mid-1980s. One horrific case did not involve a physical abduction as such. The woman concerned was experimented upon in her own bedroom during the night. Paralysed by an unknown force, she watched the strange being struggling to enter her room. The being needed a special device to unlock ‘an invisible shield’ to force entry into the woman’s room. The woman had an item inserted into her left nostril. Losing consciousness due to the extreme pain, the woman awoke the following morning with a severe headache. Her nose began to bleed heavily and was swollen. A rash was evident on her legs and arms. Her daughter and ex-husband, in a different location during the time of her experience, underwent similar ordeals at the same time on the same night! Unfortunately, as with the earlier example, the experiences have been repeated since this initial experience, indicating, once more, a particular interest from beings in the terrestrial family unit.

Image of Christa Tilton's hand drawing of the craft she was taken into, from the website.

Image of Christa Tilton’s hand drawing of the craft she was taken into, from the website.

The most horrific, yet intriguing of the many detailed cases on the website recounts the experiences of a woman by the name of Christa Tilton. On the surface, Christa’s story is the strongest indication of a sinister terrestrial motive behind physical abductions. With help from researchers and fellow abductees, Christa has long been investigating the activities of secret governmental operations – and is gathering plenty of evidence to support her repeated experiences.

Christa describes her abduction by two small aliens. After awakening on a table in a small craft, a ‘guide’ (who later transpires to be a military agent), proceeds to force Christa to drink a milky substance. She arrived at what is, from its description, a fortified underground base. Human military personnel are milling around the place in abundance. After being taken to a large laboratory, Christa undergoes a procedure which, from its description, depicts either an artificial insemination or the removal of an existing foetus. The procedure was barbaric, invasive – and left Christa feeling violated and alone. In spite of her pleas to be released, the human doctor continued to work unabated, aided by frightening grey aliens. Left bleeding and frightened, Christa was told coldly by her guide to forget about her experience. Somewhat chillingly, he also commented that he would see her again in a few years.

During her time in the base, Christa saw evidence of ‘wax-like’ figures in clear-case containers, evidently people in suspended animation. Animals were kept in cages – alive. She describes the existence of four-foot high tanks with dubious contents. which she later describes as being artificial wombs. Christa also explains that her research and evidence so far indicates that these underground, Secret Service-funded operations exist not only in the United States and the United Kingdom, but that they are a global concern. The motives do not appear to be benevolent in intent. Furthermore, Christa’s research indicates human DNA is being fused with animal, reptilian and plant DNA – forming hybrids or, perhaps, modern-day chimera – possibly as a workforce of some kind.

Christa’s report is very absorbing. I would recommend acquainting yourself with Christa’s full account on the UFO Casebook website as there is far more to her story than one could detail in this book. Disturbingly, Christa’s case is not an uncommon nightmare experienced by women during abductions. As mentioned earlier, I have read similar accounts of women who were victims of multiple abductions. Subsequent abduction episodes would see these reluctant surrogates being encouraged to bond with their hybrid grey child. These children were not exactly destined for the happiest of lives – either being raised parentless on alien craft or worse, in the dank, uncaring confines of a concrete military base, raised to become yet another soulless automaton for the Military Operation.

A Grey as most frequently described by abductees

A Grey as most frequently described by abductees

As one reads through the accounts of abductions, appearance of the ‘aliens’ or ‘beings’ are predominantly uniform: childlike in form, no taller than four feet in height, with three-fingered hands, with bulbous heads, wide dark eyes (or feline-shaped eyes), with slits for mouths and ears, small holes for nostrils. Skin pallor is either pale grey or totally grey in nature. One would even suggest that the small grey aliens are merely clones of an original specimen, so to speak.

Other accounts speak of taller beings clad totally in black jumpsuits, insignia and emblems visible on patches – in one instance, the patch on one jumpsuit shows that of a golden eagle.

Communications are generally undertaken telepathically and total compliance of the abductee, if not offered by the victim voluntarily, is enforced by the being. The description of the beings’ demeanour ranges from ‘friendly’ to ‘hostile’. The beings show little empathy towards adult abductees, yet seem to make exceptions towards abducted human children – the only occasions where the Greys show great concern or compassion. In a few of the cases detailed on the website, abductees recollect the presence of human occupants on craft/bases – either as observers (‘the Men in Black’) or are actively involved in the proceedings (e.g., Travis Walton’s report of seeing and attempting to communicate with human beings very much involved in some functional capacity on the craft during his abduction experience). Individual abductees report seeing fellow victims on the craft. One Scottish abductee in a UFO Casebook report, suggested that he would know the strange female abductee he met on their craft if he met her again in life. Another case detailed the confusion felt by another abductee from New York upon seeing Whitley Strieber’s image on an advertising billboard for his book, ‘Communion‘. The abductee burst into tears, as she realised she had seen or met him on a craft during a shared abduction experience. Finally, all abductees report confusing and varying periods of missing time.

Craft tend to be uniform in structure – flat or saucer-shaped with rows of windows and lights, metallic in construct, with occasional satellite craft. Beams are generally projected from the craft to disable vehicles or abductees, scan surroundings, etc. Craft are invariably described as being able to dematerialise or cloak themselves in some capacity. I have seen references to craft being powered by rockets but, most frequently, the craft are silent in nature, suggesting to this novice engineer that the craft may be powered by a source not yet widely known or available – or merely suspected as existing by the general global population. Are these craft Anti-Gravity in nature, perhaps?

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Messages From My Sister (Part Five): ‘The Alien Abduction Phenomenon (Section 1)’

Alien Abduction

Good evening from the amazing country that is the United Kingdom.

The following is a variation of Chapter 28, from the original complete (unpublished) book of ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life’ and was written circa August/September 2012. The messages, predominantly from my Sister, that aided the construct of the paragraphs occurred at varying points between December 2010 and November 2011. I have made certain amendments, i.e., grammatical corrections or, if applicable, additions in relation to recent conversations. These conversations have covered the thornier aspects of the Phenomenon, particularly focusing on possible explanations for certain experiences. We have also discussed the murkier aspects of the Phenomenon – and why it may not be what it seems.

Chapter Twenty Eight
Extraterrestrials or Intra-Dimensional Beings 2
Conversations with My Grandfather and Sister
December 2010; January-March 2011; November 2011

I will be completely honest at this stage and admit that this chapter is presenting many challenges. At points, I have found myself staring at the computer screen trying to make sense of everything, eyes clouding over with tears of frustration. Questions have flooded my mind, such as: How am I going to present this? Who is going to believe this? Pulling myself together, I have doggedly persisted in researching what could be considered a controversial, bordering on taboo, subject matter. Slowly, the cohesion of my understanding is settling into place.

My Grandfather’s and Sister’s revelations about intra-dimensional beings have proven to be both intriguing and jaw-dropping simultaneously. In other instances, my Sister’s revelations have been downright disturbing. I will state at this stage that the more discerning (or sceptical) reader will be very interested in what my Sister has had to say on the subject of the Alien Abduction phenomenon.

In relation to what some will likely consider ‘fringe’ or ‘conspiracy theory’ material, I can only repeat what has been imparted to me. Once more, I would urge the reader to study this matter with a very open mind and I will try my very hardest to present findings neutrally, given the very emotive nature of the subjects concerned. I am also wary of delving too deeply into the subject matter, which is worthy of a separate book in itself.

There is a wealth of material – books, DVDs, You-Tube videos, websites and their associated forums – to delve into. I shall only relate the research I have undertaken in connection with the topics mentioned by my Grandfather and (mainly), my Sister.


The Alien Abduction Phenomenon

I wouldn’t mind hazarding a guess that the first images to come to mind upon the mention of this subject include the following:-

1. Fox Mulder brooding over the trauma induced by the memories of witnessing the abduction of his sister during childhood in the television series, ‘The X-Files”;
2. Richard Dreyfuss building an authentic miniature model of the Devil’s Tower in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind‘;
3. The stereotypical screaming earth woman, staring helplessly as their Grey captor lunges towards them with a medical instrument;
4. Images in disaster movies of sinister Grey aliens caged in underground bunkers in Area 51.

You get the picture.

On a more serious note, the Alien Abduction phenomenon has intrigued, teased, tormented and divided opinions in scientific and psychoanalytical circles for well over 60 years. The phenomenon has been the focus of secret Government and Military observations (a topic discussed by my Sister). Abduction reports and accounts of missing time number in the thousands.

It is believed that the first comprehensively documented abduction case is that of the late American New Hampshire couple, Betty and Barney Hill. Occurring in 1961, The Hills were returning to their Portsmouth, New Hampshire home from Montreal overnight when they observed a rapidly enlarging bright light behaving erratically in the desolate skies above them. The Hills were chased by this light, attempting to escape by driving through remote country backroads until, eventually, the car’s electrics mysteriously failed. The Hills were taken aboard the ‘light’ and underwent invasive medical examinations. Betty Hill was ‘pregnancy-tested’ by a Grey Being. Communication was verbal in nature, English in language. Although the testing was invasive, Betty Hill considered the captors to be ‘friendly’ and was able to reproduce a star chart showing the location of the craft’s home planet – which transpired to be within the Zeta Reticuli constellation. The couple were returned to their car. Its electrical difficulties were mysteriously reversed upon the departure of the craft. The Hills underwent hypno-regression after their experience, their recollections scrutinised and strange markings/scarrings, thoroughly examined. Although extreme caution was urged, the conclusion was reached that the Hills’ experience seemed to be genuine.

Other historic abductions or attempted abductions of note are the 1957 event affecting young Brazilian farmer, Antonio Villas Boas on the grounds of his family farm (abducted and taken aboard a craft) and the event affecting Colonel H.G. Shaw and friend in Stockton, California in 1897 (attempted abduction by strange beings).

Travis Walton, whose 1975 experiences were the subject of the book 'Fire in the Sky'.

Travis Walton, whose 1975 experiences were the subject of the book ‘Fire in the Sky’.

The most notable of contemporaneous abduction cases occurred in the beautiful National Park forestland of North-Eastern Arizona in 1975. A group of young loggers were finishing their shift clearing woodland for their employer when they observed a low, bright light behaving strangely in the sky. This light emitted a beam which attracted the interest of one of the young loggers, whose name was Travis Walton. Walton decided to investigate the nature of the beam. To the horror of his workmates, the ‘beam’ lifted Walton and threw him to the ground several feet away from his original standing point. Terrified, the other loggers fled the scene. Once they had regained some semblance of courage, they returned to the scene to find their friend had vanished. Walton reappeared five days later, confused and frightened by his experiences, which differ from the experiences of the Hills. Most notably, Walton recalled meeting not only small, humanoid beings on the craft but also three or four ‘normal’ human beings. Walton’s experiences were detailed in the book ‘Fire in the Sky‘, which was later adapted for the eponymous 1993 film version. Like the Hills, Walton’s experiences were subject to meticulous scrutiny and investigations. Ultimate conclusions reached suggest that Walton’s experiences were genuine.

Another terrifying abduction experience is that of retired advertising executive, successful author and host of the Internet podcast show, ‘Dreamland‘, Whitley Strieber. Strieber was abducted by beings from his secluded New York cabin during the night of Boxing Day 1985. Hypno-regression sessions uncovered the fullest extent of his experiences, which involved medical examinations, implants and meetings with ‘non-Human beings’. Strieber recounted the events of that Boxing Day night and the resulting aftermath in his best-selling book, ‘Communion: A True Story‘, which was also adapted to a screenplay for the 1989 film, ‘Communion‘.

A Child's Curiosity

A Child’s Curiosity

Alien Abductions – Theories

What is the definition of an alien abduction? Although each individual case that I have read about over the years (or certainly since I first saw that strange light from the upstairs window as a wondrous 7 year old) seems unique to the abductee/witness, a general alien abduction experience entails the taking of an individual, normally against their will, after observation of the behaviour of a bright light in the sky. Many abductees undergo unpleasant, normally very invasive medical examinations. Women will frequently report being ‘told’ that they are pregnant, or will be pregnant, after such examinations. These examinations take place in locations deemed not earthly. Their captors, although humanoid in appearance, are normally grey or very pale-skinned, with large eyes, slits for mouths and nostrils, very little hair. Communications are undertaken either in the native language of the abductee or via telepathy. Many abductees report being made aware of the precarious environmental condition of our planet, are taken on long journeys across dimensions and universes, or are shown future events of life on Earth. The abductee is generally returned to the place of their abduction, noting periods of ‘lost time’. Their long-held beliefs, if not sorely challenged, are normally irrevocably changed. It is also not uncommon for an abductee to report multiple experiences, with such invariably commencing early in childhood. Abductees also develop close relationships with these beings – irrespective of the dubious nature of their abduction.

There are many theories regarding the phenomenon. These range from those who devoutly believe that Reptilian overlords will be returning in advanced craft to study the progress of their genetic experiment (us), to those who outright deny that the phenomenon even exists, denouncing any reported abduction as being the result of a feverish and over-active imagination.

Truth be told, many respected luminaries in the fields of science and psychiatry have studied the subject over the past few decades. One of the great giants of the world of psychiatry and the founder of analytical psychiatry, Carl Jung, wrote about the relatively neonate UFO phenomenon in his 1959 book, ‘Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies‘. Jung broached the possibility that UFO sightings and abduction experiences were possibly projections from mankind’s collective unconscious.

Esteemed French director, Francois Truffaut playing the character, Claude Lacombe... based on esteemed Scientist, Dr. Jacques Vallee.

Esteemed French director, Francois Truffaut playing the character, Claude Lacombe… based on esteemed Scientist, Dr. Jacques Vallee.

Jung was certainly not alone in his hypothesis. Possibly the leading UFO Researcher of both the 20th and 21st Centuries – and highly respected by believers and debunkers alike, has supported and expanded upon Jung’s hypothesis. Dr. Jacques Vallée believes the Abduction Phenomenon may also form part of the collective unconscious – but does not remove the validity and authenticity of the experience for the abductee or witness.

Dr. Vallée’s credentials in the Scientific world are not to be baulked at. Graduating from the elite Sorbonne Academy in Paris with a degree in Mathematics and gaining his post-graduate MS from Lille University in Astrophysics during the 1950s, Vallée started his professional career as an astronomer at the Paris Observatory in the dawning year of the 1960s. Moving to the United States during the early part of the decade, he worked on the first Martian computer mapping project for NASA whilst at the University of Texas. He also worked on the Internet’s predecessor program, the ARPANET; these two considerable projects present only a small picture of Dr. Vallée’s many considerable achievements in the world of Science and Computing. Suffice it to say, such is the scope of his influence and such is the respect Dr. Vallée has rightfully earned, he was one of the consultants for – and the inspiration of – the character of Claude Lacombe, played by the late French cinema director François Truffaut, in Steven Spielberg’s classic 1977 film, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind‘.

Dr. Vallée’s interest in UFOs was ignited by his own experience during his time at the Paris Observatory. He was also the first researcher to link the UFO Abduction and Sighting Phenomena to centuries-old tales of folklore, mythologies, legends and religious texts, which he detailed gloriously in his wonderful 1969 book, ‘A Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers‘. Dr. Vallée has, in recent years, expanded upon his Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. He has postulated a further Theory – the Multi-dimensional Visitation Hypothesis – which, as it sounds, refers to visitors from another dimension. In an interview with ‘‘, reproduced on the website, he cautions, however, that a darker agenda may be at work behind the scenes of modern UFOlogy.

Dr. Susan Blackmore, the esteemed psychiatrist who has undertaken many studies into Near Death Experiences (mentioned in Chapter 21), has also researched the Alien Abduction phenomenon. Her article, ‘Abduction by Aliens or Sleep Paralysis‘, published in June 1998, highlights the similarities between abductions and sleep paralysis. Dr. Blackmore certainly doesn’t dismiss the frightening experiences suffered by the abductee as unreal in any sense. She does proffer other potential hypotheses, terrestrially based in nature. In relation to the hypno-regressive techniques sometimes employed to unlock hidden memories of abductions, Dr. Blackmore expresses reservations about the possibility of unintentional false memory implantation during the process, i.e., just by the nature of the questioning alone. Latent mental illness is regarded as another possibility, although Dr. Blackmore does concede that psychopathology is ruled out in many cases. Temporal lobe epilepsy is also mooted as a possibility, given that the temporal lobe plays a vital role in the semantics of hearing and vision – and long-term memory. In fact, any interference to the temporal lobe, irrespective of an existing diagnosis of epilepsy or not, could theoretically replicate the sensation. Finally, the article’s eponymous sleep paralysis, with its uncanny similarities to the abduction process, is put forward as a hypothesis.


So what is sleep paralysis? Stanford University‘s website states that the phenomenon is actually a very common affliction. Also referred to as postdormital paralysis, the affected person is unable to move all or parts of the body upon awakening. Muscular paralysis and hallucinations are also symptomatic of the mainly unpleasant experience. Sometimes associated with narcolepsy, no particular trigger needs to exist for an episode of sleep paralysis. Other symptoms ‘suffered’ are psychological in nature, i.e., accompanying feelings of doom, coupled with the sensation of being watched, as though someone is in the room with the sufferer at the time of their experience.

As mentioned earlier, this topic is worthy of a separate book. I also feel it is now prudent to detail the enlightening observations proffered by my Sister prior to my journey down this particular avenue of research – and what she has to say on the subject matter is very intriguing indeed:

Intra-dimensional beings are not discarnate souls, though they are human in nature. They are generally projections of the human psyche – one’s worst nightmare. Some abduction cases are brought about by the person’s actual fear of being abducted. They are mentally and physically transported into their nightmare – the worst kind of ‘sleep paralysis’.”

My Sister’s observations appears to support those medical opinions as (partially) suggested by Doctors Jung, Vallée and Blackmore – that the vast quantity of experiences are projections from the collective unconscious; visitors from other dimensions, although not necessarily extraterrestrial in nature (if at all) – and, in extreme cases, results of acute episodes of sleep paralysis. To reiterate – my Sister has not refuted or detracted the sufferings experienced by the victim. Indeed, she has made it very clear that their experiences were terrifyingly genuine. As mentioned earlier in the book, she had studied Child Psychology during her Sixth Form years. Even during life, my Sister was of the opinion that humanity hadn’t even begun to grasp what its collective mind was truly capable of.

The disturbing element of my Sister’s revelations, however, sheds a spotlight on just what it seems the human mind is capable of conjuring up in its quest for eternal power – or desire for complete security. This is, of course, no secret to anyone. Evidence of the darker element of human nature leaps out from the reams of history books on library shelves. My Sister has expressed huge concerns at some of the projections being brought to life by darker elements of today’s society – once more, usually from those who reach positions of considerable power with (mainly inherited) wealth. It would also appear that certain sectors of these same darker elements of society certainly seem to inject some influence over the Alien Abduction phenomenon. Whilst it may appear that my Sister has dismissed all experiences as being ‘projections’ and ‘sleep paralysis’, she has not. Far from it. Indeed, she added:

That said, some are actual abductions…

As the next chapter will detail, she reveals (in comments eerily reminiscent of the above-stated concerns of Dr. Vallée) that the motives behind these abductions are generally not benevolent in nature…

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