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Willow’s World

Willow's World 2

Good evening from a meteorologically changeable but still delightfully warm Surrey.

As my dear Friends are aware, I have the great honour and privilege of hosting an Open Roundtable on the incredible FreedomSlips Revolution Radio – a delightfully adventurous journey that I have been enjoying for close to a year.

With the show approaching its first anniversary, it finds itself being kissed by the gentle winds of change… one which has been natural in its metamorphosis… emerging with the name of ‘Willow’s World‘.

Willow’s World‘ aims to delve deeper into the areas explored here in my WordPress home… focusing energies on a particular topic of choice whilst retaining the beautifully fluid roundtable feel that is so, so unique to FreedomSlips Revolution Radio.

Everyone is welcome to join me tonight on Studio A, from Midnight until 2am Eastern Standard Time (United States)/5am-7am British Summer Time (United Kingdom).

Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

Floods, Writing and a Change of Days


Good evening from a very blustery and soggy Surrey. As I type, the rain has started to fall once more in our little area of the United Kingdom and the Environment Agency has issued Flood Alerts for various Surrey rivers once more. Our area was sorely affected by the Christmas 2013 flooding and whilst our house escaped the worst of the flooding, we certainly had to shore up defences with sandbags just in case. Christmas Day saw our local rivers bursting their banks. Floodwater moves silently but quickly. By the time the Doctor Who Christmas Special aired on TV, approximately three quarters of our rear garden was resting underwater. Drains already brimming with excess water could no longer cope, rendering most of our road’s toilets unusable. Yet there was something the flooding couldn’t dampen… the spirit of Christmas camaraderie amongst neighbours, all of us making sure each family was safe and well. I’d also like to thank all the workers who gave up their Christmas celebrations to help everyone affected by the flooding – all the Council workmen who handed out sandbags by the hundreds on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, the Water Authorities who battled the elements as best they could… there are so many of you that I just want to express gratitude to. You will always be appreciated – thank you.


I am still busily writing the second book of ‘The Journey‘ series. The direction of the book has taken a radical change in direction, veering from the originally proposed subject matter (Earth Changes) onto totally unexpected carriageways. I have made good progress thus far, breaking for a Christmas hiatus of sorts. The Journey will resume its written course upon a return to normal routines next week.


Also returning to a regular timeslot after the Christmas and New Year break is my Open Roundtable on the incredible FreedomSlips Revolution Radio Station. The show has now moved to Wednesdays, Midnight EST (US), 5am GMT on Studio A and you are all welcome to join me. Any concerns about global political situations? Want to chat about paranormal experiences? Or would you like to chat about matters close to your heart? Wander over to, join us in our vibrant chatroom and give me a call.

An Invitation…

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