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Great barriers do exist in space and Voyager may have reached one: now what?

A great barrier in space… interesting findings being relayed back to us from the astonishing Voyager 1 Craft. An article offering great food for thought indeed. Thank you for posting, Alvin – very much appreciated 🙂

The Extinction Protocol

June 29, 2013SPACELaunched 36 years ago, the Voyager 1 spacecraft speeds a rate of about a million miles a day entering a bizarre and mysterious region more than 11 billion miles from Earth that scientists are struggling to make sense of. It’s a region where the fierce solar winds have all but vanished and pieces of atoms blasted across the galaxy by ancient supernovae drift into the solar system, the NASA probe is causing scientists to question some long-standing theories on the nature of our solar system and life beyond its cold dark edge dubbed the “magnetic highway” –a newly discovered area of the heliosphere, the vast bubble of magnetism that shields the solar system from deadly cosmic rays. Scientists had long envisioned this outermost layer of the solar systems, the heliosheath, to be a curved, distinct boundary separating the solar system from the rest of…

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