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Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof that Recorded History Is Wrong

Thank you to the incredible Annette (Ascending StarSeed) of the 2012 The Awakening Blog for posting this article. Originally posted on BeforeItsNews and written by Deborah West – this article is, without a doubt – absolutely mind-blowing in its importance. My Grandfather and Sister have frequently stated during our communications that previous civilisations lived on our beautiful Planet… and that these civilisations possessed technology that would make our not-inconsiderable advancements seem primitive in comparison. Indeed, my late Sister had once stated that ‘the Atlanteans possessed technologies so advanced, Tesla would have wept with envy’. She also stated that there was an ‘immense network of pyramids’ distributed globally – placed on significant areas of the Planet’s Geomagnetic Grid – which provided clean, safe and free energy to an amazing civilisation well over 14,000 years ago… and yes.. it is time for spirituality and science to realign, or, should I say… reunite.

The Robert Christian Show: Dr. Simon Returns… and a Heartfelt Thank You to Two Amazing Men


Good afternoon from the beautifully warm and sun-kissed county of Surrey.

On July 26th, I posted a blog concerning the commencement of my journey of discovery in relation to the current uncertain condition of the seismicity of the Atlantic Ocean… an incredible path that led me from the hallway of Suspicious 0bservers‘ You Tube home to the incredible work of the Advanced Forecasting Corporation‘s Dr. Simon Atkins.

This beautifully serendipitous journey ultimately led me to an amazing radio station located in the coastal city of Seattle – The Robert Christian Show. The 21st June Robert Christian Show was a three hour meeting of the minds of two remarkable men, each blessed with an immense intellect, a deep love for humanity and a shared concern for the welfare of our beautiful Planet. During the opening moments of the show, Dr. Atkins promised to open the lid of Pandora’s Box… and this he did, with powerful aplomb.

However… my journey continued beyond that warm summer’s evening. Little did I realise that 180 minutes of educational enlightenment – and my Blog – would lead to an incredible invitation…

… synchronicity and serendipity (also known as Google and Twitter) led to a happy Surrey-Montevideo-Seattle triumvirate of communications. I was honoured, humbled and grateful to learn that Robert and Dr. Simon had read my July 26th Blog Posting. Their sweet words of kindness and gratitude were gracious gifts in and of themselves. Robert had another surprise in store for me… an unexpected invitation that I was honoured and humbled to receive.

Last Friday evening (Friday afternoon for my American friends), Dr. Simon Atkins returned to The Robert Christian Show… and I was honoured to join Robert and Dr. Simon for an incredibly enjoyable 2 hour journey; covering Planetary Threats (i.e., The Global Warming Scam, the possibility of a Mini Ice Age and the seismological instability of the Atlantic Ocean), Economic Volatility – especially in relation to the current United States Governmental Shutdown – and the Health Impacts of the immense change being thrust upon mankind were topics of immense concern to us. Dr. Simon offered positive advice for those contemplating a change of life. He also expanded upon the subjects of Interdimensional Transference, electromagnetic energy and levitation and the ability to create the life of one’s dreams through positive thinking… providing delicious food for thought for Robert and Yours Truly (plus many listeners too).

I am delighted to share last Friday’s show with you; but before I do…

… I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Robert and Dr. Simon for their kind invitation to join them on the Show. I was humbled by your kindness, your gratitude and warmth. You are both courageous and inspirational souls, covering topics and subjects that many may deem as controversial and/or fearful, in a non-confrontational and educational manner. Thank you 🙂

And Simon… thank you for continuing to remind everyone that the North Atlantic Ocean should not be disregarded or ignored…

The Catastrophe Of 12,000 Years Ago That Erased History

Three years ago, my Grandfather and I were discussing global cataclysmic events. He specifically referred to an interstellar event – occurring circa 13.500 years ago – that led to the events long ago described in many global legends and religious texts. That very event is suggested as a distinct possibility in this amazing video posted by the ever-wonderful Annette. I’m looking forward to hearing more from the incredible gentleman in the video. Thank you Annette 🙂 Oh, and PS… the Pyramids are rightly enigmatic for equally astonishing reasons.