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The Hundred Years War The Fires of Tamatea and 1348 AD.

Good morning from the beautifully verdant county of Surrey.

As everyone knows, I truly appreciate the amazing work of The Thunderbolts Project team – and I always share my appreciation on my show (or with anyone else who listens) whenever I am gifted with the opportunity to do so.

This New Year’s Day article is particularly interesting and raises many questions. The first one that comes to my mind is why this isn’t referenced in many contemporary textbooks. The second one is, bearing in mind the similarities with today’s conditions – and with, it seems, the increased sightings of larger meteors – perhaps we ought to study the matter further.

I hope that you enjoy the article. I’m certainly going to enjoy doing a little more research on The Fires of Tamatea.

Model of Maori Pa on Headland

Model of Maori Pa on Headland

Opening paragraphs from the Article, penned by Peter Mungo Jupp:

Jan 1, 2016

Mankind’s greatest killer plague: What controls human destiny?

Around 1340 AD began a series of wars between England and France that lasted over a century. It was made famous by Shakespeare in his inventive but glorious Saint Crispin’s day speech by Henry the fifth at the Battle of Agincourt:

“For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he never so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves cursed they were not here,
And hold their manhood’s cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

The Hundred Years War saw the battles of Crecy, Agincourt and Poitiers immortalised.

Lest you think this was a gentlemanly war of rightful kingly succession, as history portrays it, think again! Much of Europe was warring at the same time. Spain, Portugal and other independent areas of France were indulging in rape, pillage, piracy and destruction. This was no genteel war of Knightly romance and honour bound adversaries. This was a ruthless war! Routiers (land pirates) and companies of independent mercenaries slaughtered the population, sacked the cities and laid waste the land. But these brutal wars were not confined to Europe. They were on a worldwide scale!

To mention a few, we see the fall of the Khmer Empire in Angkor in the 14th century by invading Thai armies (and curiously a shift from Hindu to Buddhist use!) In China 1368 AD saw the re-establishment of rule by the Han (from a hundred year Mongol dynasty). Indeed throughout the Pacific, as Nunn explains, we see the mass abandonment of habitation and warlike resettlement! From the Maori of New Zealand, the Solomon’s, Hawaii, Easter Island and many others we see confusion and panic! South America and Africa also possess abundant examples of the warlike fall of dynasties around this time!

Like most of the history of war, and indeed Mankind, it is written under the assumption that we largely control our destiny, even if by unworthy means! Dictators, greed, stupidity, religion, anger and all the spectrum of human frailty and folly are dragged in to explain the unfolding of historic events. This, as if human factors alone, can explain war, population movement and civilizational aggrandisement and decay!

On closer examination it is spectacularly apparent that other factors were at work. Not only in Europe, with its “Hundred Years War”, but globally in parallel occurred deadly epidemics, famines, earthquakes and chaotic and colder weather excesses with gross flooding and more powerful and more frequent tempests! Changes in ocean levels and sinking and reclamation of land were common! Accompanying this were cosmological events that may give a clue to the cause behind these catastrophic events! Violent events that are not matched today! This period has been named the “1300 AD event”, by geoscientist Professor Patrick Nunn and he marks it as the beginning of the “Little Ice Age”. This was the “Wolf Minimum”, the successor to the “Medieval Warm Period”.

The remainder of the article can be found here:
Source: The Hundred Years War The Fires of Tamatea and 1348 AD.

Donald Scott: A New Model of Magnetic Structure in Space

Planetary Nebula M2-9

Good afternoon from a blustery and stormy Surrey.

As you are all aware, I am an ardent admirer of the work of the incredible Thunderbolts Project team. I enjoy reading their latest postings and basking in the sheer joy of watching their You Tube videos on the Electric Universe Theory.

One of the latest videos available on The Thunderbolts Project’s You Tube Channel is the following presentation given by Dr. Donald Scott at the recent EU2014 Conference, held over the weekend of 20-24 March 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Whilst it’s going to take a couple more views to enable me to fully comprehend the investigations and findings of Dr. Scott, there are some very exciting morsels contained therein that offer great initial food for thought.

One point leapt out at me in particular… ‘planets space out their orbits until they feel no forces from their neighbours’. Relates to something quite fascinating that my Sister revealed over a year ago. Hopefully, I will be able to expand upon that once I have managed to wrap my fortysomething brain around it…

… in the meantime, enjoy this incredible presentation. Comments are invited, of course 🙂

The Next Level with Ace and Aurora (25 January 2014)

Fantastic Landscape Good evening from the waterlogged but still wonderful county of Surrey.

It’s been a busy but enormously enjoyable few weeks. On 25 January 2014, I was honoured and humbled to be invited to join two of my fellow hosts/producers on the second edition of their new FreedomSlips Revolution Radio show. Susan and Aurora Light-Sky host ‘The Next Level‘, which airs each Saturday at Midnight EST on the Station’s Studio B.

We chatted about a variety of topics, ranging from Earth and Solar System changes, The Electric Universe Theory, Near-Death Experiences, my appreciation of the BBC’s time travelling show ‘Doctor Who’ and also my Blogging here on WordPress.

We also discussed my maiden book ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life (Book 1: The End of the Beginning)‘, – which details my early life, paranormal experiences, the lives of my Sister and Grandfather and the genesis of the communications that began from beyond the grave over 18 years ago.

Susan and Aurora are delightful hosts, immensely enjoyable company and two beautiful souls who I am honoured to know as my friends. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting on the Show – and I am delighted to share the show with you today…

(With many thanks to Susan and Aurora, who can also be found on their Blog, ‘The Next Level with Ace and Aurora‘. I would also like to thank Mike Ringley, the founder of FreedomSlips Revolution Radio, for just being his incredible self – and also to all of my friends at the Station. Thank you One and All 🙂 )

The Electric Comet – Full Documentary


Good evening from a slightly autumnal Surrey.

As many are aware from my earlier blog postings, I truly admire the work of the incredible Thunderbolts Project team. Whilst I have not yet reached a level whereby one could confidently explain the fundamentals of the Electric Universe Theory, I’m relishing every moment of learning alternate viewpoints of the workings of our Universe.

I have recently enjoyed conversations with my Sister in relation to a certain newsworthy comet, Comet C/2012_S1… you may have heard of it? With the contents of one particular conversation reverberating in my mind, I decided to treat myself to a viewing of the team’s seminal documentary video, ‘The Electric Comet‘.

The story that unfolds during the documentary provides an abundance of luncheons for one’s mental digestion. The Thunderbolts Project team have taken great care to ensure that the viewer isn’t blinded by science, eschewing complicated scientific terminology for easy-to-understand explanations of their findings.

And yes… I’ll admit to leaping up and down in my seat with delight upon reaching the closing credits. Not professional I know, yet I know that you’ll find the video as enlightening as I did…

(Documentary is posted for information and educational purposes only)

The Amazing Work of Susan Joy Rennison

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Good afternoon and great Bank Holiday wishes from a beautifully Sun-infused Surrey.

A few weeks ago, the beautiful soul AscendingStarseed posted a blog on her site detailing the amazing works of Susan Joy Rennison.

I had known of Susan Joy from interviews on various radio networks – Veritas and Red Ice being two such networks – but am always happy to discover more of her astonishing works. A recent discovery is this incredible 2012 interview between Susan Joy Rennison and Raz Razam, posted on the You Tube channel of DonkeyDrunkenCircus.

As I listen to Susan Joy’s incredible interviews and read the postings on her enlightening News of the Inbalance blog, my Sister’s words on similar topics just leap into my mind. All I will say is that the synchronicities between Susan Joy’s scientifically-backed research and my Sister’s messages from the Other Side seems to convey similar – and very important – information. Information that cannot be ignored…

(This interview is posted for information and educational purposes.)

5-15-13 Four Minute News: X Class Flare Again

Shared with eternal love and immense gratitude to Suspicious 0bservers and Linda Sky.

earth change affirmations

5-15-13 4min4 Minute News: X Class Flare Again
by Suspicious Observers...LINK

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‘The Switch Has Been Well and Truly Flicked…’

Image by George Hodan,

Image by George Hodan,

Good afternoon from the beautifully blustery South East of the UK.   Sorry if the title heading for this post seems a little melodramatic.  No melodrama is intended, and the reason for the choice of wording will be clear very soon.

During the course of the last week, I’ve been undertaking some heavy research, reading through various scientific theories on exceptional websites.  This is no mean feat for me and I am grateful that my mind is finally beginning to make sense of it all. I am not a scientist per se, although one did successfully complete two Open University courses – an Openers course in Basic Science and a Level One course covering the subjects of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunami.   I understand enough to be able to apply scientific rationele and thought processes to what is, essentially, a scientific matter – and it has become apparent that something is happening with our beautiful Star – the illustrious, glorious Sun.

As I was driving along the M25 yesterday afternoon, the intensity of the Sun’s heat was causing uncomfortable tingling sensations on my skin.  All well and good if it were the middle of the Summer but it isn’t… it’s the end of January almost.   I’ve been alive long enough to watch 8 out of the 11 incarnations of everyone’s favourite Time Lord on television and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt that sensation on my skin during winter months… though not the first time this winter at all… … her luminosity was almost a pure white, barely a tint of yellow.  I accept the possibility that atmospheric conditions may well have been affecting the the glare of the Sun, so to speak, and that a number of factors may be inducing such luminosity.  I may be inching my way rapidly through my 5th decade of life and unless my memory is playing huge tricks on me… the Sun’s luminosity has certainly changed.  My childhood drawings used to contain big yellow suns.  Nowadays, I’d be wearing out white crayons faster than a person could say boo to a goose.

I’ve read various NASA webpages about the conventional Nuclear Fusion theory of the Sun’s lifecycle, pored over the amazing works of the Thunderbolts Projects team, listened to Suspicious 0bservers’ seminal videos (which should also be preserved for posterity, in my humble opinion) – and studied the impressive papers of an individual named Daniel, whose theories were posted on Enerchi’s absorbing website, Ascension with Mother Earth and American Kabuki, to name but a few. Last but not least, my Sister has also spoken of the changes occurring to the Sun, something she mentioned last year (and has also elaborated upon the subject further in recent times)… and remember those words in the heading of this blog?  They were her words, spoken last year about our beautiful Star.  And one will say at this point that her comments about the Sun share common bonds with the Electric Universe Theories and the observations raised by Daniel in ‘The Daniel Papers‘.

Image by Kecia O'Sullivan,

Image by Kecia O’Sullivan,

I am trying to find a common bond between everything at the moment – a convergence flux if you will – where an agreement can be reached on what exactly is happening.  Conjecture is all that can be spoken at this stage…

… my Sister’s comment of 2011, that the ‘switch has been well and truly flicked’, completed her statement that the transition/event was already in progress. One event (yes, there were a few) discussed was in relation to a geomagnetic polar reversal.  Indeed, movement of the Magnetic North Pole has been in progress for a number of years now, as this image from NASA Science’s article, ‘Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field’ shows:-

Image by NASA Science, 2001

Image by NASA Science

The Magnetic South Pole has also been wandering itself over the years, more details of which can be found in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2010 article, ‘Wandering of the Geomagnetic Poles’.  It is well worth reading, and has been linked for ease of reference.

There is so much information available here in the Cyber Universe, one could not possibly sum up theories of my own in this singular blogpost.  Yes, I am forming a picture in my own mind – mere conjecture at this stage – which I shall post up separately in a Part 2 over the next few days.   There is too much for me to think about and pull together cohesively at this stage, but this has, I hope, provided some brain food for thought for the moment.


As a side note… you may remember, during my last blogpost, that I made reference to everyone’s favourite Time Lord, the good Doctor himself – more specifically, the instrument for which he is most famous – time travel.   I hope to be covering this very topic (not specifically Doctor Who but I shall certainly need to make reference to him once more) in the course of the coming weeks.   All very exciting indeed! In the meantime, wishing you all an enjoyable Sunday evening and see you again very soon. Willow x