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Messages From My Sister (Part Four): ‘You Don’t Need a TARDIS for Time Travel… (Section 1)’


Good afternoon from the beautifully verdant county of Surrey.

The following is a variation of Chapter 23, from the original complete (unpublished) book of ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life’ and was written circa July/August 2012. The messages from my Grandfather and Sister that aided the construct of the paragraphs occurred at varying points between December 2010 and November 2011. I have made certain amendments, i.e., grammatical corrections or additions in relation to recent conversations. These conversations have covered fixed points, interactions between what we perceive as ‘ghosts’ and our ‘past’ – and instances when events have been changed, with the consequences that follow those changes…

‘You Don’t Need a TARDIS for Time Travel’ – Revisited 1
Conversations with My Grandfather and Sister
December 2010; January-March 2011; November 2011

Prior to starting this chapter, I feel I must make a massive disclaimer. My knowledge of temporal mechanics is, at best, basic. I will most likely make mistakes, for which I apologise in advance. As stated earlier in this book, I am hoping to develop a deeper understanding of the marvels of temporal mechanics and fully intend to investigate this intriguing eventuality for my next written adventure – i.e., when my knowledge has stepped up from basic level one to basic level two.

Both my Grandfather and Sister have explained that souls are able to time travel using either the power of thought or using an individual’s ‘Book of Life’ as an enabling tool, so to speak. I know from my nocturnal travels with both that they are fully capable of doing so…

“All souls on the Other Side are able to time travel. We have done so… and yes, you travelled with us too. We, and other souls, are able to interact with those we meet on our travels. They see us, interact with us – just as living humans are able to interact with each other.”

“We are only observers to past events and cannot influence them directly. We cannot influence future events either.”

“Most of the UFO accounts related in holy books such as The Bible are actually cases of humans time travelling from the future.”

“Causality loops exist. The Grandfather Paradox does not.”

“Dreaming is a form of time travel. The Dream World is the dimension between life and death, so to speak.”

“Time Travel is quite simple, if humans really put their minds to it.”

Chapter Six chronicled my observations in relation to a passing/passed soul’s time travel abilities. An interesting anomaly (or what I initially identified as an anomaly) came to mind during the course of revisiting the chapter. My Sister and I could not interact with anyone. We were standing in front of our Grandmother and Brother in a crowded airport and no one could see us. Yet my Sister states that she, my Grandfather and all souls on the Other Side are able to time travel, can be seen and are able to communicate with those who see them.

For a long period of time, this seeming conflict of contradictory data tested me. Was I actually with my Sister at the Airport that day, watching our Brother struggle with our Grandmother? Well, I know I was. I could feel the ground beneath my feet. I could feel people pushing past me, feel the breaths of other living souls on my face. My Sister had told me that we were there, courtesy of Nana’s Book of Life. We had travelled back in time in the same dimension. Yet we weren’t seen. No one knew we were there.

The answer came to me during the writing of this particular chapter. Grandfather and my Sister can be seen because they are souls of pure thought energy. They are no longer constrained by the carbon atoms that bind us to this planet. They can travel faster than light. They need only to think about something and it happens. They exist on the same dimension as us… but on a different layer within one of many levels of layers – removed from the constraints of linear time but married to synchronicity. They can travel between two worlds – or dimensions. They are able to assemble avatars of any previous life form by the power of thought alone. They can influence the efficient functioning of electrical goods, just for the sheer fun of it. They can bend magnetic fields to suit them within certain circumstances, if they feel it necessary.

The ghosts in the machine in Bologna Airport that day was every single ‘living soul’ milling their way around the building, including me in my temporarily dislocated ethereal soul. Yet I ‘felt’ solid. And, laying asleep in a bed in another country 4 months away, I was still very solid in form… … and, the same day, at that approximate time, I was wandering around my Grandparents’ house communicating with my late Grandfather… existing in three different places at the same time!

I was cloaked from view; existing but not existing concurrently. It wasn’t necessary for our relatives to see us. All my Sister wanted to show me was how everything works. She wanted me to see the truth. She wanted me to take that message home to our grieving Brother to prove the reality of the truth, that she was still around us, still very much alive. Those who are not able to see spirit, not able to detect the presence of spirit, are the truly unaware ones – yet we all have that latent ability. That day was a remarkable one for me, for we were truly able to walk unseen amongst the masses.

My Sister has said that she could have dropped the ‘cloak’ wrapped around me, if she felt my Brother and Grandmother would have benefited from seeing me. My Brother, although admitting Nana’s behaviour was challenging at the time of our relevant conversation, was coping with the situation just fine… so the need for such was negated.

screenshot-1240 Ghost interaction

Interactions Between Past, Future and Thought Energy

Grandfather and My Sister have both been abundantly clear about their ability to interact with living souls in the past and in the future. I know I’m showing a distinct lack of scientific knowledge here. However, I am a ‘Doctor Who’ devotee. I understand the basics of temporal mechanics thanks to this wonderful series. And I must admit that, in this case, truth is not stranger than science fiction.

As I mentioned in Chapter Six, the Doctor can interact with individuals in the past and the future. His scope of influence is limited. Certain events cannot be changed. Rewriting of these events, known as ‘fixed points’, is strictly forbidden by Time itself.

A particularly good example of this is demonstrated in the James Moran-penned Revived Series 4 episode ‘The Fires of Pompeii‘. The Doctor and his companion, Donna Noble, journeying in the the TARDIS, materialise in Pompeii – the day before the August AD79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The nub of the gist of the story is that a displaced extraterrestrial race is using the magmatic energy of the volcano to power their energy converter, located in the bowels of Mount Vesuvius. Whilst this converter is running, the Volcano will not erupt. However, the entire human race would be endangered if the converter was allowed to continue functioning. Finally, the Doctor and Donna decide that the sacrifice of a few thousand humans is preferable to the destruction of the entire human race. The energy converter is switched off. Mount Vesuvius erupts, destroying Pompeii and Herculaneum, killing thousands in a short period of time. The event is a fixed point in time. Only one family is saved because the flow of time would not have been affected by their survival.

We know full well that, in this case, science fiction doesn’t bear any resemblance to the reality. Mount Vesuvius has always been a feisty volcano. It remains active to this day due to changes within the Earth, not because it serves as a secret base to fiery aliens. However, the context of the scope of the influence of time travelling souls is very fitting. My Sister has even said “there have been occasions where I’ve screamed at people not to walk down that street, make that choice – but they can’t hear me.

We are facing a similarly challenging period in time at this moment – and I have been told that we are standing on the very precipice of irreversible Earth changes, coupled with nuclear conflict that may potentially be such ‘fixed points’ in time. So, you can understand why I find Grandfather’s confirmation that humans will develop time travel in the future reassuring. “There will be survivors – it is only going to be the end of the world as we know it”, my Sister smiles soothingly at me. “And those survivors are going to be a very inventive bunch indeed!

Ezekiel's Wheels

Religious Books: An Epic Record of Close Encounters?

Both Grandfather and my Sister stated that many (but not all) UFO accounts detailed in The Bible (and indeed, many of the holy scriptures of antiquity) aren’t so much divine visitations but the logs of frequent visits by future humans using their own equivalent of the TARDIS. “No blue police boxes but some wag will surely think of it”, I hear my Sister laughing as I type away.

The suggestion of divine visitations being of extraterrestrial origins has long been mooted. One of the finest examples opens up The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel – and is known as Ezekiel’s Wheel. I studied the account of the visitation in my copy of the ‘New English Bible‘ and it is abundantly obvious as to why extraterrestrial visitation may have been a strongly suspected candidate for such a vehicle. Vast clouds with flashes of fire, brilliant lights, 4 living creatures of humanoid form, a faceless humanoid energy form seated in the centre of the fiery cloud warning of the fate of Jerusalem if she failed to keep to her holy path – sums up Ezekiel’s experiences pretty succinctly. The full description of the craft can be found in the opening chapters of the Book.

Once more, I would like to make it very clear that I have a very rudimentary knowledge of engineering, so I thought I should defer to someone with a degree of knowledge in the subject. After describing the functions of the craft to my partner, he instantly identified it as a gyroscope. The four humanoid figures are said to be Cherubs or Cherubim. For ease of purpose, I shall adhere to the Christian Angelic Hierarchy. Cherubs/Cherubim are the second in order of Angels of the First Sphere in the Hierarchy of Angels, below the Seraphim and above the Thrones/Ophanim. Whilst it is clear that the Seraphim are considered God’s caretakers, I am leaning toward the belief that the Cherubim are, for want of a better expression, God’s bodyguards. After man was ousted from the Garden of Eden, the entrance gate was guarded by a Cherub/Cherubim. If so, could it also indicate that they serve another purpose – pilots of God’s vehicles, maybe? And what exactly could be defined as a vehicle? I’m guessing that the mechanical definition wouldn’t exactly cover the possibilities.

Also, bearing in mind Grandfather’s and my Sister’s revelations that humanity will develop a mechanical means to time travel in the future – would it be unwise to consider the events surrounding Ezekiel’s ‘vision’ as being purely angelic and/or extraterrestrial in nature? Simply put – could Ezekiel’s Wheel have been a future humanity travelling back in time to observe the event, with the end result being that their very visitation becomes the epicentre of the event itself?

I recollect skimming through a very good book about the Ezekiel craft many years ago. The book was Josef F. Blumrich’s ‘The Spaceships of Ezekiel‘. A NASA spacecraft engineer by profession, Blumrich was initially driven to his research by the desire to debunk the claim made by Erich von Däniken in his seminal work, ‘The Chariots of the Gods‘, that Ezekiel’s vision was a spacecraft. To Blumrich’s surprise, debunking that claim proved to be nearly impossible. Ultimately, he was able to design a very plausible craft based on Ezekiel’s confused interpretations of what he had seen.

As with all such writings, Blumrich’s work was subject to scientific and theological scrutiny. I haven’t read the book for, as I mentioned, many years now. I do, however, remember that it was a remarkable piece of scientific work.

The Vedic Scriptures contains a wealth of extraterrestrial encounters and other intriguing phenomena which support elements of other messages given to me by Grandfather and my Sister. Bearing in mind that I have a very short timescale to complete this book (given the messages it contains), I have only been able to skim the surface of the glorious depths of these amazing works. What I have read so far, is enlightening and entrancing.

A good source of information in easily visually digestible format is the Hindu Wisdom website. These beautifully detailed pages describe just how technologically advanced the Indian Civilisation was at that point in time – centuries before the existence of Christ. As I’ve mentioned many times already, my knowledge of temporal and quantum mechanics is very basic. However, my knowledge is advanced enough to be able to recognise that there is a reference to Time Travel of sorts in The Vedic Scriptures, especially ‘The Vedas‘.

If I have correctly interpreted what I have gleaned thus far, ‘The Vedas‘ considered time travel to be an elevated source of human evolution. Until I have found further evidence to the contrary, I am feeling that this evolution is organic in nature as opposed to, let’s say for example’s sake, attributable to the development of a temporal traversing vehicle in the shape of a 1960s Blue Police Box.

As often mentioned in the literary and televisual time travelling genre, ‘The Vedas‘ also contends that time flow is not linear. The Universe can contract as well as expand. The Goddess Destroyer-Creator, Shiva, could contract the Universe back to its very beginning if she saw it fit to do so. As this contraction occurs, time would literally begin to ‘flow’ backwards – or possibly, stagnate.

My Sister discusses other staples of temporal mechanics – causality loops and the Grandfather Paradox. Both phenomena, theoretical at this stage, have piqued the public interest courtesy of not only ‘Doctor Who‘ but other televisual science fiction favourites, such as ‘Star Trek‘ and ‘Red Dwarf‘. She has stated that causality loops do exist but that the Grandfather Paradox is not workable.

I shall attempt to explain both theories in a small nutshell. A causality loop, also known as a ‘predestination paradox’, is when the final action in a chain of events actually acts as the catalyst for the first event in the chain, thus leading to the final event in a near-identical manner once again. A good example of a predestination paradox can be found, once more, in ‘Doctor Who‘. In the final episode of Series 5 of the revived series (‘The Big Bang‘, written by Steven Moffat), The Doctor is trapped in an allegedly inescapable prison called ‘the Pandorica’. He is released from that prison by his companion, Rory Williams, who has the Doctor’s only Sonic Screwdriver in his possession. Prior to the Doctor’s entrapment in the Pandorica, he had handed Rory the screwdriver to release him from the Pandorica. Once the Doctor was released from the Pandorica, Rory returns the screwdriver.

Where is the causality loop in that, you may ask? Well, Rory only had the Doctor’s sole screwdriver because the Doctor had given it to him and the only reason the Doctor had the screwdriver was because Rory had given him the screwdriver! Confused? You shouldn’t be. Actually, it makes solid sense.

This is a fictional setting, I would remind myself. How could a causality loop apply in the real world? My Sister has asserted that “what is happening now, has happened before… and it will happen again.” The Bible states that nothing is novel on this planet and that all has been done before. Even centuries before The Bible’s statement, The Vedic Scriptures affirmed the lack of novelty within the cycles. Life and civilisations come and go. The surroundings, the moving images may vary from the previous occasion but the stories remain the same. The same mistakes are made. The same wars are fought. Mankind brings about its own destruction. There is no tangible evidence for this assertion, of course. However, evidence will surely come to light. In fact, it may already be emerging from the depths of ancient soils, showing us the errors of our future ways.

The Grandfather Paradox, also a theoretical phenomenon, could not exist. My Sister has expanded upon her explanation recently. “There are so many failsafes in place. Interference in events must not – and will not – happen.” A wonderful article on the website, ‘Time Travel Theory Avoids Grandfather Paradox‘, penned by Liza Zyga, seems to proffer a similar viewpoint. In a nutshell; the Grandfather Paradox proposes if a person was to travel back in time and accidentally kill his younger grandfather prior to the births of any offspring, he would not exist in the future, or could possibly even cease to exist at the point of the grandfather’s death.

Looking at my Sister’s words and Ms. Zyga’s superb article in conjunction with one another, I feel I have finally grasped the concept. Both women are indeed, correct. The Grandfather Paradox cannot work. And this is why…

…if the man/woman travels back in time to kill his/her grandfather, then the man/woman would cease to exist. Because the man/woman has ceased to exist, he/she could not have travelled back in time to kill his/her grandfather, therefore the grand-father does, in fact, exist. The grandfather then becomes the parent of the man/woman’s parent and the man/woman is born.

Or, as Ms. Zyga states (paraphrased): whilst the theory may exist ‘in the now‘, once in the past – it just wouldn’t be allowed to happen. Non-interference policy, you see.

River Rewrites Fixed Point

Additional Comments: What Happens When a ‘Fixed Point’ is Changed…?

There are so many failsafes in place. Interference in events must not – and will not – happen.

A comment made by my Sister which she has expanded upon since that initial conversation 6 years ago. These failsafes apply only in particular circumstances. Using my Sister’s own ability to interact with previous selves and with those in times past as an example, let me clarify what is meant by this:

My Sister mentioned that she is able to interact with her previous selves and is also able to interact with those who have lived in times past. She has even interacted with MY previous selves and has been able to explain, in great details, what occurred in a good number of those lives. Those previous selves – hers and mine – had no knowledge of who she was although she knew everything about them.

Ah, I hear you say… didn’t you say that there is a non-interference policy in place? Yes, absolutely there is. However, my Sister’s interactions with her past selves, etc. does not violate this particular policy because those interactions had already happened during those lives. Their meetings had already been detailed in their Books of Life. She has also explained that one’s Spirit Guides are one’s previous incarnations, normally the most recent. However, in certain circumstances, especially in circumstances where past life issues are impinging upon the current life/lives of those affected by certain situations, the ‘avatar’ of that previous life can be called upon to guide – and, in many circumstances, attempt to heal the unhealed issues from that life.

However, there have been violations of this non-interference policy… normally undertaken by those either responsible for overseeing ‘projects’ or by the authors of the Books of Life. Violations may not be the most appropriate term for all cases but must be considered violations nonetheless. The so-called ‘Twin Flame’ phenomenon was one of those projects and, whilst not appropriate for this particular subject of time travel/time travel-related interactions, it is a phenomenon which requires clarification and reclassification – and one I have every intention of addressing in the coming days. It has certainly been hijacked as a purely romantic experience when, in all truth, it isn’t. Most of the aforementioned violations undertaken have been on the test subjects of this experiment – normally by those beings selected to oversee the ‘test subjects’, known as ‘Observers’. The effects of these violations, if major enough in nature (i.e., changes to ‘fixed point events’ which should have occurred) can send multi-generational tsunami through the timelines of not only the affected parties but of those around them also.

The most serious interference/violation is the changing of a fixed point event such as a death which had been agreed MUST occur at a certain time during the lifetime of the affected party prior to all parties’ return to this Planet. My Sister advises me that such violations have, indeed, occurred – adding that ‘the problem with Observers of long-term projects is that they can become too involved – and attached – to those they are supposed to observe.‘ The ramifications of this interference – which is STRICTLY forbidden – are serious to all parties involved. Those affected may experience cyclical recurrences in their lives, becoming more extreme as time progresses. ‘A veritable Groundhog Day of the most unpleasant kind‘, as my Sister describes it.

Time and Creation, of course, will ensure that these transgressions are corrected… and the adjustments made – to both the affected party and the Observer – are sudden and sharp in nature.


Dreaming: Time Travelling Adventures in Another Dimension

My Sister’s comments regarding dreaming and the Dream World appears to support notions and beliefs imparted in notable books of old. Contemporary psychoanalysis recognises the importance of dreaming. Dreams are absolutely essential to a person’s wellbeing. Indeed, depriving a person of sleep, thus disabling the dream function, is a recognised method of torture.

Buddhist philosophical teachings offer an interesting and broad perspective on the importance of dreaming. Particular references to dreaming lay in the book ‘The Debates of King Milinda‘, chronicling the conversations held between King Milinda (formerly Menander I, ruler of the Indo-Greek Civilisation c. 150BC) and his Buddhist sage, the Venerable Nāgasena either shortly before or following after the King’s conversion to the Buddhist faith.

The Venerable Nāgasena detailed five stages of sleep and six different types of dreams. 3 types of dreams were influenced by external or physiological stimuli (e.g., food digestion can evoke certain types of dreams). The three remaining types of dreams were considered to be results of supernatural experiences, recollections of past lives or ‘future influence’. The Ven. Nāgasena strongly believed dreams occurred during periods of ‘light slumber’. He also considered that ‘future influence’ dreams were the only truly significant dreams.

The Ven. Nāgasena also placed great significance in dreams involving meetings with loved ones who have passed into spirit, even more so if the spirit appeared in a precognitive dream. Buddhism teaches that devas (spirits) exist in another dimension or plane and that we can experience meetings with devas or passed loved ones in those locations. Relationships and bonds can be maintained between the two planes and the devas can help warn of impending danger or problems in return.

The Ven. Nāgasena’s observation over a century before Christ’s existence that dreaming occurred during ‘light slumbers’ was scientifically verified and recognised as the sleep period known as REM (the acronym for Rapid Eye Movement) during the 1950s. Studies revealed that brain neuron activity during REM sleep is not significantly different from functional activity during waking hours.

‘Future influence’ dreams are now generally known as precognitive dreams. Numerous studies and analyses of precognitive dreams have been undertaken by a variety of psychoanalysts, parapsychologists, etc. over the years. Current scientific consensus on the issue of the authenticity of the precognitive dream phenomenon remains on the cautious side of the open-minded fence.

Chinese philosophical teachings dating back to 100BC speak of the existence of a soul – the hun – which is able to leave the body during dreams and travel to the Land of the Dead to communicate with departed loved ones. Caution needs to be applied to the translation of the word hun in this context. The hun is generally interpreted as the soul by the Western Civilisation whereas the definition in Chinese writings very much depicts the hun as working in tandem with two other entities. The earliest book in which the function of shen (spirit) is addressed and expanded is The Huangdi Neijing Lingshu.

During the course of my speed-reading website research, I have seen the process of dreaming referred to as:- higher frequencies of thought; thought projections from the self or from the collective subconscious oneness of the Universe; meetings in parallel worlds and/or time travel.

Finally – “time travel is simple, if humans put their minds to it.” Is my Sister trying to tell me that we don’t need a 1960s Blue Police Box after all? The TARDIS or its human-built equivalent is not a necessity for time travel? Well, given that later messages state that humans will develop time travel capacities, such a machine will come into existence at some stage of our evolution.

Dreaming is certainly conducive to the maintenance of a healthy mind. Dreaming releases the stresses of the days in a safe environment – the confines of the sleeping mind. Is it possible we are viewing the art of dreaming too simplistically? Many of my most profound experiences have taken place in the dream-world, most prominently my time travelling adventure with my Sister only months after her passing.

Think about the lucidity of dreams. Think about the vibrancy of the colours, each person, item, blade of grass awash with bursting energies of light. Think about the ethereal solidity of dreams. A person can fly in their dreams, soaring into the sky like a bird. You can visit anyone, anywhere, at any time. A person can find themselves at the foot of the cross during the crucifixion of Jesus 2000 years ago at one moment in dream-time, then suddenly find themselves watching Yellowstone’s last eruption thousands of years ago. And what happens to time in dreams? Linear time – time altogether – ceases to exist as we know it.

Maybe we can time travel using the power of thought and meditation alone… food for thought and a subject very worthy of further investigation.

The Robert Christian Show: Dr. Simon Returns… and a Heartfelt Thank You to Two Amazing Men


Good afternoon from the beautifully warm and sun-kissed county of Surrey.

On July 26th, I posted a blog concerning the commencement of my journey of discovery in relation to the current uncertain condition of the seismicity of the Atlantic Ocean… an incredible path that led me from the hallway of Suspicious 0bservers‘ You Tube home to the incredible work of the Advanced Forecasting Corporation‘s Dr. Simon Atkins.

This beautifully serendipitous journey ultimately led me to an amazing radio station located in the coastal city of Seattle – The Robert Christian Show. The 21st June Robert Christian Show was a three hour meeting of the minds of two remarkable men, each blessed with an immense intellect, a deep love for humanity and a shared concern for the welfare of our beautiful Planet. During the opening moments of the show, Dr. Atkins promised to open the lid of Pandora’s Box… and this he did, with powerful aplomb.

However… my journey continued beyond that warm summer’s evening. Little did I realise that 180 minutes of educational enlightenment – and my Blog – would lead to an incredible invitation…

… synchronicity and serendipity (also known as Google and Twitter) led to a happy Surrey-Montevideo-Seattle triumvirate of communications. I was honoured, humbled and grateful to learn that Robert and Dr. Simon had read my July 26th Blog Posting. Their sweet words of kindness and gratitude were gracious gifts in and of themselves. Robert had another surprise in store for me… an unexpected invitation that I was honoured and humbled to receive.

Last Friday evening (Friday afternoon for my American friends), Dr. Simon Atkins returned to The Robert Christian Show… and I was honoured to join Robert and Dr. Simon for an incredibly enjoyable 2 hour journey; covering Planetary Threats (i.e., The Global Warming Scam, the possibility of a Mini Ice Age and the seismological instability of the Atlantic Ocean), Economic Volatility – especially in relation to the current United States Governmental Shutdown – and the Health Impacts of the immense change being thrust upon mankind were topics of immense concern to us. Dr. Simon offered positive advice for those contemplating a change of life. He also expanded upon the subjects of Interdimensional Transference, electromagnetic energy and levitation and the ability to create the life of one’s dreams through positive thinking… providing delicious food for thought for Robert and Yours Truly (plus many listeners too).

I am delighted to share last Friday’s show with you; but before I do…

… I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Robert and Dr. Simon for their kind invitation to join them on the Show. I was humbled by your kindness, your gratitude and warmth. You are both courageous and inspirational souls, covering topics and subjects that many may deem as controversial and/or fearful, in a non-confrontational and educational manner. Thank you 🙂

And Simon… thank you for continuing to remind everyone that the North Atlantic Ocean should not be disregarded or ignored…

Yugas: The Tide of Time (The Isha Foundation)

Good afternoon from a gloriously warm and sunlight-kissed Surrey.

As you may be aware from the ‘About Willow’ section of this blog, I have many incredible friends in the FreedomSlips Revolution Radio family. One of my dearest friends is a fellow Briton, known in our wonderfully diverse chatroom as ‘Dragoneyes3‘.

I am a firm believer in the belief that certain circumstances align themselves for positive reasons… this friendship beautifully rests within the safe arms of this alignment. Dragoneyes3 and I were musing in the steamboat that is the chatroom, floating as it does along life’s stream of consciousness; he kindly provided me with a link to the video posted above.

It is the first time that I have been introduced to the wise words of The Isha Foundation’s Sadhguru. This particular video offers an alternative viewpoint of the concept of time. It also explains the Yugas in simplistic fashion – very useful for people who are new to the teachings of Vedic philosophy.

Simple, beautiful, educational, enlightening and joyful. What a wonderful combination 🙂

(Video posted on the timeswellness You Tube channel and is blogged here for educational and information purposes only)