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All Journeys…

All Journeys

Good evening from the stunning yet silent county of Surrey.

It’s been a strange fortnight… very intense energies, nights filled with vivid dreams culminating in a heartfelt communication with my Sister within the past 24 hours. A sense of serenity has cocooned me since our conversation… an acceptance that all will happen as it should, that we should embrace these changes… and that there are, indeed, secret destinations that we are yet to arrive at.

All will be well.

(Thank you to the wonderful Truespiritblog for the source of the beautiful image and to the glorious Holiday Places blog for the inspirational quote from Martin Buber)

Thoughts: Interdimensional Overdrive

Image from

Image from

Good afternoon from a Sun-kissed Surrey.

During the early hours of yesterday morning, as the Sun stretched her arms of light across the Surrey skies in salutation of a new day, I posted my thoughts on an enlightening meeting of minds that spanned across a continent, sharing the video of the results with my many friends. One June afternoon, Dr. Simon Atkins and Robert Christian joyously delved through a veritable cornucopia of thought-provoking subjects, providing listeners with a delicious three hours of educational entertainment.

Dr. Atkins had promised that he was unafraid of ‘opening Pandora’s Box’, acknowledging that his opinions may well be considered tendentious. As can be heard from the interview, Dr. Atkins didn’t just cautiously prise open the lid – he positively blasted the lid over the horizon!

Possibly the most tendentious of all core subjects was the discussion in relation to a phenomenon known as ‘Interdimensional Transference’… or, to use my Sister’s fond term of reference of the very same phenomenon… ‘Interdimensional Bleedthrough‘.

Before I attempt the basic explanation for the purpose of this blog, I wish to enter an immediate disclaimer. Whilst I am not an intellectual shirker, my knowledge of temporal mechanics is rudimentary at best. Weaving the magnetic threads into the fabric of temporal mechanics is also likely to present my fortysomething brain with a few obstacles. For these very reasons, I am unable to present a blog with a quality akin to a peer-reviewed scientific paper. So I’m going to go with the flow, floating down the calm water of thought that is the Stream of Consciousness.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Just under five years ago, my Sister revealed that our Planet had been undergoing the process that is Geomagnetic Reversal for a not inconsiderable number of years. There are evident signs that this is very well the case. For example, the Geomagnetic North Pole is on the move, meandering its way around various locations in the upper Northern Hemisphere(*1). Airports around the World have needed to redesignate runway co-ordinates to compensate for this movement (*2). Animal behaviour – specifically the behaviour of oceanic life dependent upon magnetics for directional purposes – has also been affected, with beachings in unusual locations becoming more commonplace (although one will note that the Military’s use of SONAR should not be ruled out whatsoever). Furthermore, our Magnetosphere is weakening, with NASA noting that our Planet’s protective barrier had weakened by 10% since the 19th Century(*3).

As dramatic as this all sounds, my Sister has consistently assured me that Geomagnetic Reversals do not equate to global catastrophe. Geomagnetic North and South Poles are wandering and will continue their meanderings until they finally decide upon a permanent move. My Sister has compared the speed of the switch as ‘comparable to the snapping of an elastic band‘. There will be no land-consuming mega-tsunami, no folding of mountains, etc. To quote my Sister, ‘there will be an abundance of auroras all over the World while the Poles are deciding where they are finally going to settle‘. That’s not to say that there won’t be effects on everyday life – there certainly would be. She has suggested a possible connection between increased volcanic/tectonic activity and magnetic instability. It stands to reason that our Planet would need to release the pressures incurred during particularly stressful transitional periods in its cycle – necessary for our Planet’s wellbeing… humans may not share that particular viewpoint.

In the main though, the resulting changes are likely to be considered consequential inconveniences; ‘it means people won’t be able to use Sat-Navs for a while‘, my Sister drily commented about six months ago.

Image from NASA

Image from NASA

Earlier this decade, my Sister asserted that magnetic portals existed at various energetic locations around our Planet, adding the fact that they frequently opened up to allow the two-way flow of certain energies. She also discussed the existence of ‘magnetic highways’ connecting our Planet to her brother/sister planets and, crucially, our Sun. Furthermore, she continued, certain global astronomical and militaristic administrations had been aware of their existence for a considerable number of years.

A July 2012 news release from NASA covered this very issue. NASA-sponsored University of Iowa researchers announced the discovery of X-Points or electron diffusion systems. Quoting from the article “Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field‘(*4), “They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.” Given the confirmation of the existence of these portals, it is not unreasonable to assume that similar interactions occur between Earth, the Sun and their neighbours and that our Solar System is connected to galaxies beyond the heliopause in a similar manner.

Is it also reasonable to assume that our magnetic field might not be weakening as such – i.e., the fields may actually be ‘stretching’ in preparation for the Reversal? In NASA’s 29 December 2003 article, ‘Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field‘, NASA revealed that computer model simulations indicated that our Magnetic Shield/Field does not disappear completely during a Reversal. The acclaimed Professor Gary Glatzmeier comments “It just gets more complicated.” The lines of force (portals?) become entangled with each other, multi-poles emerge within the field in the most unusual of locations whilst the Geomagnetic Field stabilises itself. Perhaps not so much elastic bands but bungee tethers, perhaps?


The reason I mention ‘stretching’ as opposed to ‘weakening’ relates to another Sisterly revelation. If I have interpreted her words correctly – my Sister indicated that the weakening of the Geomagnetic Field would also present humanity with some particularly unusual side effects. She commented that there would be increased incidences of paranormal activity – specifically in relation to what we label as hauntings, whether they be of an interactive or residual nature. She was careful to enunciate that only humans consider these sightings as hauntings. You see, she also categorically stated that ghosts and psychic phenomena do not exist as we understand them. Our current existence within this particular timescale is just an additional layer sandwiched in between many non-linear layers co-existing within the same temporal landscape.

To paraphrase my Sister: “… the best analogy is to think of your current timescale as a recording on a video tape. One would record a programme you wished to watch and then you could reuse the tape – which is magnetic, remember – record over this programme with another set of images from the television. The older the tape becomes, the more it begins to stretch and lose the capacity to hold one set of images. The magnetics of the tape itself also begins to break down and ghosting of previous images occurs whilst you’re watching the new recording. Bleedthrough of older images from past recordings becomes more frequent.

Dr. Simon Atkins guested on Blogtalkradio’s Phoenix3333’s show on 19 June 2013 and discussed Paranormal abilities at depth. If I recall correctly, he explained that clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are the abilities to sense these energy spectrums within their appropriate layers – seeing, hearing and feeling these subtle changes. Furthermore, all human beings have these gifts – it’s just that we have been ‘taught’ that they are not real. Reminds me of a frequent Sisterly assertion – being that this current reality of ours is merely just an additional layer within this dimension – we, too, are ghosts in the machine.

Image from

Image from

Musing upon the Videotape Analogy, one surmises that, as our Planet approaches the point of magnetic reversal crux, the Portals connecting us with the Sun and our neighbouring Planets will open more frequently, providing us with the energies required for facilitating the process. One even entertains the notion that we might witness scenes such as those shown in the 2011 Season 6 finale of ‘Doctor Who‘(*5) – in which the Doctor’s soon-to-be wife River Song changes a fixed point in time resulting in total and utter temporal chaos. As exciting a prospect as this may be, one will admit that the likelihood of such an occurrence is unlikely… besides which, this particular topic opens up another temporal can of worms – one which I will address in a later blog…

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The Robert Christian Show: Interview with Dr. Simon Atkins of the Advanced Forecasting Corporation


Good evening from the night-cloaked county of Surrey.

A few weeks ago now, I was undertaking hearty research into one of our Planet’s most intriguing oceanic bodies – the Atlantic Ocean. Spurred by my Sister’s cautionary Bank Holiday weekend revelation, the predominant focus of study settled on the seismicity of the Atlantic. It was during this particular journey that I came across the incredible work of Dr. Simon Atkins, the CEO of the Advanced Forecasting Corporation.

My first awareness of Dr. Atkins and the Advanced Forecasting Corporation came courtesy of a Suspicious 0bservers You Tube video. A regular contributor to the Comments Section enthusiastically recommended the viewing of a video: ‘Dr. Simon Atkins – Land Investment Expo – January 18 2013‘. I settled down to watch… shortly after viewing the video, my latest joyous adventure of learning and discovery began in earnest.

This serendipitous journey led me to the You Tube Channel of Seattle-based Radio Host, Robert Christian. Robert Christian is really quite a remarkable host – an affable, knowledgeable listener and conversationalist, unafraid to tackle subject matters that may be deemed controversial.

Dr. Atkins is a scientist with a difference, sharing many qualities with Robert Christian. Both men care deeply about our beautiful Planet and are blessed with desires to uncover the truths that have been concealed from mankind for far too long.

Any meeting of these minds is always going to be special – and the three hours that follow are truly enlightening.

The 21 June 2013 show covers an incredible range of topics… global weather extremes, geomagnetic polar shifts, solar cycles, the importance of maintaining good emotional, mental and electromagnetic health, the NSA Scandal and much more. As I listen to the show, I find myself nodding in quiet and appreciative acknowledgement – as with Susan Joy Rennison’s incredible work, the synchronicities between Dr. Atkins’ scientifically-backed research and my Sister’s messages from the Other Side cannot be ignored…

(This interview is posted for information and educational purposes)

Practice The Act Of Gratitude And Say Goodbye To Stress

What a beautiful blog to receive in the Reader on a Monday morning 🙂 Thank you to the amazing ISAFA Blog for sharing this with us today – you are truly appreciated 🙂


Gratitude – a word often used but seldom adhered to. How many times have we actually taken the time to feel grateful about something? We often say that good things happen to other people, but why don’t we realize that at time we are the ‘other’ person for a lot of people out there.

When you feel grateful, you feel content, which in turn makes you feel happier. And it is this consistent feeling of happiness that helps to cut and in due time, thoroughly remove the proneness to stress and anxiety.
Stress is a growing concern in today’s fast-paced life, and it is no more a demography-based problem. From high school students to retired professionals, everyone has something or the other to worry about.

It only takes a minute for you to stress out; any external or thought-related stimuli can send your mind in turmoil and you start to…

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A Time To Be Candid – Part Two

Image by Charles Rondeau,

Image by Charles Rondeau,

Good evening from a velvet-cloaked Surrey.

I must offer profuse apologies for the delay in commencing the second leg of the journey that is ‘A Time To Be Candid’. Given the hiatus between the two, one needed to pull out my notepad and remind myself of the nascent meanderings of the first leg.

A strong yearning to reacquaint myself with the written reminders of precious conversations with my Grandfather and Sister led to the ultimate realisation that I have been witnessing events unfold exactly as they had warned years ago. I recalled aspects of conversations relating to the cyclical changes affecting our beautiful Planet, her brothers and sisters and the astonishing miracle that is our Solar System. I remembered their assurances that we should not fear the oncoming changes, that they should be welcomed with loving, open arms.

One arrived at the resting point and began to confide that events affecting one particular country on our beautiful Planet has been concerning my Sister immensely over the past four years. That country is the United States of America…

… there is great love for the Country and her People. However, as much as she wished she could say differently – assurances could not be given that life was going to become any easier for the Country in the near future. A continued escalation of natural and ecological disasters is to be expected, although such events will not be confined to the United States alone‘.

Natural and ecological disasters are not the only challenges to contend with. A seemingly innocuous, yet insidious challenge awaits the American People – one that they will need to face with immense courage and determination.

Image by George Hodan,

Image by George Hodan,

Nearly 8 months ago, I posted one of my first comprehensive blogs… ‘Will It or Won’t It Happen…?‘. Posted on 23 October 2012 and ostensibly covering the then upcoming US Elections, the blog broached my Sister’s growing concerns about the darkening political stormclouds that were threatening to envelop the United States – concerns that she voiced during her Earthly life. The following is an extract from the blog:-

My late Sister studied US Politics during her Sixth Form years (12th Grade High School being the American equivalent of the same). She stated that she found their political system ‘corrupt’ and ‘amusing’ during her living years. One could apply those same tags to any political system and their machinations, let alone those of the United States. On a darker note though, she expressed concerns about the direction in which the political winds of change were blowing even then…

… the overriding impression I have gained during our dreamtime conversations is that she no longer views the US political situation as a high-value comedic farce. In fact, it is rapidly mutating into a dark comedy of the most macabre kind.

The Elections of 2012, as expected, did not pass without incident. My November 13th blog, ‘After the Event… The US Elections 2012‘ covered reported widespread voting irregularities and revisited an earlier revelation of my Sister’s – that President Obama would be the last President of the United States.

I have always promised never to indulge in political debate and I will remain true to that promise… as stated in the 13th November 2012 blog posting – ‘I won’t get into any political wranglings here. Red vs. Blue, Democrat vs. Republican. They’re all cut from the same cloth, as far as I’m concerned. Read the ‘About Willow’ section and you’ll see that I used to work in the Public Sector (Local Government, to be precise). I know what I’m talking about.‘ I am not seeking controversy for controversy’s sake either. Yet the November 2012 paragraph offers the greatest clue to the insidiousness mentioned earlier… that the greatest challenge awaiting the American People are those who were voted or returned to power nearly 9 months ago, along with the financial backers who certainly do not have the best interests of the American People at the forefront of their concerns.

In retrospect – and with the painfully stinging benefit of hindsight – warnings were sounded by American Presidents of yesteryear…

I won’t provide extensive lists of everything that has occurred within the United States politically over the past 50 years – a monumentally deep rabbit hole’s worth of information can be found with the assistance of a suitably reliable search engine. That said, the rise of what she terms ‘a fascist leaning‘ within the United States of America is of considerable concern to my Sister. She has acknowledged the existence of Shadow Governments (‘they’re not quite the modern scourge you think they are‘), the castigations and mysterious deaths that abound when systemic corruption is uncovered by the brave few who sacrifice all to reveal these ugly truths.

Encouragingly, my Sister assures me that, intriguingly, many secrets are about to be revealed to the World. And there has been a veritable cascade of explosive revelations during recent times (some of which I will cover during later ‘Candid Treks’). The recent revelations of NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, reported by Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s ‘The Guardian‘ newspaper, basically confirms what we have suspected all along. And, as my Sister has stated, really only skims the surface of a particularly ancient and rancid cesspit of secrets.

Image by Sabine Sauermaul,

Image by Sabine Sauermaul,

My Sister assures me that the tiny hairline cracks in the Dam Walls that certain organisations have built around themselves are becoming increasingly fragile. Once these hairline cracks fracture completely… there is nothing that any secret organisation can do to stem the deluge that will result upon the collapse of the structure altogether.

As I commented to my dear friend Annette of the amazing AscendingStarseed blog earlier today, one experiences a slight sensation of fear in relation to certain developments, albeit a transitory one. Recent events indicate that almighty vocalisations of panic are reverberating within the darkened corridors of ‘power’. Whilst we should view these events as encouraging, my Sister has also cautioned that this is the very stage that we should retain a heightened degree of alertness (‘the beast is likely to attack while it is wounded‘). We must remain grounded and positive during these periods of immense change.

I shall proudly leave the final words to my Sister… never a truer word has been said…

Lost Themselves Long Ago


You Tube Videos
Eisenhower Warns Us of the Military Industrial Complex‘, posted by subscriber RobUniv, 4 August 2006;
President John F. Kennedy Secret Society Speech‘, posted by subscriber ‘SpiritofLiberty1775‘, 4 January 2013

‘Lost Themselves Long Ago’
Image of ‘The Western Front of the US Capitol‘ from Wikipedia;
Image of ‘St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome from the roof of Castel Sant’Angelo‘ from Wikipedia;
Image of ‘Aerial View of St. Paul’s Cathedral‘ from Wikipedia.

Germany slams US for ‘Stasi methods’ ahead of Obama visit

Thank you to AscendingStarseed for posting this terrifying article. With every single revelation swept out from the darkest crevices of the halls of power, my Sister’s warnings haunt me. And it is terrifying; a stark reminder that we face something so insidious, a threat to our very way of life. And that insidious threat is the paranoia that comes with total and absolute power, the craving for total control…

A tremendous explosion has occurred in the nearby universe, major telescopes across Earth and space are investigating.

… a fascinating article posted by AscendingStarseed on her fantastic Bog. One wonders whether there is a connection between this event and the immense solar activity today has witnessed…?

A Time To Be Candid (Part One)


Good evening from the beautiful (but damp) county of Surrey.

You may remember from earlier blogs that I expressed concerns about the fact that life seems to speeding past at such an exponentially astonishing rate. One is aware that one’s own perception can cloud the apparent acceleration of time. Let’s use, say, a rainy Saturday afternoon as an example; a child unable to go outside to play may decide that time is dragging past too slowly whilst his/her parents are finding that those very same hours pass by too quickly. That line had always been present… or it certainly was during my wasted youth. Nowadays though, that line is becoming increasingly blurred. Even my own children are complaining that time is passing by too quickly for their liking.

Global/Solar System events seem to be accelerating in tandem with the quickening canter of time. During the past 72 hours, our Sun has awoken from a prolonged slumber during a period wholly expected to be the most active at this stage of its cycle (Solar Maximum). 6 X-Class, 2 M-Class and 21 C-Class Flares have been ejected during the past two days alone (*1). The Sinkhole Phenomenon continues unabated – just last Sunday, CBC News reported the appearance of a ‘crater’ in Winnipeg (*2). Meteor/Fireball sightings are becoming commonplace (*3). During the early hours of this morning, the North Mariana Islands were lightly shaken by a deep earthquake; registering as M6.8 around various Global seismic monitoring stations. And these were just the immediate events to come to mind.

Image from the WordPress Blog of Rosaliene Bacchus

Image from the WordPress Blog of Rosaliene Bacchus

The past weekend was a contemplative one – busy, but contemplative. My Saturday afternoon was spent driving along the scenic southern sections of the M25. Some of the most beautiful countryside in Surrey envelops the long concrete corridor within her verdant, hilly embrace. A truly beautiful part of the World.

These sections of the M25 also affords one the opportunity to observe the fullest glory of the skies overhead. And the clouds were so, so angry, their cover hanging almost terrifyingly low in the Surrey skies. A breathtaking example of Mother Nature’s majesty, yet one I had pondered was serving as one of her final warnings to us, perhaps…?

During the quiet nocturnal hours of yesterday, one was drawn to read the messages from my Grandfather and Sister. A strong yearning to reacquaint myself with their words of wisdom, the revelations that have so amazed me over the years, enveloped me. And as my eyes alighted the written reminders of our conversations, I realised that I have been watching these events unfold exactly as they warned years ago… déjà vu on a daily basis.

I feel the time is right to share aspects of their messages with you and will share the first three with you tonight. I’m not entirely sure how they are going to be received but I have always spoken from the heart – often to my own detriment. The changes affecting our glorious Planet, her Brother/Sister planets and our Solar System have frequently occupied the thoughts of my Grandfather and Sister – thoughts shared with me. The overriding message is that we are watching history unfold before our eyes. They have been candid about the nature of the changes. Whilst one was originally digesting the messages, I was advised to remind the human beings residing on this Planet that they should remember that Mother Earth is also a living, sentient being – and she undergoes cyclical changes just as we do.

My Grandfather and Sister remember how they would have felt as humans living on a Planet facing such enormous change… that they, too, would have felt anxiety over the uncertainty factors. However, they have always assured me that these changes should never be feared, that they should be embraced with welcoming arms. We aren’t the first civilisation to have witnessed the changes which are heading our way – and we certainly won’t be the last.

Image by Anna C,

Image by Anna C,

Yellowstone (from August 2009): There is a possibility of a Yellowstone volcanic eruption. The earliest time this could have happened was last year. However, any eruption will not be supervolcanic in nature. The expression used in this context was ‘clearing its throat‘. Whilst it was acknowledged that a supervolcanic eruption was overdue in geological terms, we really shouldn’t concern ourselves about Yellowstone at this stage. Continue to enjoy the miracles she offers, bask in the glory of her amazing beauty, as we rightly should.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Shock Earthquake (from March 2010/November 2011): A European country not renowned for significant seismic activity will endure a totally unexpected earthquake – the strongest experienced on its shores since the 12th Century. The exact date and location of the epicentre is unknown at this stage. Depth and Magnitude of the earthquake, however, is likely to be shallow and strong.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

The United States (from March 2011): The United States of America has been the subject of so many of the conversations with my Sister over the past few years, covering many aspects of the Country’s Life. Indeed, I will be covering this great Country separately, such was the depth of information shared. My Sister has stated that there is great love for the Country and her People. However – as much as she wished she could say differently – assurances could not given that life was going to become any easier for the Country in the immediate future. A continued escalation of natural and ecological disasters is to be expected, although such events will not be confined to the United States alone.

America most certainly will not be alone…

Top Image: Background image (Starfield) by Denitsa Stoychova,

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(*3): Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News, lunarmeteoritehunters/

East or West?

Image by Peter Griffin,

Image by Peter Griffin,

East or West?.

With much love and gratitude to Ganesh.

Willow x

Be the Change

Image by Nat Sakunworawat,

Image by Nat Sakunworawat,


Good afternoon from a wintery Surrey.

I felt drawn to this message – such a beautifully accurate message from one of the 20th Century’s wisest, most gentle men, Gandhi..

Be the Change.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to fellow WordPress Blogger, Simple Tom, who posted this wonderful advice today 🙂

Wishing you all a Fantastic Weekend…

Willow x