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The Strangest Volcanoes In The World – A Non-Official List

Another absorbing read from the incredible folk at one of my favourite haunts, the Volcano Café. Yellowstone and Teide are two of the more famous volcanoes. I’m going to enjoy learning about the others on this list. Thank you once more, Volcano Café 🙂


In light of the extremely unique and interesting events going on at Vatnajökull, it’s interesting to ponder how different they can be from one another. I had originally intended that this post would be an ordered ranking of the strangest volcanoes in the world, but you really can’t form proper comparisons between one type of weirdness and another.

The other problem I had is a lack of information. Part of the issue is that a lot of money goes into researching a limited amount of volcanoes every year. Due to requiring grants to fund research, researchers typically focus more of their attention on volcanoes that are currently erupting, close to large population centers, and in countries that can afford to subsidize such research. So while there are likely many more oddballs out there, they may not be known or studied enough to make it into this post.

In this post…

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