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The Roman Catholic Church: In the Name of God?

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

The following is a variation of the opening paragraphs of Chapter 25, from the original complete (unpublished) book of ‘A Journey Into The Mysteries of Life’ and was written circa July/August 2012. The messages from my Sister that aided the construct of the paragraphs occurred at varying points between June 2005 and November 2011. At the time of writing, the Roman Catholic Church is not only rudderless – preparing itself for the secretive Papal Conclave elections for a new Pope – but is also attempting to deflect media attention on revelations that threaten its very existence‘.

Religion has always provided plentiful material for healthy debates (or disputes) in our family, depending upon the viewpoints and/or beliefs of the family members involved at the time; a colourful combination of atheists, agnostics and believers in a Higher Intelligence indeed.

One particular religion, however, has dominated our family to a greater degree, particularly during the lifetimes of my Grandmother and my Sister – Roman Catholicism. Having been born in Italy during the early 1920s, the Church was omnipresent during my Grandmother’s early lifetime. My Grandmother believed in God; her faith in His/Her existence remained predominantly steady throughout most of her lifetime. She did, however, question the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on a fairly regular basis, which invariably exposed my Grandmother to what she considered the gross hypocrisies of the control structure itself. However, such were the dramatic effects of the dogmatic teachings imposed upon her during childhood, she became visibly distraught upon forgetting the Hail Mary during one shared trip to her homeland during the 1980s.

My late Sister had, for the greater majority of her childhood academia, been educated within the Roman Catholic Comprehensive School system. Whilst my Sister had always enthused about the excellent quality of the education and the fantastic social opportunities provided to the students during her time at the School, the deeply negative aspects of the religious dogma and intimidation she had witnessed during her time within the System, left her with a jaded view of not only Roman Catholicism but organised religions as a whole. Her view can be summed up best in one sentence, which she had expressed during her lifetime – “so-called Christian schools are the least Christian places in the world.

Image by by Petr Kratochvil, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by by Petr Kratochvil, publicdomainpictures.net

Prior to commencing the next section of this chapter, I would like to make myself absolutely clear that I appreciate there are many good workers within organisations either directly connected to, or affiliated with, the Roman Catholic Church. There are those who have a genuine faith in God, imbued with a deep love of humanity. Their vocation in life is to help their fellow man and serve God whilst living a holy life. Sadly, the murkier aspects of organised religions have begun to see the light of day, especially over the past couple of decades – specifically those of the Christian Religions. In particular, it would appear that, far from being God’s chosen representatives of Christian teachings, the Roman Catholic Church is merely a replacement of the Roman Empire. The Empire never fragmented – it mutated – arguably into a form that ultimately became more grotesque than the Roman Empire itself.

The Roman Catholic Church has been rocked by a number of deeply disturbing scandals over the past decade. Horrifying revelations of systemic child abuse within schools, convents and children’s homes have been revealed in many newspaper reports and television documentaries, along with the terrifyingly massive scale of the Church’s deliberate obfuscation of the abuses, which have frequently been linked to the higher echelons of the Vatican Establishment itself. The Church is currently undertaking a mass ‘damage-limitation’ exercise, attempting to restore its battered reputation. I feel this exercise is a futile undertaking, especially as my Sister had suggested that a grimmer stench will ooze from beneath the faux holy veneer of the Vatican’s golden halls…

… they are corrupt to the core and carry out unspeakable things in The Creator’s name.

As acknowledged a couple of paragraphs above, there are true workers of God in any organised religion – and I know that to be the case. My Sister is undeniably correct when she states that many atrocities are carried out in the name of the Creator of any organised religion. One only has to pore through numerous history books to verify the accuracy of her statement. However, it would be wholly incorrect to state that religious persecution commenced with the birth of the Roman Catholic Church. Earlier established religious organisational structures, some still dominant in the World today, are equally as guilty of this charge; in some cases, different offshoots under the one particular ‘religious umbrella’ go to war with each other solely because of the different interpretations of the written word within their shared belief structure!

And talking of history books, who can forget their school days? History and R.E. teachers salivating as they described the barbaric acts undertaken thousands of years ago in the name of God – with Romans throwing Christians to the lions in the Colosseum being one example. Another example is the first of The Crusades, which was first instigated by the Roman Catholic Church during the 11th Century in order to restore Christian superiority in the Holy Lands of the Middle East. My knowledge of The Crusades is, admittedly, very rusty. That said, I can recollect that many countries became embroiled in the long-standing religious battle. A thought has come to my mind – although the scope of the war was predominantly restricted to the Northern Hemisphere, one wonders whether these wars could be considered global in nature – a World War, perhaps?

The Spanish Inquisition was another notable gruesome chapter in the Roman Catholic Church’s long and bloody history. Nowadays associated with the eponymous classic skit performed by the amazing Monty Python’s Flying Circus crew, the actual events of the Inquisition were far from humorous. This particular Inquisition was just one of several similar Inquisitions taking place on the European mainland during the Middle Ages. Once more, my historical knowledge of the Inquisitions is hazy at best. I do recall that The Inquisitions also served as examples of an unholy alliance between Church and Political States, with each supporting the other’s agenda, albeit surreptitiously. Yet more periods of bloodshed in the name of God – and yes, this applies to many organised religions. And the sad reality remains that these needless wars and disputes in the so-called name of God continue unabated to this day.

Image by Francisco Farias Jr, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Francisco Farias Jr, publicdomainpictures.net

As I write this book, the tension in the Middle East is rising every day. Millennia-old tensions of religious origin are simmering beneath the surface, actively encouraged by those with nefarious power agendas. The Roman Catholic Church, once more, has declared that a strong Christian presence is a ‘necessity’ in modern-day Jerusalem. Perhaps the expansionist aims of the Roman Catholic Church is an act of self-preservation in a time strongly correlated to be the Biblical End Times… an End Times which may relate to prophecies concerning their own demise as opposed to any global apocalypse. It may even be questionable as to whether these ambitions were ever really abandoned in the first place.

Political interference cannot be ignored and, once more, it is also questionable as to whether there was ever a true parting of the ways. Is it possible that the acrimonious divorce between Church and State was only a PR exercise, one to fool people into believing that the two entities did not share the same goals and vested interests – vested interests which lay not in achieving peace, solidarity and unity for humanity, but in supporting acts of destruction, domination, control of the masses using fear as the optimum tool – and the unquenchable desire to accrue wealth for the sake of accruing it?

The good news is that people are waking up, seeing the real antagonists for who they really are. After centuries of terror-induced obfuscation, humanity is beginning to realise that the name of God is being sullied as a means of deflecting the attention away from the true front of these operations. God is certainly not the focus of worship of the so-called houses of God; money, which in and of itself has no vibrational power, has become the new God.