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A Time To Be Candid – Part Two

Image by Charles Rondeau, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Charles Rondeau, publicdomainpictures.net

Good evening from a velvet-cloaked Surrey.

I must offer profuse apologies for the delay in commencing the second leg of the journey that is ‘A Time To Be Candid’. Given the hiatus between the two, one needed to pull out my notepad and remind myself of the nascent meanderings of the first leg.

A strong yearning to reacquaint myself with the written reminders of precious conversations with my Grandfather and Sister led to the ultimate realisation that I have been witnessing events unfold exactly as they had warned years ago. I recalled aspects of conversations relating to the cyclical changes affecting our beautiful Planet, her brothers and sisters and the astonishing miracle that is our Solar System. I remembered their assurances that we should not fear the oncoming changes, that they should be welcomed with loving, open arms.

One arrived at the resting point and began to confide that events affecting one particular country on our beautiful Planet has been concerning my Sister immensely over the past four years. That country is the United States of America…

… there is great love for the Country and her People. However, as much as she wished she could say differently – assurances could not be given that life was going to become any easier for the Country in the near future. A continued escalation of natural and ecological disasters is to be expected, although such events will not be confined to the United States alone‘.

Natural and ecological disasters are not the only challenges to contend with. A seemingly innocuous, yet insidious challenge awaits the American People – one that they will need to face with immense courage and determination.

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Nearly 8 months ago, I posted one of my first comprehensive blogs… ‘Will It or Won’t It Happen…?‘. Posted on 23 October 2012 and ostensibly covering the then upcoming US Elections, the blog broached my Sister’s growing concerns about the darkening political stormclouds that were threatening to envelop the United States – concerns that she voiced during her Earthly life. The following is an extract from the blog:-

My late Sister studied US Politics during her Sixth Form years (12th Grade High School being the American equivalent of the same). She stated that she found their political system ‘corrupt’ and ‘amusing’ during her living years. One could apply those same tags to any political system and their machinations, let alone those of the United States. On a darker note though, she expressed concerns about the direction in which the political winds of change were blowing even then…

… the overriding impression I have gained during our dreamtime conversations is that she no longer views the US political situation as a high-value comedic farce. In fact, it is rapidly mutating into a dark comedy of the most macabre kind.

The Elections of 2012, as expected, did not pass without incident. My November 13th blog, ‘After the Event… The US Elections 2012‘ covered reported widespread voting irregularities and revisited an earlier revelation of my Sister’s – that President Obama would be the last President of the United States.

I have always promised never to indulge in political debate and I will remain true to that promise… as stated in the 13th November 2012 blog posting – ‘I won’t get into any political wranglings here. Red vs. Blue, Democrat vs. Republican. They’re all cut from the same cloth, as far as I’m concerned. Read the ‘About Willow’ section and you’ll see that I used to work in the Public Sector (Local Government, to be precise). I know what I’m talking about.‘ I am not seeking controversy for controversy’s sake either. Yet the November 2012 paragraph offers the greatest clue to the insidiousness mentioned earlier… that the greatest challenge awaiting the American People are those who were voted or returned to power nearly 9 months ago, along with the financial backers who certainly do not have the best interests of the American People at the forefront of their concerns.

In retrospect – and with the painfully stinging benefit of hindsight – warnings were sounded by American Presidents of yesteryear…

I won’t provide extensive lists of everything that has occurred within the United States politically over the past 50 years – a monumentally deep rabbit hole’s worth of information can be found with the assistance of a suitably reliable search engine. That said, the rise of what she terms ‘a fascist leaning‘ within the United States of America is of considerable concern to my Sister. She has acknowledged the existence of Shadow Governments (‘they’re not quite the modern scourge you think they are‘), the castigations and mysterious deaths that abound when systemic corruption is uncovered by the brave few who sacrifice all to reveal these ugly truths.

Encouragingly, my Sister assures me that, intriguingly, many secrets are about to be revealed to the World. And there has been a veritable cascade of explosive revelations during recent times (some of which I will cover during later ‘Candid Treks’). The recent revelations of NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, reported by Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s ‘The Guardian‘ newspaper, basically confirms what we have suspected all along. And, as my Sister has stated, really only skims the surface of a particularly ancient and rancid cesspit of secrets.

Image by Sabine Sauermaul, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Sabine Sauermaul, publicdomainpictures.net

My Sister assures me that the tiny hairline cracks in the Dam Walls that certain organisations have built around themselves are becoming increasingly fragile. Once these hairline cracks fracture completely… there is nothing that any secret organisation can do to stem the deluge that will result upon the collapse of the structure altogether.

As I commented to my dear friend Annette of the amazing AscendingStarseed blog earlier today, one experiences a slight sensation of fear in relation to certain developments, albeit a transitory one. Recent events indicate that almighty vocalisations of panic are reverberating within the darkened corridors of ‘power’. Whilst we should view these events as encouraging, my Sister has also cautioned that this is the very stage that we should retain a heightened degree of alertness (‘the beast is likely to attack while it is wounded‘). We must remain grounded and positive during these periods of immense change.

I shall proudly leave the final words to my Sister… never a truer word has been said…

Lost Themselves Long Ago


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