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Messages From My Sister (Part One): A Question of Heliophysics

Giant_prominence_on_the_sun_erupted from Wikipedia

Good afternoon from the beautiful county of Surrey.

On August 26th 2015, my blog posting ‘The Path To Choose‘ detailed that I was intending to share my Sister’s messages about the amazing country that is the United States of America. These will be shared with you all over the coming weeks.

This posting, ‘Messages From My Sister (Part One)’, is not directly related to the United States of America; planetary and heliophysical, yes. However, the time feels right to share the message.

The message came through to me during a beautiful Spring Bank Holiday walk around the gorgeous Surrey countryside, which I had described in my May 29th 2013 posting ‘The Devil’s Punchbowl, Hindhead, Surrey‘. I recall reaching into my handbag, pulling out a couple of bits of scrap paper and a pen, and jotting down the thoughts that were flooding into my mind. The message was strong and, in light of the current shift in energies, makes perfect sense. I shall share the message as it came.

Art by Freydoon Rassouli

Notes from Devil’s Punchbowl Walk, May 26th 2013

Beautiful countryside: enjoy the beauty. This is Mother Earth – Gaia – at her finest.

These people praying for the safety of the Planet aren’t praying for Gaia – they’re doing it for themselves. They’re scared. Status Quo isn’t satisfactory but neither is the alternative – the birth of something new doesn’t always come easily.

The Sun is expanding NOW.

The birth of something new doesn’t come easily. What is coming is beautiful – beautiful beyond words – but humans must accept that a certain amount of what you call ‘destruction’ is a necessity.

Ref. Susan Joy Rennison chat on Interview at 55mins – no, these aren’t shapeshifting creatures. Remember that I talked about layers upon layers within what you define as normal life? Where ghosts are seen? Well, not only are there past layers and present layers existing within this perceived dimension – there are also recordings of the FUTURE interwoven into the layers. Past, Present and Future all combine. The Lifting of the Veil is the reference to the effects of the weakening magnetosphere on Gaia. Combine with the energies incoming = the walls of the ‘Matrix’ are coming down. The layers are bleeding into each other more than ever. Ghosts don’t exist, period. Nothing around us exists. Layers, upon layers, upon layers – all interwoven, all bleeding through. {Note: my Sister has spoken of these particular changes for about 5-6 years}

It’s coming down.


The Sun is charged by all the Planets… all are cogs in a perfectly wheeled system, to use a human analogy. All the Planets, bar Gaia, are in unison, ready for what is about to come to pass. Humans have tried to prevent the coming situation. Certain powers that aren’t and never-were are attempting to delay this process, keep the cog (Gaia) out of its wheel, to enable this process to occur. They have not bargained on the power of Gaia, on the power of her sister and brother planets. The final cog is about to be shunted into its perfect position in the most powerful way possible.

Solar Conversation: people are able to communicate with her. She is currently undergoing an expansion which will have an effect on Gaia – will affect all the planets. She is aware of who I am – aware of us all. Gaia is a dynamo, as is the Sun. The Sun is not her true name but Grandad is correct insofar as the legend of Amaterasu is derived from her true name {edited from original due to poor grammar}.

The Sun’s expansion will not ‘burn up’ planets! If that was the case, then Mercury and Venus certainly wouldn’t exist now! The orbits of the planets will ‘shift’ in accordance with her expansion.

(Whilst it was confirmed) that there is no time, that time is a human concept, the event is imminent. There will not be an asteroid impact. What is going to happen will be generated by Gaia herself – and there is nothing that humans can do about it. Gaia is supercharged at the moment and she needs to expand – she needs to expel that energy. And she will do so, very powerfully.

labyrinth by Sabine Sauermaul

My Thoughts

Nature has a beautiful healing effect on people. Her music is perfectly harmonic, already in tune with us – and enables us to listen closely to messages being imparted that may otherwise have been drowned out by digital decibels. With the Sun warming me, it only seemed fitting that the message should primarily be about her.

One of the many refreshing aspects of my Sister’s amazing personality was that her use of vocabulary was direct and uncomplicated. The only editing undertaken to the message was to amend certain grammatical mistakes made by my human hand.

You will note that she had mentioned a Susan Joy Rennison interview. The interview she had referenced was one I shared prior to going out to The Devil’s Punchbowl for the day (‘The Amazing Work of Susan Joy Rennison‘, 26 May 2013). During the interview, Susan had been discussing the case of sudden appearances of strange ‘shapeshifting’ creatures, observed by aviation professionals and other parties. My Sister’s explanation of the effects of the Earth’s weakening magnetosphere and the resulting interdimensional bleedthrough was, at that stage, only her latest reference to one of the more fascinating side effects of a geomagnetic reversal. Indeed, I have covered the subject extensively in this very blog. The revelation that there are FUTURE events recorded upon certain layers came as a surprise to me. I conversed about this matter with my partner, whose knowledge of temporal mechanics is far superior to mine. He commented that there is a theory which explains that certain actions in the present (or past) can project into the future. My Sister, however, has a different explanation… connections to Books of Life that have been written long in advance of the life to be lived. Future recordings, perhaps?

My Sister has long maintained that every single atom in the Universe is symbiotically linked and that human beings have their own strong links to our Star.

The Sun, a dynamo? Enter the term ‘The Sun is a Dynamo’ into any respectable search engine and a wealth of links to peer-reviewed research appear on the screen. One of the latest theories relates to this very subject – detailing the findings of Professor Valentina Zharkova and her team during July 2015’s National Astronomy Meeting. A quote from the article ‘Irregular Heartbeat of the Sun Driven by a Second Dynamo‘, published on The Royal Astronomical Society’s website reads:

Many solar physicists have put the cause of the solar cycle down to a dynamo caused by convecting fluid deep within the Sun. Now, Zharkova and her colleagues have found that adding a second dynamo, close to the surface, completes the picture with surprising accuracy.

Similarly, her description of the Solar System (‘cogs within a wheel‘) would, at least to me, make perfect sense. Magnetic portals reach out, like tethers, from the Sun to our Planet… and vice versa. I do not believe our sister and brother planets are excluded from this equation – and, indeed, are not. Magnetic portals serving as umbilical cords, connecting us to our true mother, the Sun? The two-way exchange serving as communications, filters, nutrition and energetic interactions? Perhaps.

Does the Sun expand? Do the orbits of her planets compensate for her expansion? Has this happened before? I dare not even attempt to respond to those questions… my knowledge of heliophysics and planetary motions being at a level whereupon those answers are currently out of reach.

You may, however, remember ‘The Daniel Papers‘. Daniel, whose works became prominent after receiving extensive coverage on both David Wilcock’s and American Kabuki’s websites circa three years ago, is a gifted scientist with insider knowledge. One of his earliest papers, ‘Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP. World Orders, Timelines and Ascension‘, covers this very topic. This is a fascinating read and I recommend focusing on the topic ‘Stellar Evolution is Backward‘.

I remember discussing ‘The Daniel Papers’ with my Sister. Her excitement was palpable and she was also relieved that someone else had covered the topics that she, herself, found challenging to relay because of the complexity of the scientific language involved. And, given that I – the recipient of her message – whilst not a slouch, requires slightly longer to process certain scientific theories. She has explained everything as clearly as she can.

And the Event…? Well. To conclude this blog posting – I feel it is resolutely safe to state that we are already experiencing ‘The Event’ to a strong degree: ‘Wave X’, larger earthquakes, an alarming increase in sinkholes, unusual animal behaviour, solar changes, weakening magnetosphere, to name but a few.

Yes, it is already underway.

Volcanism is culprit behind sudden appearance of island off Pakistan’s coast

The Extinction Protocol

September 25, 2013PAKISTANMud houses in the mountains crumbled as a 7.7-magnitude earthquake shook western Pakistan early on Tuesday. Meanwhile, on the coast, residents of Gwadar saw a solitary island rise from the sea. Older residents of the coastal town said the land emergence was déjà vu — an earthquake in 1968 produced an island that stayed for one year and then vanished, Ali Mohammad, 60, and Azeem Baloch, 57, told NBC News. Seismologists suspect the island is a temporary formation resulting from a “mud volcano,” a jet of mud, sand and water that gushed to the surface as the temblor churned and pressurized that slurry under the ocean floor. “Sandy layers underground are shaken, and sand grains jiggle and become more compact,” John Armbruster, a seismologist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University told NBC News. The shifting sand layers are compacted and…

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Atlantic Ocean floor oozing massive iron cloud plume

This is a very interesting article… I can’t help but feel that scientific eyes should really be concentrating their focus upon the faultlines and volcanoes that lie beneath the slumbering old giant that is the Atlantic Ocean. The June 24th M6.5 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge earthquake – largely ignored by the Scientific Community yet quietly upgraded to a M6.6 shortly thereafter – and the continued Azores Islands tremors seems to suggest that the slumbering giant may be about to take a long overdue stretch…
Thank you Alvin for bringing this latest development to our attention.

The Extinction Protocol

August 20, 2013ATLANTICPreviously, oceanographers thought the Atlantic Ocean seafloor didn’t spit out as much iron as other regions. However, a recently discovered plume of iron billowing from the depth of the Atlantic Ocean suggests the seafloor may be pumping iron like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. The oceanic iron cloud spreads for more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) across the Atlantic from west of Angola, Africa, to northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The iron-rich waters flow 1,500 to 3,500 meters (4,921 – 11,482 feet) beneath the surface of the ocean. The complete extent and shape of the iron plume remains to be discovered. “We had never seen anything like it,” said Mak Saito, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute scientist and lead author of the study, in a press release. “We were sort of shocked—there’s this huge bull’s-eye right in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. We…

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Thoughts: Interdimensional Overdrive

Image from ufopress.files.wordpress.com

Image from ufopress.files.wordpress.com

Good afternoon from a Sun-kissed Surrey.

During the early hours of yesterday morning, as the Sun stretched her arms of light across the Surrey skies in salutation of a new day, I posted my thoughts on an enlightening meeting of minds that spanned across a continent, sharing the video of the results with my many friends. One June afternoon, Dr. Simon Atkins and Robert Christian joyously delved through a veritable cornucopia of thought-provoking subjects, providing listeners with a delicious three hours of educational entertainment.

Dr. Atkins had promised that he was unafraid of ‘opening Pandora’s Box’, acknowledging that his opinions may well be considered tendentious. As can be heard from the interview, Dr. Atkins didn’t just cautiously prise open the lid – he positively blasted the lid over the horizon!

Possibly the most tendentious of all core subjects was the discussion in relation to a phenomenon known as ‘Interdimensional Transference’… or, to use my Sister’s fond term of reference of the very same phenomenon… ‘Interdimensional Bleedthrough‘.

Before I attempt the basic explanation for the purpose of this blog, I wish to enter an immediate disclaimer. Whilst I am not an intellectual shirker, my knowledge of temporal mechanics is rudimentary at best. Weaving the magnetic threads into the fabric of temporal mechanics is also likely to present my fortysomething brain with a few obstacles. For these very reasons, I am unable to present a blog with a quality akin to a peer-reviewed scientific paper. So I’m going to go with the flow, floating down the calm water of thought that is the Stream of Consciousness.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Just under five years ago, my Sister revealed that our Planet had been undergoing the process that is Geomagnetic Reversal for a not inconsiderable number of years. There are evident signs that this is very well the case. For example, the Geomagnetic North Pole is on the move, meandering its way around various locations in the upper Northern Hemisphere(*1). Airports around the World have needed to redesignate runway co-ordinates to compensate for this movement (*2). Animal behaviour – specifically the behaviour of oceanic life dependent upon magnetics for directional purposes – has also been affected, with beachings in unusual locations becoming more commonplace (although one will note that the Military’s use of SONAR should not be ruled out whatsoever). Furthermore, our Magnetosphere is weakening, with NASA noting that our Planet’s protective barrier had weakened by 10% since the 19th Century(*3).

As dramatic as this all sounds, my Sister has consistently assured me that Geomagnetic Reversals do not equate to global catastrophe. Geomagnetic North and South Poles are wandering and will continue their meanderings until they finally decide upon a permanent move. My Sister has compared the speed of the switch as ‘comparable to the snapping of an elastic band‘. There will be no land-consuming mega-tsunami, no folding of mountains, etc. To quote my Sister, ‘there will be an abundance of auroras all over the World while the Poles are deciding where they are finally going to settle‘. That’s not to say that there won’t be effects on everyday life – there certainly would be. She has suggested a possible connection between increased volcanic/tectonic activity and magnetic instability. It stands to reason that our Planet would need to release the pressures incurred during particularly stressful transitional periods in its cycle – necessary for our Planet’s wellbeing… humans may not share that particular viewpoint.

In the main though, the resulting changes are likely to be considered consequential inconveniences; ‘it means people won’t be able to use Sat-Navs for a while‘, my Sister drily commented about six months ago.

Image from NASA

Image from NASA

Earlier this decade, my Sister asserted that magnetic portals existed at various energetic locations around our Planet, adding the fact that they frequently opened up to allow the two-way flow of certain energies. She also discussed the existence of ‘magnetic highways’ connecting our Planet to her brother/sister planets and, crucially, our Sun. Furthermore, she continued, certain global astronomical and militaristic administrations had been aware of their existence for a considerable number of years.

A July 2012 news release from NASA covered this very issue. NASA-sponsored University of Iowa researchers announced the discovery of X-Points or electron diffusion systems. Quoting from the article “Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field‘(*4), “They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.” Given the confirmation of the existence of these portals, it is not unreasonable to assume that similar interactions occur between Earth, the Sun and their neighbours and that our Solar System is connected to galaxies beyond the heliopause in a similar manner.

Is it also reasonable to assume that our magnetic field might not be weakening as such – i.e., the fields may actually be ‘stretching’ in preparation for the Reversal? In NASA’s 29 December 2003 article, ‘Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field‘, NASA revealed that computer model simulations indicated that our Magnetic Shield/Field does not disappear completely during a Reversal. The acclaimed Professor Gary Glatzmeier comments “It just gets more complicated.” The lines of force (portals?) become entangled with each other, multi-poles emerge within the field in the most unusual of locations whilst the Geomagnetic Field stabilises itself. Perhaps not so much elastic bands but bungee tethers, perhaps?


The reason I mention ‘stretching’ as opposed to ‘weakening’ relates to another Sisterly revelation. If I have interpreted her words correctly – my Sister indicated that the weakening of the Geomagnetic Field would also present humanity with some particularly unusual side effects. She commented that there would be increased incidences of paranormal activity – specifically in relation to what we label as hauntings, whether they be of an interactive or residual nature. She was careful to enunciate that only humans consider these sightings as hauntings. You see, she also categorically stated that ghosts and psychic phenomena do not exist as we understand them. Our current existence within this particular timescale is just an additional layer sandwiched in between many non-linear layers co-existing within the same temporal landscape.

To paraphrase my Sister: “… the best analogy is to think of your current timescale as a recording on a video tape. One would record a programme you wished to watch and then you could reuse the tape – which is magnetic, remember – record over this programme with another set of images from the television. The older the tape becomes, the more it begins to stretch and lose the capacity to hold one set of images. The magnetics of the tape itself also begins to break down and ghosting of previous images occurs whilst you’re watching the new recording. Bleedthrough of older images from past recordings becomes more frequent.

Dr. Simon Atkins guested on Blogtalkradio’s Phoenix3333’s show on 19 June 2013 and discussed Paranormal abilities at depth. If I recall correctly, he explained that clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are the abilities to sense these energy spectrums within their appropriate layers – seeing, hearing and feeling these subtle changes. Furthermore, all human beings have these gifts – it’s just that we have been ‘taught’ that they are not real. Reminds me of a frequent Sisterly assertion – being that this current reality of ours is merely just an additional layer within this dimension – we, too, are ghosts in the machine.

Image from Tardis.wikia.com

Image from Tardis.wikia.com

Musing upon the Videotape Analogy, one surmises that, as our Planet approaches the point of magnetic reversal crux, the Portals connecting us with the Sun and our neighbouring Planets will open more frequently, providing us with the energies required for facilitating the process. One even entertains the notion that we might witness scenes such as those shown in the 2011 Season 6 finale of ‘Doctor Who‘(*5) – in which the Doctor’s soon-to-be wife River Song changes a fixed point in time resulting in total and utter temporal chaos. As exciting a prospect as this may be, one will admit that the likelihood of such an occurrence is unlikely… besides which, this particular topic opens up another temporal can of worms – one which I will address in a later blog…

(*1): ‘Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field‘, NASA, 29 December 2003;
(*2): ‘Fort Lauderdale Runway Changes of Note‘, AIN Online, 6 May 2013;
(*3): ‘Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field‘, NASA, 29 December 2003;
(*4): ‘Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field‘, NASA, 2 July 2012;
(*5): ‘Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song‘, Synopsis, TardisWikia – originally screened 1 October 2011, BBC One.

Thoughts on the Magnitude 6.5 – Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge Event (2013 June 24, 22:04:13 UTC)

Screenshot of Event Region

Good evening from the beautiful county of Surrey.

At 10.04pm on Monday 24 June 2013, a M6.5 earthquake occurred along the equatorial region of the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, located approximately 1250km north-east of Cayenne, French Guiana. The complete details can be found on the event page on the EMSC-CSEM website, noted immediately below for quick reference:-

Earthquake – Magnitude 6.5 – NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE – 2013 June 24, 22:04:13 UTC.

The event, a considerably strong one for a divergent/constructive boundary, is one that was partially expected from this particular Surrey resident… because the location and timing was already identified during a Sisterly conversation over the recent May Bank Holiday weekend.

On 25 May 2013, my Sister stated that the earthquake would be located in an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean, would be considered innocuous – and would largely pass unnoticed by many within the immediate wider seismic community. She recommended that a cautious eye should be trained upon the post-event seismic activities of the Atlantic Ocean, expressing that the movement could cause ‘a shift’, potentially triggering another event within ‘a region between the Azores and Cape Verde‘.

I have mentioned in earlier blogs that, whilst I am certainly no great academic in many scientific matters, I had proudly obtained an Open University Stage One qualification in the subject ‘Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunami‘ a few years ago. My Sister’s mention of the beautiful Portuguese islands of The Azores in the same breath as ‘shifts‘ and ‘earthquakes‘ has certainly piqued my interest, especially given the fact that the islands are located in a region with a quite remarkable tectonic and volcanic compositional dynamic.

Azores Fracture Zones This fantastic graphic from the Volcano Café Blog illustrates the location of the Azores Microplate, with the main grouping of the islands nestling against the Eurasian and African Plate boundaries. The Western Azores islands of Flores and Corvo are the only two to lay within the North American/American Continental Plate, with both resting very close to the Mid Atlantic Ridge. I would recommend reading the article ‘Monaco Bank: An Unstudied European Volcano‘ written by Volcano Café contributors, Lucas Wilson and Geolurking for a richer, in-depth explanation of the tectonic dynamics of The Azores.

I am aware that the archipelago of Cape Verde, the equally stunning islands located 350 miles from the coast of Western Africa within the cool waters of the central Atlantic Ocean, is volcanically active. The imposing stratovolcano Pico do Fogo, located on the southern island of Fogo, last erupted on 3 April 1995. There is also, I understand, a history of earthquakes on the archipelago but I will need to undertake a little more research in order to fully comprehend the precise mechanics responsible for the generation of the ‘quakes (i.e., if the earthquakes are volcanogenic in nature).

In the meantime, as my Sister has recommended, one will keep an especially keen eye on any activity related to these regions of the Atlantic. Research should prove to be very interesting indeed…

‘The Switch Has Been Well and Truly Flicked…’

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Good afternoon from the beautifully blustery South East of the UK.   Sorry if the title heading for this post seems a little melodramatic.  No melodrama is intended, and the reason for the choice of wording will be clear very soon.

During the course of the last week, I’ve been undertaking some heavy research, reading through various scientific theories on exceptional websites.  This is no mean feat for me and I am grateful that my mind is finally beginning to make sense of it all. I am not a scientist per se, although one did successfully complete two Open University courses – an Openers course in Basic Science and a Level One course covering the subjects of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunami.   I understand enough to be able to apply scientific rationele and thought processes to what is, essentially, a scientific matter – and it has become apparent that something is happening with our beautiful Star – the illustrious, glorious Sun.

As I was driving along the M25 yesterday afternoon, the intensity of the Sun’s heat was causing uncomfortable tingling sensations on my skin.  All well and good if it were the middle of the Summer but it isn’t… it’s the end of January almost.   I’ve been alive long enough to watch 8 out of the 11 incarnations of everyone’s favourite Time Lord on television and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt that sensation on my skin during winter months… though not the first time this winter at all… … her luminosity was almost a pure white, barely a tint of yellow.  I accept the possibility that atmospheric conditions may well have been affecting the the glare of the Sun, so to speak, and that a number of factors may be inducing such luminosity.  I may be inching my way rapidly through my 5th decade of life and unless my memory is playing huge tricks on me… the Sun’s luminosity has certainly changed.  My childhood drawings used to contain big yellow suns.  Nowadays, I’d be wearing out white crayons faster than a person could say boo to a goose.

I’ve read various NASA webpages about the conventional Nuclear Fusion theory of the Sun’s lifecycle, pored over the amazing works of the Thunderbolts Projects team, listened to Suspicious 0bservers’ seminal videos (which should also be preserved for posterity, in my humble opinion) – and studied the impressive papers of an individual named Daniel, whose theories were posted on Enerchi’s absorbing website, Ascension with Mother Earth and American Kabuki, to name but a few. Last but not least, my Sister has also spoken of the changes occurring to the Sun, something she mentioned last year (and has also elaborated upon the subject further in recent times)… and remember those words in the heading of this blog?  They were her words, spoken last year about our beautiful Star.  And one will say at this point that her comments about the Sun share common bonds with the Electric Universe Theories and the observations raised by Daniel in ‘The Daniel Papers‘.

Image by Kecia O'Sullivan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Kecia O’Sullivan, publicdomainpictures.net

I am trying to find a common bond between everything at the moment – a convergence flux if you will – where an agreement can be reached on what exactly is happening.  Conjecture is all that can be spoken at this stage…

… my Sister’s comment of 2011, that the ‘switch has been well and truly flicked’, completed her statement that the transition/event was already in progress. One event (yes, there were a few) discussed was in relation to a geomagnetic polar reversal.  Indeed, movement of the Magnetic North Pole has been in progress for a number of years now, as this image from NASA Science’s article, ‘Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field’ shows:-

Image by NASA Science, 2001

Image by NASA Science

The Magnetic South Pole has also been wandering itself over the years, more details of which can be found in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2010 article, ‘Wandering of the Geomagnetic Poles’.  It is well worth reading, and has been linked for ease of reference.

There is so much information available here in the Cyber Universe, one could not possibly sum up theories of my own in this singular blogpost.  Yes, I am forming a picture in my own mind – mere conjecture at this stage – which I shall post up separately in a Part 2 over the next few days.   There is too much for me to think about and pull together cohesively at this stage, but this has, I hope, provided some brain food for thought for the moment.


As a side note… you may remember, during my last blogpost, that I made reference to everyone’s favourite Time Lord, the good Doctor himself – more specifically, the instrument for which he is most famous – time travel.   I hope to be covering this very topic (not specifically Doctor Who but I shall certainly need to make reference to him once more) in the course of the coming weeks.   All very exciting indeed! In the meantime, wishing you all an enjoyable Sunday evening and see you again very soon. Willow x

Work in Progress and Recommendations For You

Image by Frits Ahlefeldt, www.publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Frits Ahlefeldt, http://www.publicdomainpictures.net

… a staggering NINE DAYS AWAY from the much anticipated date of 21 December 2012 and I’m busy prepping as I type. For you see, work is well and truly underway now on the Second Book of the Series under ‘The Journey’, which even has a provisional working title!

Will anything momentous happen on the 21st December? If it is, my Grandparents and My Sister certainly haven’t mentioned anything about it. That said, my Sister has cryptically voiced that, in reality, 2013 should be the year of focus . For example, Comet ISON has been discussed, with the advice being that the Comet – expected to become visible around September 2013 – isn’t of any particular concern at this stage

We’ve got Christmas and the New Year to look forward to. Work will continue on the Second Book. I also offer personal recommendations for discerning listeners (and viewers) interested in thinking outside the box:

Revolution Radio


I’m very glad I came across this remarkable Station.  The Station,  started and managed by Nitehawk, offers a near 24 Hour schedule of shows covering an incredible variety of topics, offering a platform for subjects not normally tackled by the mainstream media.  Alternative Media luminaries Sean David Morton, Kerry Cassidy, Douglas Dietrich and Roxy Lopez host nightly shows (UK Time) in various slots during the week.  Angela Black, Deacon John, Hi-Jacker and Jason Brentwood host absorbing and thought-provoking shows nearly every night.  Daytime schedules are covered by an incredible array of Australian and UK hosts (Helena Phoenix and Bob’s DarkCity offering audio delights for me while researching for Book 2). Nightly (US) RoundTables occur – and if there’s any subject that can be discussed, it normally is!

Along with a You Tube Channel packed with archived shows, there is also a very active Chatroom – recommended visiting!  I am privileged (and honoured) to have gotten to know such incredible people.  Nitehawk has a wonderful support network of producers helping him to offer such an incredible schedule of shows to a global audience.  And I sing their praises from the rooftops as loudly and as frequently as I can.


A good few fellow WordPress Bloggers share this young Ohio-based gentleman’s incredible videos – and with justifiably good reason.  His videos, generally lasting no more than 3 minutes in duration, are fully packed with important educational content.  He also ensures that viewers understand the charts, graphs and readings, so that they are able to seek out the information for themselves if he is unable to post videos on any particular day.

His channel also steered me in the direction of the Thunderbolts Project and The Electric Universe Theory –  compulsory viewing for anyone wishing to understand why our Planet, along with her brother and sister planets, are experiencing apparently ‘unprecedented’ changes…

I hope you enjoy the video below, which is yesterday’s Three Minute News segment…


The work undertaken by this amazing group of scientists cannot be underestimated in any way, shape or form.  I’m still a novice in the classroom when it comes to the teachings of this amazing Team so all I’m going to do is provide a link to The Project Team’s video playlist for you…

A New Direction

Writing by Elisa Xyz, publicdomainpictures.net

As you may remember from my last post, I was facing somewhat of a dilemma… which direction I should be taking for the next stage of my Journey.

After much contemplation and guidance, I have decided that the next stage of the Journey should cover the coming geophysical changes facing us.     I just want to make it clear now that I will not be pursuing a doom-laden, fear-filled agenda.  What I have been advised will be occurring is a perfectly natural Universal cycle.   We need to remember that our Planet is alive.  As we undergo our own cellular regenerations every seven years or so, Mother Earth does the same… … and our Planet is not alone in her regeneration. The next book will convey information provided by my Grandfather and My Sister.  I will attempt to describe the transitions in spiritual and scientific contexts (as far as I am able). Once more, I will keep you all posted.