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Everyday Awakening… In This Very Moment…

Absolutely 🙂 Thank you to the amazing Ganesh for sharing Gail Brenner’s wise words. Thank you ❤

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

everday awakening...

While you’ve been busy with your attention captured by feelings and thinking of yourself as separate and limited, you’ve missed the absolute truth: you have always been all that you ever wanted.

The self-help industry is fundamentally flawed. It perpetuates the myth that we are limited, damaged, inadequate selves who need to be fixed. Sadly, it keeps millions of people just like you hoping for a better future when they will finally be happy and fulfilled.

But what if this inadequate self isn’t who you are? What if it’s possible, at any moment, to be happy and free?

Discovering this possibility is a journey that leads you to the amazing fact that all you seek has always been here. What you discover won’t be new or unfamiliar. You’ve always been who you really are despite your distractions.

You’ve already delighted in the burst of joy that comes out of nowhere…

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Why Should I Be Positive? 10 Reasons

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Disclaimer: This is a post directed to anyone feeling down. I am not a psychologist or counsellor. I’m only trained by life. I can’t say this will be worth your while. I’m just a 22- year-old who’s gone through some emotional turmoil and hears from people who feel the same; people who aren’t happy in some way, usually because they hate their job or some situation in their life and they don’t always see reason to be positive. This is my shout out to those people to say: Keep going! You’re strong and you’ll get there. Joy can be yours.


Life’s a rollercoaster. Some of us are riding the dips, while others of us are in the air, elated. For others again, it’s like they’re either waiting to get on the ride or their carriage is stuck on one of the lows. And they want to know why. They’re…

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