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Ancient Ginkgo Rains Gold at a Buddhist Temple in China

A 1,400 year old Gingko biloba at the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in China’s Zhongnan Mountains bathes the temple garden in a sea of gold.

Source: Ancient Ginkgo Rains Gold at a Buddhist Temple in China

I would like to express my immense gratitude to the amazing TwistedSifter for sharing these beautifully peaceful images with us 🙂

Lyrebird: Remarkable crazy Bird call ! [ MUST WATCH ]

Our gorgeous Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me… welcome to the divine Lyrebird 🙂 Thank you to the wonderful Linda Sky for sharing this article with us ❤

earth change affirmations

Creativity in noises, creativity in natures consciousness.

If you haven’t heard the Lyrebird before, hear its bizzare yet wonderful noises which makes you think, how alien and strange the natural world can really be.

” A lyrebird is either of two species of ground-dwelling Australian birds, that form the genus, Menura, and the family Menuridae. They are most notable for their superb ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment. As well as their extraordinary mimicking ability, lyrebirds are notable because of the striking beauty of the male bird’s huge tail when it is fanned out in display; and also because of their courtship display. Lyrebirds have unique plumes of neutral-coloured tailfeathers and are among Australia’s best-known native birds.

The lyrebird is capable of imitating almost any sound and they have been recorded mimicking human sounds such as a mill whistle, a cross-cut saw, chainsaws,[9] car engines and…

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Beautiful Photos – When things get difficult — RECONNECT :) to Mother Earth! Hugs, ~Jean

Such beautiful photographs posted by the wonderful Jean of the 2012: What’s The Real Truth Blog. Thank you Jean 🙂

The Consciousness of Trees

Another amazing post by dear Annette. I have often felt… actually, KNOWN, that trees can communicate beyond even the capabilities demonstrated in this wonderful video. They also listen… never underestimate their capacity to listen.
Watch this amazing video… and bear in mind some sagely Sisterly advice from my beautiful sibling – ‘if you look after the trees, they will look after you’.
Thank you Annette x x x

Picture of the Day: Thousand Year Old Baobab

I always enjoy browsing through the stunning photographs on the quite delectable, always inspirational blog of Twisted Sifter. This photograph, taken by Dan Doucette of Project Noah, simply takes my breath away. The Madagascan Majesty that is the proud Baobab… a thousand years old. Simply beautiful 🙂







Spotted in the Ifaty reserve, north of Tulear in southwestern Madagascar (Lat: -23.15, Long: 43.62), is this incredible Baobab tree that is purportedly a thousand years old. Adansonia za, common name Baobab, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Adansonia belonging to the Bombacaceae family.

It’s a large thick-stemmed deciduous tree, about 10–40 meters (33–130 ft) high and about 6 meters (20 ft) in diameter. The trunk and branches have a brownish-rose colored hue. The tree is wide at the base and grows to a narrow point towards the top of the tree. [Source: Wikipedia]

Adansonia is a genus of eight species of tree, six native to Madagascar, one native to mainland Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and one to Australia. Some baobabs are reputed to be many thousands of years…

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A riot of colour at Winkworth Arboretum in Godalming, Surrey

This beautiful picture, found on the amazing WordPress Blog Holiday Places, is of Winkworth Arboretum. The Arboretum is located in Godalming in my home County of Surrey. Thank you to Holiday Places for posting such a beautiful photograph 🙂 Willow.

Holiday places

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