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Tiny Flicker

Beautifully timed for a period where I am asking myself these very questions. Thank you, dearest wonderful Pat, forever and always ❤

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1 candle

More and more
rituals, customs, celebrations
fall away
knick-nacks on a shelf
that I pass on to others
my life is being parred
down to essentials
yet still I feel crowded
finished with what
was once so important.

What will be left
when I am at my core
when there is only me?
Will I then know
why I am here
and who this being
I call me really is
or will I be as a candle
slowly burnt away
until only a flicker
of flame is left
flicker, flicker, then gone.

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Just Waiting


The ever wonderful Pat Cegan expresses how I feel with eloquence and beauty. Thank you, Beautiful Soul ❤

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I feel like I am waiting
for what I do not know.
There is no “good or bad”
to this–just waiting
with patient expectation
that what comes
will be right for me.

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No Expectations

Indeed… Love Just Is 🙂

For Someone Who Knows Me Well – I love you for your beautiful soul, your wisdom and just for being you. ❤

Thank you, dearest wonderful Pat, for saying the words I have needed to say but couldn’t find the right order for them. Thank you ❤

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It is so easy to love
why do we make it so hard?
Love is not about what
you can do for me.
Love seeks only to give.
If I love, I want to
set you free to be
all you are meant to be.

Love does not restrict
forbid, create fear
for love is pure
unselfish, a gift to
another with no

Love just is.

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Silence of the Soul

… for these challenging moments in time… so, so apt. Thank you dearest Pat – for saying what I am feeling at this time…

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The roar of my inner silence
sweeps away all other sound
leaving a deep and pervasive
sense of solitude.

Alone in the midst of a
world teeming with life
alone on crowded city sidewalks,
a parties of jubilee, at the
most intimate moments with a
lover. My loneliest moments
have been with others, unable
to escape the silence of my soul.

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No More Fixing

Wise words from the wonderful Pat Cegan indeed… and wise words that apply to a situation in my own life that I have finally released today. I have done what I needed to do. It is now up to the individual concerned as to whether or not they wish to fix their own life…

Source of Inspiration

fairy house4

Whew, what a relief!
I finally understand
that it is not my job
to fix or save anyone.
Each of us must give space
for others to find
their own answer
just as I must do
with each thought, word
action leading to a life
well lived if I so choose.

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Outside the Lines

Oh, how this sums me up perfectly… the woman who never fitted in yet has now embraced that fact with open arms 🙂 And do you know what? It’s perfectly fine being yourself. Thank you, dearest Pat, for such a beautiful poem 🙂 x x x

Source of Inspiration

paint girl

I’ve spent a lifetime
trying to color within
the lines, yet knowing
I’m an outside -of-the-line gal.

I did not do well
at fitting in
being popular
never elected queen
of this or that.

Many people have
disapproved of things
I’ve said and done
which tells me that
I’m better at coloring
outside of the lines
than I thought.

There is a price to pay
but I wouldn’t want it
any other way.

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Charity–River of Love

A beautiful poem to reflect upon during this peaceful Easter weekend. Thank you Pat 🙂 Wishing everyone a warm and loving Easter. Willow x x x

Source of Inspiration


Unlimited loving kindness
is the perfection of the human spirit
reflecting the true
nature of God
from whence
we come
love toward all
there can be no less

Be generous with your love
open your heart
pour out the unending
River of Love

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The message in this poem, written by the ever-inspirational Pat Cegan, is, in my opinion, wholly accurate. We have nothing to fear from the changes that await us. Embrace them with open arms 🙂 Much gratitude and love Pat 🙂 x x x

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The day is coming when
all is revealed. The
veils are lifting.
Some have already
awakened. Soon there
will be a cleansing
storm of Divine Justice,
clearing the way for
mankind to rise to its
full potential. Ancients
have heralded this for
centuries. The time of
now has arrived.

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A Part of Me

I always enjoy reading Pat’s works of love on her Blog every day. Sometimes, life may present challenges but I always remind myself that we are truly blessed in many ways. ‘A Part of Me’ reminds us that we share our breathtaking Planet with a beautiful diversity of living creatures… and the images remind us of just how stunning they are. Thank you for posting, Pat 🙂 x x

Source of Inspiration

The ocean is filled
with creatures so
different from me.
Their colors are intense,
a true delight to see.
I want to explore
this realm, experience
this reality, to walk
among the creatures
of my dreams for all
are part of me.

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Our Gift

Thank you for posting such a beautiful poem Pat 🙂 So very much appreciated 🙂 x

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be a tiny bird

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