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Suspicious 0bservers: Major Plasma Filament – June 2014

Good afternoon from an overcast and rather damp Surrey.

As is well known, I respect the work of an incredible young man, Ben Davidson… better known as Suspicious0bservers.

Ben posted an interesting video yesterday evening, showing images of a rather impressive plasma filament on our beautiful Star… and it is stunning indeed. Whilst we shouldn’t overly fear anything, it may be wise, as always, just to keep a careful eye on the situation…

C(Lie)mate #3 – What Doesn’t Make The News (Suspicious 0bservers)

Good evening from a chilly Surrey.

As many of you know, I appreciate the work of a remarkable young man, known by his You Tube username of Suspicious 0bservers. His style of presentation is truly welcome to me; no nonsense, drily humoured, full-on-factual findings which a middle-aged brain such as mine finds easily digestible. He generously provides links to the reference data upon which he bases his observations, which have enabled me to merrily saunter down my own wooded pathways of investigation. Sometimes, those wooded pathways can become frighteningly dark, some hazardously impeded by thickets of conjectural brambles. Doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of the search for further knowledge – if anything, such hazards only increases the desire to complete my journey.

Suspicious Observers’ latest video is the third instalment of his highly informative series – ‘C(Lie)mate – What Doesn’t Make The News’. This instalment covers the changes affecting almost every single Planet of this incredible Solar System of ours. More importantly, S0 focuses on the condition of the majestic centrepiece of our Solar System – the Sun.

It is becoming very apparent that our Sun is certainly undergoing changes of her own. Earlier this week, I reblogged a Space.com article shared by Alvin of ‘The Extinction Protocol’ Blog, which detailed solar physicists’ concerns about the behaviour of our Star.

My Sister has remarked more than once that our Star is undergoing changes of her own, which I will expand upon in a later blog (hopefully over the weekend). She has revealed that these are changes that our scientists, solar physicists, etc. are well aware of – and may even be afraid of. Which, of course, is completely understandable. How do you explain the unexplainable to a general populace who have been (wrongfully) conditioned into believing that we should fear change…?

The Center of the Earth Is as Hot as the Sun | Smart News

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Good evening from the beautiful county of Surrey.

This intriguing article from Smithsonian.com is one of many articles available on the Internet today:

The Center of the Earth Is as Hot as the Sun | Smart News.

Whilst I am comfortable with broaching certain scientific subjects, I will admit that I am a neonate Heliophysics student, currently attempting to wrap my head around conventional and Electric Universe Theory Heliophysics. I’m not doing too badly, which is a great relief!

As you know, I am currently researching, compiling and writing the second book in ‘The Journey‘ series and this article is topical in relation to the subjects of Book 2. My late Sister has discussed the Solar System and Earth changes with astonishing candour… and interestingly, the subject of the Earth’s core has been the focal point of one of the most amazing discussions.

Namely the assertion that we should perhaps ‘…consider that the Earth’s core may, in fact, be a mini Sun or star…