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Messages from my Sister (Part Two): Flight MH370 – An Unsolved Mystery…?

MH-370... a mystery unsolved...?

MH-370… a mystery unsolved…?

Good evening from the verdant county of Surrey.

So… The Dutch Safety Board has released the aeronautical post-mortem of the events that led to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on 17th July 2014.

Reading the report reminded me of a conversation with my Sister only days after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

During the nascent days of April 2014, we were discussing the missing flight and the multitude of theories amassing in those few short days. Our exchange was brief but of significant interest:

    Conversation with my Sister, early April 2014 regarding Missing ‘Plane – Excerpt 1

The ‘plane was ‘disappeared’ and… (redacted) was complicit in its disappearance. (Possibly) the one interviewed… prior to the disappearance. ….there is truth to the rumour that the Co-Pilot received/made a ‘phone call to/from a woman with fake ID in Kuala Lumpur.

I have redacted some of this passage but will state that I am aware that there was much speculation relating to the possible role(s) of the Pilot/Co-Pilot shortly after MH370’s disappearance. My Sister and I had chatted about the different theories that were emerging on the Internet and the subject of the Co-Pilot’s CNN interview only weeks prior to the ‘plane’s disappearance had arisen. I concede that I was expecting a response different to that detailed in the paragraph above.

I was aware of the rumour surrounding the mysterious ‘phone call prior to my conversation with my Sister and had also asked her about it. She had mentioned that there was truth to that particular rumour but had mentioned that it was the Co-Pilot who had received the call as opposed to the Pilot, who it was strongly speculated had been the recipient of the call.

Article detailing the CNN Interview:

Article detailing the Mysterious ‘Phone Call:
2. Missing MH370: Pilot received call from mystery woman before take-off, says report – source, The Star Online, Sunday 23 March 2014.

    Conversation with my Sister, early April 2014 regarding Missing ‘Plane – Excerpt 2

There was UK/US governmental involvement in this cover up.

Whilst my Sister didn’t elaborate upon the nature of the involvement, Malaysian authorities’ own admission that M16 and the FBI, along with their Chinese counterparts, were investigating the disappearance tends to raise one’s eyebrows somewhat… but why…?

Article detailing US/UK Secret Service Investigative Role:
3. Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Secret services involvement in investigation sparks speculation over terrorism – source, The Independent, Sunday 30 March 2014.

    Conversation with my Sister, early April 2014 regarding Missing ‘Plane – Excerpt 3


To expand upon this statement – my Sister clarified that the ‘plane IN ITS ENTIRETY would not be found in the water. And it would appear that she has been absolutely correct.

    Conversation with my Sister, early April 2014 regarding Missing ‘Plane – Excerpt 4

The ‘plane was flown to Diego Garcia and was tracked all the way by Rolls-Royce. The US/UK were interested in the cargo on the ‘plane. Nothing to do with gold, killing patent holders, etc. The interest was in the prototype for a chip used/to be used in a certain weapon. It’s an offensive weapon – something they shouldn’t be mucking around with.

Located in the Central Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia is a small atoll and is also a British-owned protectorate – one that is loaned to the United States Military for use as an ‘airbase’, primarily by the United States Navy. The existence of the base is known but the activities therewithin, are shrouded by a cloak of dark mystery.

The naming of Diego Garcia as a possible location for a potentially deliberately diverted Flight MH370 emerged within days of the ‘plane’s disappearance. Once more, I had asked my Sister about the plane’s whereabouts with this knowledge in mind. Her response was immediate. Diego Garcia was the destination of the ‘plane.

I have also recently watched this video, posted on You Tube by TheMCanX Channel, which addresses the plausibility of the Diego Garcia factor:

I retain an open mind but will admit that I find the idea of the flight being electronically hijacked and diverted to a secretive American airbase in the middle of an oceanic nowhere far more plausible than a heavily monitored flight merely disappearing off the face of the Earth…

Article concerning Diego Garcia and Flight MH370:
4. Shocking New Malaysia Airlines MH370 Claim Made By Aviation Expert Could Solve The Mystery – source, Western Journalism, December 23rd 2014;

And what of the mysterious cargo manifest? Lithium-ion batteries or something else? What could possibly be of interest in a passenger jet’s cargo manifold? During the days following the disappearance, the Internet buzzed with speculation that the cargo was certainly special (and yes, it seems, special enough to remain unlisted).

Aviation Business’ Des Ross asks these very same questions. A reporter with nearly 4 decades of experience within the Aviation Industry, Ross’ report details that requests for the full manifest were met with frustrating silences and obfuscation. He asks…

So, what secret was there and what were they so protective about? What needed to be kept secret from the world even when 239 people were lost?

Article concerning unanswered questions in relation to MH370:
5. Expert challenges MH370 story – source, Aviation Business (Asia Pacific), 23 October 2014;

Was the secret the prototype referenced by my Sister? Was the special cargo also accompanied by the engineers who designed them? The American company, Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., announced that 20 of their employees were aboard the lost flight. And what exactly does Freescale specialise in? To quote from an article by sister WordPress blog peoplestrustmalaysia:

Freescale specializes in Radio Frequency Plasma generation, laser exciters, and HF/VHF/UHF RADAR

A credible reason or mere coincidence…?

Article concerning the Freescale Employees aboard Flight MH370:
6. #MH370 – What about the 20 employees of Freescale on board? – source, peoplestrustmalaysia.wordpress.com, 17th March 2014.

    Conversation with my Sister, early April 2014 regarding Missing ‘Plane – Excerpt 5

The ‘plane is still intact, colours are already being changed – will be used in a false flag operation. No repeat of 9/11 – they wouldn’t be that stupid. However, a possible use for it would be for deploying the weapon: EMP – to be deployed over New York.

The ‘plane is still intact, colours being changed, to be used in a False Flag operation although won’t be flown into buildings. To be used as a potential weapon? Does this paragraph already bring into question one of the most contentious theories of the MH370 Mystery? Does it preclude the possibility that the missing aircraft was used as missile fodder over Eastern Ukraine on July 17th 2014…?

I am aware of the theory suggesting that MH370 was ‘appropriated’ for other nefarious purposes. There is a strong possibility that the aircraft shot down over the war-torn Eastern Ukraine farmland back in July 2014 was the one and the same aircraft. Certain anomalies became apparent within days of the MH17 tragedy, i.e., pristine passports (cancelled passports in most cases) being found amidst the wreckage.

This video, posted on the Gabor Zolna You Tube channel, describes some of those anomalies:

(Link to the article on DCClothesLine is found on the comments section of the video)

Whilst it is evident that there are plenty of anomalies present (and I can also add a few more myself), I am not so certain that MH370 WAS used for the July 17th 2014 event. One sequence of wording from my Sister is leading me to doubt this was the case. That sequence…?

The ‘plane is still intact, colours are already being changed – will be used in a false flag operation.

Revisit the Diego Garcia video posted above. Study the still of the anomalous aircraft seen on live maps of the Gan International Airport at Diego Garcia. Let us assume, for this purpose, that the aircraft (which certainly appears to be a passenger jet) was MH370. How long had the aircraft been there? A few days? Enough time to strip out the jet, unload the cargo, imprison passengers and start getting to work on the old paintwork. Paintwork…?

… which brings me to this question:

If MH370 was used for the MH17 event, why would the perpetrators have needed to change the colours? Identical craft from the same fleet, same airline. Colours were already there, ready and waiting. Serial numbers could have been re-stencilled but nothing else needed to be changed.

Along with her remark that the colours were being changed, my Sister even provided an example of what could be the misappropriated aircraft’s final fate:

No repeat of 9/11 – they wouldn’t be that stupid. However, a possible use for it would be for deploying the weapon: EMP – to be deployed over New York.

To reiterate – my Sister’s comment about New York was not necessarily provided in relation to the eventual destination of the ‘appropriated’ MH370. It is wise to regard the comment as an indication as to what the ‘plane could be used for. However, the comment has made me pause for thought…

… has anything strange been happening around western capital cities whilst the Kardashians and 5pence carrier bag charges have been dominating the headlines…? Have Arms dealers been quietly showcasing vastly superior weapons of mass destruction that wouldn’t necessarily leave a trace of gunpowder but be far more devastating in nature? And were the chips purportedly hidden amongst MH370’s cargo manifest needed for such weapons?

    Conversation with my Sister, early April 2014 regarding Missing ‘Plane – Excerpt 6

They will stage the debris/flotsam in the ocean to give the appearance the ‘plane has been found. This will cause tensions with China once their intel has been gathered.

A couple of months ago, debris/flotsam believed to have originated from an aircraft washed ashore on the exotic island of Réunion, a French island situated circa 500 miles west of Madagascar. Both are situated in the south-western Indian Ocean.

The nascent days of September yielded the following proclamation from French prosecutors:

It is possible today to say with certainty that the flaperon discovered on Reunion island on July 29 came from flight MH370.. (*7)”

Also notable is the alleged discovery of a ‘Malaysian aircraft’ with ‘skeletons’ in the dense and remote forests of the Filipino Tawi Tawi islands:

Malaysian media reported at the weekend that a Filipino man told Malaysian police that his relatives had found wreckage of a plane, with skeletons inside, in the jungles of the Philippines’ remote Tawi-Tawi island chain. (*8)”

Articles concerning the ‘discovery’ of supposed sections of MH370:
7. France confirms wing part found on Reunion is from Flight MH370 – source: Zee News, 3 September 2015;
8. Philippines dismisses reports MH370 wreckage found on remote island – source: Channel News Asia, 13 October 2015.

In the absence of further news, I cannot add any further speculation other than to add a speculation of my own…

… strange how this wreckage started appearing after investigations into the MH17 crash had ceased.

And I note my Sister’s wording with considerable interest:
They will stage the debris/flotsam in the ocean to give the appearance the ‘plane has been found…

newspapers-and-glasses- George Hodan


… I will conclude this blog with my own hypotheses, theories and speculations which are NOT related in any way, shape or form to any of the material provided on this blog. Purely my own speculations based upon everything I have watched, read and heard from sources terrestrial and beyond our World:

My own feeling is leaning towards this being a tragic accident. An awful case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Authorities are having pressure placed upon them to turn this tragic accident into a centrepiece of what is hoped will cause further escalations of tensions between East and West.

This ‘plane should not have been allowed to fly anywhere near a war zone and it was, in my mind, the gross irresponsibility of a number of authorities that led to the deaths of so many innocent people.

That said, I have not yet discussed the downing of Flight MH17 with my Sister. Given the number of anomalies, the secrecy and obfuscation surrounding the events of that day.. perhaps it is time for that conversation.

I find it highly implausible that an expensive aircraft with state of the art detection systems would, in the 21st Century, just disappear off the face of the Earth. My Sister was resolutely clear in her assertion that the flight was diverted to Diego Garcia for, what she later went on to describe as being, nefarious purposes. She noted that there was interest in the cargo and I understand that, to this day, part of the cargo manifold remains classified for reasons unknown.

As to the fate of the passengers and crew…? That is not a subject for speculation. My only hope is that they are out of harm’s reach and that their relatives be allowed to find closure…

RT: ‘Stick to Minsk deal’: Russia slams Ukraine idea for EU peacekeepers

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I keep remembering the cautionary words from my Sister. As mentioned before, this region is the most challenging tinderbox the World faces – and has faced – for the longest of times. The peacekeeping force – and the events surrounding their potential arrival – need to be watched closely.
Thank you to the ever-incredible Jean Haines for sharing this Russia Today article with us.

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… thank you to Jean Haines of the ever-incredible 2012-What’s The Real Truth site for sharing this article with us.

The Robert Christian Show with Dr. Simon Atkins and Co-Host, Joey Shane (28 February 2014)

Earth's Magnetic Field

Good morning from the beautiful yet slightly muggy county of Surrey.

As all of my dear WordPress family are aware, I was delighted to have found myself discovering the incredible Robert Christian Show following a beautiful set of serendipitous connections – from Suspicious Observers to Dr. Simon Atkins as it were. After sharing Robert’s and Dr. Simon’s three hour opus of heartfelt intellectual conversation, I was incredibly blessed to join Robert’s Friday 4th October 2013 show, ‘Dr. Simon Returns’. I was honoured to be in the company of two truly warm-hearted intellectuals and savoured the enlightening 120 minute journey that followed, shared excitedly with you all in my 6th October 2013 blog posting, ‘The Robert Christian Show: Dr. Simon Returns… and a Heartfelt Thank You to Two Amazing Men‘.

Robert and Dr. Simon have enjoyed a couple of meetings of their mighty minds since our October 2013 journey, joined by Robert’s engaging and equally erudite Co-Host, Joey Shane. And once more, I would like to share their 28 February 2014 show with you.

Robert, Joey and Dr. Simon cover a breathtaking array of thought-provoking topics in this 2-hour show. The unusual weather patterns which were affecting the North Atlantic countries as a result of the ‘Polar Vortex’ are discussed. The New Social Movements which are awakening on a global scale are debated, along with the geomagnetic and biological effects of solar flares/changes in solar energy (a subject I have also covered in earlier blogs). Dr. Simon also chats about his new projects and discusses the many ways that we can bring about positive change in our lives.

And before I share their journey with you, I would like to thank Robert, Dr. Simon and Joey for such an educational and entertaining show. Joey, it’s a pleasure to meet you…

Places all over the world that look so unrealistic.

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