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Is the sun a giant comet? NASA scientists discover long tail trailing solar system

News releases relating to NASA’s Mission with its incredible IBEX Spacecraft always fills me with enthusiastic excitement… and what a revelation! I’m not a gifted astrophysicist but why do I have a feeling that our Solar System is protected to a greater degree…? Thank you to Alvin of the marvellous Extinction Protocol for posting this fantastic article 🙂

The Extinction Protocol

July 11, 2013SPACENASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), a $169 million spacecraft has discovered what many scientists surmised; the sun has a comet-like tail. The less than 20 foot square craft, displayed the tail which couldn’t be seen before because it doesn’t shine, nor does it reflect light. Is the sun a comet? No, it is a star. Both stars and comets have tails, which can usually be seen through a telescope. Our sun was not that easy. “By examining the neutral atoms, IBEX made the first observations of the heliotail. Many models have suggested the heliotail might be like this or like that, but we’ve had no observations. Scientists will not yet give as estimate to the length of the tail, but say it is no more than 1,000 times the distance from the earth to the sun.  IBEX uses ‘energetic neutral atom imaging,’ and measures…

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The Amazing Work of Susan Joy Rennison

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Good afternoon and great Bank Holiday wishes from a beautifully Sun-infused Surrey.

A few weeks ago, the beautiful soul AscendingStarseed posted a blog on her site detailing the amazing works of Susan Joy Rennison.

I had known of Susan Joy from interviews on various radio networks – Veritas and Red Ice being two such networks – but am always happy to discover more of her astonishing works. A recent discovery is this incredible 2012 interview between Susan Joy Rennison and Raz Razam, posted on the You Tube channel of DonkeyDrunkenCircus.

As I listen to Susan Joy’s incredible interviews and read the postings on her enlightening News of the Inbalance blog, my Sister’s words on similar topics just leap into my mind. All I will say is that the synchronicities between Susan Joy’s scientifically-backed research and my Sister’s messages from the Other Side seems to convey similar – and very important – information. Information that cannot be ignored…

(This interview is posted for information and educational purposes.)

5-15-13 Four Minute News: X Class Flare Again

Shared with eternal love and immense gratitude to Suspicious 0bservers and Linda Sky.

earth change affirmations

5-15-13 4min4 Minute News: X Class Flare Again
by Suspicious Observers...LINK


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Space Weather News: Magnetars, Gamma Ray bursts, Black Holes, Cosmic Rays and Space Weather Storms

Thank you to AscendingStarseed for posting these fascinating excerpts from the blog of the incredible Susan Joy Rennison. I have recently begun to acquaint myself with Susan-Joy’s dedicated and passionate research… and to say that her findings are excitingly intriguing is an enormous understatement…

East or West?

Image by Peter Griffin, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Peter Griffin, publicdomainpictures.net

East or West?.

With much love and gratitude to Ganesh.

Willow x


Image by Виталий Смолыгин, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Виталий Смолыгин, publicdomainpictures.net

Good evening from a still, silent Surrey.

Have you all noticed how quickly time seems to be speeding past nowadays? The first week of April is rapidly becoming a full page in our Planet’s Diary and we find ourselves staring into the future annals of History.

This blistering pace of change is affecting work on Book Two:- writing is proceeding at a steady pace but it has become quite apparent that revision to the existing four/five chapters is already an absolute necessity. I began to wonder whether a different approach would be required. Indeed, I am pondering the possibility of committing 2-3 chapters as ‘mini-ebooks’ – encompassing the Ebook chapters under the auspices of one Book 2 umbrella for Paperback release later in the year.

The accelerating unravelling of events has not gone unnoticed by our friends and relatives on the Other Side. Interestingly, my Sister commented several years ago that 2013 was the year to look out for as opposed to 2012. She has not revised her viewpoint, recently stating that ‘so much is happening at once, days will seem to blur into a continuous stream of events, moreso than normal’. She has indicated that April will be ‘interesting’ but has not yet expanded upon this observation – only able to comment, once more, that ‘too much is happening at once’.

My Sister (and our Grandfather)’s message remains that immense changes are awaiting mankind in the near-immediate future. Our Planet is undergoing one of her normal cyclical changes, as are the Solar System and our beautiful Star, the Sun. And yes, it would appear that mankind is facing a particularly challenging period of its history. Ostensibly, one could aver that we began feeling the effects of this particularly bracing wind of change a few years ago.

They assure me that we should not fear the winds of change; without change, the ‘false security of complacency’ sets in and the waters of life become stagnant. We should never forget that loved ones – ethereal and corporeal – are always with us. We are not alone, even if we feel alone.

Whilst everything will be happening so quickly that we feel unable to catch our breath, we will face these momentous events together.

All will be well.


‘The Switch Has Been Well and Truly Flicked…’: Part Three

Image by Teodoro S Gruhl, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Teodoro S Gruhl, publicdomainpictures.net

Good evening from a chilly and overcast Surrey.

I owe a considerable apology for the delay in posting this Part 3 of ‘The Switch’. Papal resignations, meteor impacts and school holidays meant that this important topic required a temporary hiatus. Whilst the hiatus from the Blog was underway… the embers were gently glowing in the backburner of my mind. Occasional news items began stoking those embers into sudden flames once more.

The news that reignited those embers was released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on 19 February 2013. The article, ‘Cassini Sheds Light on Cosmic Particle Accelerators‘, describes unusual effects on Saturn’s magnetosphere, as observed by the Cassini Solstice Mission’s orbiting satellite. In a nutshell, particles were observed to accelerate to high energetic levels as they approached the gas giant’s magnetosphere, creating a shockwave. This type of acceleration is normally observed in the aftermath of a supernova explosion. I would recommend reading of the full article, given that it is enlightening to an immense degree.

Whilst the article suggests that ‘an unusually strong blast of solar winds‘ was the likely causal factor of the event observed by Cassini, the alternative suggestion (i.e., the acceleration of debris/detritus away from a stellar explosion/supernova) is an intriguing proposition in itself, given recent conversations with my Sister on the subject of supernovae. I would be interested in studying the findings further for two reasons: a) to ascertain the time period of the observed effects (the date) and b) correlating solar wind speeds/Muon particle measurements corresponding to that precise time period.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

The Sisterly conversation, coupled with the emergence of the Saturn Shockwave observation, means meandering into the realms of speculation… and, perhaps, serves as a timely reminder that the World of Science should, on occasion, heed the call of conjecture – that investigation in the spirit of adventure is likely the best avenue to follow?

We need to remember that the expression ‘solar wind’ is a misnomer, given that the ‘wind’ itself is an ejection of highly energetic particles from the Sun. Bearing this in mind…

… let’s just assume, for the purpose of this Blog entry, that Cassini’s observations were undertaken during a period of relative solar calm. Those particles wouldn’t have appeared from nowhere – there would have been a source, for certain. Which begs another question (hypothetical, you understand…?)

Is it possible that our Solar System is, effectively, beginning to feel the buffeting effects of a long-distant supernova explosion? And could these possible buffeting effects perhaps offer us the solution to the genesis of the Solar System’s current period of undeniable change?

Astrophysicists have identified periods of past supernovae explosions from historical details. For example, SN185 was witnessed in the year 185AD, its visual splendour recorded by Chinese astronomers in the Book of Later Han. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer have since expanded upon the amazing spectral event witnessed by ancestors of long ago. SN1006 was the brightest supernova event in recorded history, with contemporary astronomer Frank Winkler remarking that, such was its magnitude, ‘people could have probably read their manuscripts at night by its light.’

However, I’m going to ask another hypotheticial question out loud. Would our Planet and/or Solar System have been affected by such events, especially if the event was close/explosive enough? During research for the original mass opus of The Journey, I had been spurred to investigate that very question, based on comments made by my Grandfather in 2010 about our Planet being affected by such an event circa 13,500-14,000 years ago. A search-engine question yielded some fascinating returns.

Image by Petr Kratochvil, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Petr Kratochvil, publicdomainpictures.net

In the article ‘Forget About Global Warming: We’re One Step from Extinction!‘, Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Henry See discuss the astonishing scientific detective work undertaken by physicist Richard Firestone, along with geologists Allen West and Simon Warwick-Smith. Firestone, West and Warwick-Smith’s work focused on the ‘The Great Event of 12,000 years ago’, so catalogued and richly described in various myths and religious texts – and their findings were alarming. All evidence, scientifically verified and quantified, suggested that ‘The Great Event’ was triggered by a supernova explosion which had occurred 29,000 years prior to The Great Event. And the devastation our terrified ancestors faced at that time were visitors, disturbed from our Oort Cloud by the sheer force of the supernova explosion, raining down on them in rocky showers.

And could this happen today…? With meteors exploding over Russia? With increased numbers of Near Earth asteroids becoming apparent? Planetary changes affecting every planet in the Solar System? Three ‘Comets of the Century’ appearing in the space of 9 months? Mars under threat by an asteroid in 2014? How do we know it isn’t happening already…?

Of course… my musings are hypothetical, mere conjecture – those of an armchair astrophysicist. I could not possibly speculate further than this… could I?


Further Interest:
The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture‘, Richard Firestone, Allen West and Simon Warwick-Smith (2006);
Terrestrial Evidence of a Nuclear Catastrophe in Paleoindian Times‘, Richard B. Firestone and William Topping, from The Mammoth Trumpet (2001);

‘The Switch Has Been Well and Truly Flicked…’: Prologue to Part 2

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Good afternoon from a slightly overcast South East UK and I hope you’re having a great afternoon.

Work has continued in earnest on my second book, specifically the topic tackled in my late January blog concerning this very subject. I feel I am reaching the point of throwing my own suggestions into the pot.

I’m currently leaning towards the suggestions proffered by Suspicious 0bservers in his fantastic 21 January 2013 video, ‘Energy from Space‘. This young man from Ohio is a truly remarkable soul and I cannot sing his praises highly enough. I cannot express my gratitude for his work enough each day.

The directional choice is no longer problematic. My train of thought is certainly heading down a particular track. I’m thinking that the Sun’s apparent change of appearance, from yellow to yellow-white, does not necessarily indicate a change in its actual colour, per se. Perhaps an event is occurring within our atmosphere itself? An event which may be affecting the Rayleigh Scattering Effect…?

Another good source of information regarding the Rayleigh Scattering Effect can be found on Georgia State University’s HyperPhysics website, specifically their article headed ‘Blue Sky‘ (linked here for educational purposes).

One thing I can safely say is that I concur with my Sister’s assertion that a switch has been well and truly flicked – and that we are likely to be witnesses to a great change within our lifetimes. Which switch that is though (and there could be a number of them), I’ve yet to establish – if, indeed, I ever truly will. Suffice it to say, it is likely that the event(s) is/are natural cyclical events which are not novel to our Beautiful Planet at all.

I will return soon with Part 3.

In the meantime, enjoy your day wherever you are around the World and take care.

‘The Switch Has Been Well and Truly Flicked…’

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by George Hodan, publicdomainpictures.net

Good afternoon from the beautifully blustery South East of the UK.   Sorry if the title heading for this post seems a little melodramatic.  No melodrama is intended, and the reason for the choice of wording will be clear very soon.

During the course of the last week, I’ve been undertaking some heavy research, reading through various scientific theories on exceptional websites.  This is no mean feat for me and I am grateful that my mind is finally beginning to make sense of it all. I am not a scientist per se, although one did successfully complete two Open University courses – an Openers course in Basic Science and a Level One course covering the subjects of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunami.   I understand enough to be able to apply scientific rationele and thought processes to what is, essentially, a scientific matter – and it has become apparent that something is happening with our beautiful Star – the illustrious, glorious Sun.

As I was driving along the M25 yesterday afternoon, the intensity of the Sun’s heat was causing uncomfortable tingling sensations on my skin.  All well and good if it were the middle of the Summer but it isn’t… it’s the end of January almost.   I’ve been alive long enough to watch 8 out of the 11 incarnations of everyone’s favourite Time Lord on television and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt that sensation on my skin during winter months… though not the first time this winter at all… … her luminosity was almost a pure white, barely a tint of yellow.  I accept the possibility that atmospheric conditions may well have been affecting the the glare of the Sun, so to speak, and that a number of factors may be inducing such luminosity.  I may be inching my way rapidly through my 5th decade of life and unless my memory is playing huge tricks on me… the Sun’s luminosity has certainly changed.  My childhood drawings used to contain big yellow suns.  Nowadays, I’d be wearing out white crayons faster than a person could say boo to a goose.

I’ve read various NASA webpages about the conventional Nuclear Fusion theory of the Sun’s lifecycle, pored over the amazing works of the Thunderbolts Projects team, listened to Suspicious 0bservers’ seminal videos (which should also be preserved for posterity, in my humble opinion) – and studied the impressive papers of an individual named Daniel, whose theories were posted on Enerchi’s absorbing website, Ascension with Mother Earth and American Kabuki, to name but a few. Last but not least, my Sister has also spoken of the changes occurring to the Sun, something she mentioned last year (and has also elaborated upon the subject further in recent times)… and remember those words in the heading of this blog?  They were her words, spoken last year about our beautiful Star.  And one will say at this point that her comments about the Sun share common bonds with the Electric Universe Theories and the observations raised by Daniel in ‘The Daniel Papers‘.

Image by Kecia O'Sullivan, publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Kecia O’Sullivan, publicdomainpictures.net

I am trying to find a common bond between everything at the moment – a convergence flux if you will – where an agreement can be reached on what exactly is happening.  Conjecture is all that can be spoken at this stage…

… my Sister’s comment of 2011, that the ‘switch has been well and truly flicked’, completed her statement that the transition/event was already in progress. One event (yes, there were a few) discussed was in relation to a geomagnetic polar reversal.  Indeed, movement of the Magnetic North Pole has been in progress for a number of years now, as this image from NASA Science’s article, ‘Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field’ shows:-

Image by NASA Science, 2001

Image by NASA Science

The Magnetic South Pole has also been wandering itself over the years, more details of which can be found in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2010 article, ‘Wandering of the Geomagnetic Poles’.  It is well worth reading, and has been linked for ease of reference.

There is so much information available here in the Cyber Universe, one could not possibly sum up theories of my own in this singular blogpost.  Yes, I am forming a picture in my own mind – mere conjecture at this stage – which I shall post up separately in a Part 2 over the next few days.   There is too much for me to think about and pull together cohesively at this stage, but this has, I hope, provided some brain food for thought for the moment.


As a side note… you may remember, during my last blogpost, that I made reference to everyone’s favourite Time Lord, the good Doctor himself – more specifically, the instrument for which he is most famous – time travel.   I hope to be covering this very topic (not specifically Doctor Who but I shall certainly need to make reference to him once more) in the course of the coming weeks.   All very exciting indeed! In the meantime, wishing you all an enjoyable Sunday evening and see you again very soon. Willow x

A New Direction

Writing by Elisa Xyz, publicdomainpictures.net

As you may remember from my last post, I was facing somewhat of a dilemma… which direction I should be taking for the next stage of my Journey.

After much contemplation and guidance, I have decided that the next stage of the Journey should cover the coming geophysical changes facing us.     I just want to make it clear now that I will not be pursuing a doom-laden, fear-filled agenda.  What I have been advised will be occurring is a perfectly natural Universal cycle.   We need to remember that our Planet is alive.  As we undergo our own cellular regenerations every seven years or so, Mother Earth does the same… … and our Planet is not alone in her regeneration. The next book will convey information provided by my Grandfather and My Sister.  I will attempt to describe the transitions in spiritual and scientific contexts (as far as I am able). Once more, I will keep you all posted.