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I'm Sorry

It’s Been Too Long…

Good afternoon from the delightfully blustery United Kingdom.

I would like to apologise for not having posted a blog for over five months.  Life is as life is…  unpredictable but never boring.

I continue to host my once-weekly show on the World’s greatest and largest listener-supported internet Station, FreedomSlips Revolution Radio.   Photography, a passion that began life as a hobby with the gift of a digital camera 7 years ago, has breathed its own life into a separate blog, which will be going public very soon.

I am also writing about a very personal matter under the guise of fiction.   As with all writing, it is taking its own peculiar path – yet it is also so, so cathartic.   All I shall say is at this point is that creativity is one of life’s greatest healers and with that healing, comes acceptance.

Yet, as my own particular personal renaissance continues to blossom, I remain mindful of global events.   Whilst it is horrifying to witness, none of the current global travails are of any huge surprise or shock to me.   What is disappointing is that we have had so many opportunities to revise our paths.   What is happening now is the result of complacency.

As I write now, I hear the echoes of my Sister’s words of caution reverberating into the present.   The United States and Russia are at loggerheads.   The weather systems are changing rapidly.    Europe, already resembling its earlier 1930s self, stands on the brink of tumultuous change.    Australia finds herself facing the threat of an attack from North Korea.  There is much to blog about, much to talk about – almost TOO much.

Yet I shall start to focus on these matters once more.  I will revisit the reams of notes I hastily typed or scribbled from those conversations with my Sister years ago and try to get as much of them down in blog form as I can.

Time is of the essence, you see.


Grace and Gladness

I really enjoy meeting new friends on WordPress and Twitter. One new friend is Sharon Flax Waddington. I learned that Sharon has her own WordPress Blog and am so glad to have found her and her incredible work. This poem, ‘Grace and Gladness’, really makes me smile 🙂 Thank you Sharon 🙂

Ramblings & Short Stories

There was a little lady

Quite a Lady indeed

With petticoats and frills; all trimmed with buckles and smells.

Walked as she did, leaving clouds of delightfully mysterious fragrant whiffs.

Confidence she wore, with shoulders back and chin up high.

That quirky smile said so, even if she didn’t feel it today.

Grace and Gladness ownership walked hand in hand, swinging the day along in its stride.

Oh My, Oh My.  What a glorious day it shall be.

Come rain or shine, this day is mine and boy do I own every suggestive little breeze.

Join me, you’re most welcome.  The journeys on Me, Darlings.

No room on this shift for the dowdy of spirit my dears.

Step up and skip along.

Wear the smile; carry the town, no matter where you are.

It’s all yours for the taking, see?

Well, what’s hindering you lasses and lads?

Go fetch a…

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